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  1. It's in the subject line. http://www.garmin.com/products/forerunner201/ Afraid I don't see much info on it though. And you don't need WAAS. WAAY over rated...
  2. Any way I could get a few dozen caches to display on a map so I can print it out? I can get them to display in Google Earth, but w/o colour ink I think it will look like garbage..if it prints at all. http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/map?form=googleearth Import a GPX, output the KML, which automagically opens in google earth. Displays 1-n caches ready for printing goodness.
  3. Thanks, I tried that but my compass pointer still won't spin around. Strange. Yes it does. Put it in your pocket and then twirl. voila! Pointer spins. I'm curious though: What leads you to believe that absolutely everyone is responding to you rather than the OP? Maybe my browser is fibbing, but it doesn't appear that I quoted you in my earlier post... ???
  4. Thanks, Vinnie! I've eaten some fresh Morels in salads but not often and have never seen any reference that states that raw Morels are "toxic". Can you give us a source for this information. BTW, this archived cache of mine Pick Me Pinckney is near one of my "secret" Morel spots. I've also picked and eaten Morels found in inner city Detroit backyards and from city parks but those are rare finds. Methylhydrazines are the culprit... What do you want for reference? Field guide says so. Here's Evergreen College, WA: "The consequences of consuming uncooked or only lightly cooked morels can be a bout of vomiting and cramps often accompanied with dizziness, headache, and a tired feeling. Morels are not candidates for slicing raw into salads as one chef at a banquet discovered." http://www.evergreen.edu/mushrooms/introm/s4.htm Western Montana Mycological Society warns: http://www.fungaljungal.org/newslett/state2.htm Even true morels can cause illness if they are eaten uncooked or if they are contaminated with other substances. There are two important safety considerations with morels. First, heat them to 160 degrees for 10 minutes or more (never eat them raw). This drives off volatile "methylhydrazines" that cause problems. Mykoweb warns: http://www.mykoweb.com/articles/lust.html The list goes on. But I just go with my field-guide. It's not worth playing games with fungus. They'll kick your @ss every time.
  5. Poison ARP and TCP splicing. . . Hey - you wanted geeks (and presumably geekettes)!
  6. How about if your hand has been licked or slobbered upon by some combination of 5 or more: squirrels, raccoons, sub-species of spiders, snakes, or something unknown but kinda creepy, within the aforementioned 24hr interval? I'd have to think that counts too.
  7. Adrenalynn

    Desk Top

    Marginally related: At one time I'd seen a world map projection that had cache density plotted on it. It was super-cool, but I've not been able to find it again with casual searching. Anyone know where it might be lurking? TIA!
  8. You can also doing it to an extent with geocaching.com maps. Find a cache in the general area you want to check out. Click on "geocaching.com maps" at the bottom. It will open a map window with the caches close to it shown. Then deselect everything but "new in the last 7 days". Then zoom in or out until the area you want to check is covered. Then you can click on the "identify" radio button, then click on a cache icon, and it will show you the info for them all (up to 25). Another thing to do is add the "notification email" with the area that you want covered in your profile. Then you'll get near-realtime emails when a new cache is posted. That's how hardcore ftf contenders do it.
  9. Congrats, Bama Cache! There's some great starter advice in this thread, so be sure to read through it all a few times. But now you're well on your way to finding [nearly] every cache! Grats!
  10. I've found the best solution when I'm 30ft out is to put my GPS in my pocket and start looking for the cache... YMMV.
  11. "...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. " - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
  12. That can be arranged... Ok dont take this the wrong way but Adrenalynn how are you not a guy. first a pretty decent understanding of computers "(I worked on postscript drivers for 'OS6, then later worked for Filemaker post-Claris...)" then later "Personally, I'd mount 'em up on my linux boot anyway." now "That can be arranged...." [sERIOUS OT ALERT!] That always cracks me up. . . I have a masters in math and another in computer science. My doctorate is in business. More patents than the number of years I've been on the planet, in nineteen countries and counting... I'm a Marine Corps Brat. I was born to self-sufficiency. People just assume, though, that it's impossible for a woman to be skilled in these areas. I mean, come on, what year is this? Where'd I leave that poodle skirt again? I'm not as strong as the average guy. But I'm faster, have better endurance, and I'm smarter. So in *any* challenge, the average guy is going to go home licking his wounds, having just been bested by a girl... Case in point: Day before yesterday, I had to load a walk-behind concrete saw onto the truck. Everyone was at lunch, so I did it by myself. I went to the rental place to return it - they didn't have anyone that wasn't at lunch to unload it. I got tired of waiting, so I unloaded it too. The guy behind the counter was flabbergasted: "How could you possibly load and unload that? I've never seen one guy be able to do that!?" I replied: "Archimedes taught me how." Smiled sweetly, signed the papers, and left. I had rolled it on to a couple pieces of 10' unistrut strapped together and braced on the rack. "Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum upon which to place it, and I shall move the world.". Doesn't weigh more than a sack of potatoes when you have 6m of lever on a couple meter's worth of fulcrum. The moral to this whole tale? Simple, really: Anyone can do anything once they decide to stop being afraid of doing it. Whether they survive it or not is solely dependant upon how well they've thought it out... Ok - I'm done with the rant now... [edited to place the Archimedes quote in full]
  13. Yeah, and false morels will make you pretty sick too. This thread just makes me wonder when someone is going to think those Avenging Angels are really pretty enough to be eaten.
  14. >>They are compatible with every standard out there in the real world That sounds like a challenge... So here I come to pee in your proverbial Wheaties: Are they compatible with IEEE C37.04h-1990? (IEEE Standard Rating Structure For AC High-Voltage Circuit Breakers Rated On A Symmetrical Current Basis) How about UOP163-05? (Hydrogen Sulfide and Mercaptan Sulfur in Liquid Hydrocarbons by Potentiometric Titration) Both of those standards are employed daily in the "real world"
  15. Yuppers! I use those in my TacLights and they work well. I can specifically recommend those guys. Probably not the cheapest, but they were the first I ordered. They work, so I just keep buyin' 'em.
  16. Morels are toxic if not cooked (sauteed is the prime choice. Yum) Gotta pick most of the maggots off of 'em though. Morels ALL OVER the sacramento area. My business partner is a 20+ year micophogist. I know the field markings for the common ones, but let him confirm anything I bring back. . .
  17. My new one waiting for listing is on private property, in a parking-lot. Yes, I have written permission from the establishment, and was invited to attend the manager meeting to explain to the managers what was about to happen.
  18. My money is that the first viable Lithiom Ion rechargable will be the CR123 or whatever it is they use in teh surfire flashlights. http://www.greenbatteries.com/crlireba2.html
  19. Hi Catcher! The best advice: Get permission. The second best advice: Find a few more before you start planning your first hide. Don't be afraid to seek permission. Really! Print-out the introductory materials from Geocaching.com. Educate the appropriate entity about geocaching - then jump in! Once you've found a few more, you'll have a better idea of what is common practice in your area - and where you're probably safe venturing out from those. Just some thoughts! Welcome!
  20. I have a great story. I might even start a new thread for this story that JUST happened. I just turned a non-gps-owner into a geocacher. Over the phone. From a couple thousand miles away. Now he's off to order a 60Cx. But this brings up a point: MANY areas are not covered by high-resolution photos in Google Earth. As I just really learned the hard way. Clinton, NC as an example. It's just a blur of colors and nothing else. But with his gameness and my common-cache-location guidance - he found his first cache. He's traveling on a business trip to NC... Anyway, point is, maps aren't "all that" for geocaching... (the way around the caches not being accurately displayed is largely to plot a point instead of relying upon the GC/KML network. Those seem to be significantly more accurate. Again, though, if you're stuck with just some blobby color, it's not gonna be easy!)
  21. Yeah, OS-X needs third-party apps to open some older MacOS files, too... (I worked on postscript drivers for 'OS6, then later worked for Filemaker post-Claris...) Personally, I'd mount 'em up on my linux boot anyway. Hmm, where were we: Oh, physical media type: I see 32MB SD cards at the local grocery store, in with the batteries and film, for $12 or less.
  22. I'm an adrenalin junkie. My middle name is "Lynn". The play on words becomes self-evident...
  23. BOGGLE Hi E-trexer, welcome to geocaching! Now, go find a few geocaches and come back and tell us what you think. There's lots of folks here with thousands, even tens-of-thousands of finds (of which I'm not one). You might find their advice valuable... Your advice has some pretty fundamental flaws, but you'll iron those out with your first hundred or so finds... Again, Welcome!
  24. Finding 1/1 rated urban caches? Probably do-able. I use Google Earth to find the likely parking for FTF (first to finds). Hopefully you'll enjoy the sport and quickly progress beyond that. Trying to find a cache the size a tic-tac from a 20,000ft 1meter resolution photo is... challenging. Either way, welcome to the obsession - errr - sport!
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