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  1. My accusation of bashing specifically quoted a post, of which you are not referencing.
  2. Please, do go on! I could write a doctoral thesis from the contents of this thread alone.
  3. LOL. We're all part of an alternative lifestyle here at GC.com Yup, we are. And people who live in glass houses should probably curtail their morning golfing activities, if ya catch my drift.
  4. Aha. So there it is. It has nothing to do with how one should comport ones self if they should find themselves in "a gay cruising spot" - it's just simply a "hey, let's pick some group and bash them!" thread... Whew. Nice we have that out in the open! I'm sure you would find it disturbing. I would tell you why I'm certain, but that would be labled as a "personal attack". "Personal Attacks" are frowned upon here, but picking an entire subset of our culture and directly attacking them openly is encouraged. Woah! Look at that! I wanted to go to "forums.Groundspeak.com/GC" but I ended-up at "forums.gaybashing.com/GB" Wow. Those typos are gonna get me yet!
  5. Toooo inaccurate, imho. PQ fed into GPSVisualizer and the output fed into google earth. Now THERE'S a tool! Hi Adrenalynn, I agree with the Google Earth plugin inaccuracy. You can actually drag the PQ results file (the uncompressed .gpx file) directly directly into the google earth window and Google Earth will read it. One less step than using GPSVisualizer first . -40- Cool! Doesn't let me mass-change the markers on the page, though, for example. Red for everything in the last 7 days, pink for everything I haven't found, black for those I have, green for those I've placed. At least, if so, it's not so obvious to me. Good to know that it'll read PQ directly though! Thanks!
  6. And what half a dozen people are doing off in the bushes holding weird blinking things in their hands, kicking over rocks, and with luck, squeeling like pigs a few minutes later.
  7. You mean like people not telling a reviewer what rules they're breaking and the reviewer only knowing about it after someone else reports it?
  8. Here, let me fix that for you so you don't look like I view you as looking right now: >> "I understand the most people are not predatory pigs. All I'm saying is the few who are deserve punishment, not defense."
  9. Toooo inaccurate, imho. PQ fed into GPSVisualizer and the output fed into google earth. Now THERE'S a tool!
  10. If google earth has good coverage in your area, so where your average drops you in relation to the cache. Also, as suggested, get someone to beta-test your coords. That's got to be the best indicator!
  11. Of course, the "night caching subculture" is seen by many as "threatening". Have you seen some of those monster dogs people walk in the park at night? I find that threatening. In fact, I find those dark and lonely and evil looking wooded areas threatening in general. With all their bobcats and disease-laden tick-things, and mountain lions, and boogie-men lurking about. I think we should just napalm the lot of 'em. Who's with me? NAPALM THE FORESTS! Can I get a witness?
  12. EXCELLENT WORK! Great editing, solid video. As has been suggested, when you get out of your car, you could then give an offset from that location. Stand in front of the camera like you did at the beginning and say "From this spot, travel 34 feet on heading ____. Enjoy your videoventure." It would give you video a nice feeling of closure, and wouldn't reveal the cache. Again, though - GREAT WORK! Your reviewer really needs to review their reviewing, imho.
  13. KFC, I was just thinking something very similar to that - re: getting hit on, even aggressively and obnoxiously, all the time. Guys just don't know how to deal with it, I guess. But look, I wasn't defending homosexuals in political correctness. The fact is: I couldn't freakin' care less. About _any_ group. There's a space six feet around my body. My sphere of control. Anything out side of that is a big 'so what'. Then there's the "inner sphere" at just out of arms-reach. Anything entering that without my permission is subject to immediate death and dismemberment. Keep it outside of that, and I really don't care what you do. Unless someone else is non-consenting and wishes to proxy their inner sphere of control to me. Then the "death and dismemberment" clause applies. I have enough interesting, concerning, hairy, amusing, frightening, exciting, ..., etc stuff going on inside my own sphere of control. I really don't need to be paying attention to what's outside of it, other than to make sure nothing is about to enter it by surprise.
  14. A hardhat, toolbelt, and clipboard - instant invisibility cloaking. As well as a master key to just about everything in the world! My favorite!
  15. Who cares? Dragging your kids into an urban park after dark is consent for them to see all kinds of stuff. Don't do it. As far as consenting adults go? If it bothers you - watch your GPS instead. Most people do anyway... Sheesh, just go find the cache and mind your own business...
  16. A Win98SE needs extra drivers, etc. Microsoft drops all support for 98 in a month or two. So why should he be worried about supporting it? No self-respecting geek (which he's effectively said he's looking for) would be caught dead near 98/SE. The requirements for running 2k aren't effectively different than for running 98...
  17. Some very high profile cachers seem to do that. Sometimes multiple times, no less. I guess you just consider the source...
  18. Wow. That's the first time I've really been prompted to actually toss a gpx file into a hex editor... Sure enough! Look at all that XML! I'll resist commenting on what I think of XML and parsing-speed, but, hey, that does give a lot of under-utilized power! Thanks for making me look!
  19. There are aftermarket garmin-like cables on eBay. Some pretty darned good - and pretty darned cheap compared to the highway robbery that garmin tries to conduct... I have two from: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...Y_BIN_Stores_IT These will work fine with the eTrex. These guys were really great to me. 11,000+ positive feedback, 0 negative! $6.95 for the cable, 4.95 for shipping. $12 vs Garmin's ~$50... Highly recommended!
  20. The most famous of them: http://www.badgeaminit.com
  21. http://www.mapquest.com/maps/latlong.adp Coordinate entry page in Mapquest.
  22. I'm personally glad he bumped that. I missed the first post in the thread and all...
  23. I just can't seem to get very worked up about this one. It's kind of like driving 55.125 in a 55 mph zone. Sure it's against the law, but... In the big picture I don't think gc.com or the cache hider will get much negative exposure over this one. The problem, with the "big picture" as you describe it, is leaving things up to the sensibilities of the in-duh-vidual. If 55.125 is ok, how about 61.331? 74.275? How about 155.125? Sure, you and I might agree that that's pushing it a bit - but in the mind of the person doing it, petty justifications run rampant. It's a short walk from a Sharpie inside a sewer pipe to renting an up-and-over and tattooing the side of the Empire State Building... When it's carried to its [il]logical conclusion - where does it end?
  24. The "advanced" method is Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (http://www.gsak.com) The "easy" way is easyGPS. GPX files, handled by both of the above, contain more information than do .loc files... Welcome!
  25. I think you'll find much of what you're looking for in this thread, no? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=131076
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