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  1. The hints are very usefull indeed, without them you will not proceed.
  2. Reading the posts in this forum reminded me why I do not partake in the forums, it would seem that it is a place where people complain, moan and make accusations without having any facts. Bremar Josrut - Why do you not contact one of the cache owners and ask them about the facts and how they will maintain their caches? Do you know how many cachers took part in putting the GPS together? Wazat - You are implying that I lie when I log caches, on a public forum. I'm dissapointed.
  3. I notice that a new Power Trail in Nigel is on the cards - GC3108Z.
  4. Interesting debate, must be honest when I first saw the topic I thought it would be great to be able to do a power trail, yes you might not remember all the caches 5 years later (depending on the photos and logs you put together) but the experience (similar to the Bloemfontein trips) will build memories that will last a lifetime, and you will have the badge to show for it. MadSons I'm in for putting together a power trail in Gauteng.
  5. Heard about the previous hikes from Redglobe and I will do my utmost to attend.
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