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  1. That would have to be "Tube Torcher II." Tube Torcher II
  2. I have a Lowrance Expedition with Mapcreate version 6, is version 7 worth the upgrade?
  3. An offset cache is where you go to a location and get hints or coordinates to the final location of a cache.
  4. I have two Magellan's and both have worked flawlessly. Would not hesitate to buy one again.
  5. I've owned an Expedition C for about 9 months now and overall, have been very satisfied with the unit. There are things I don't like about it such as the fact that you have to remove the SD card to load all waypoints and maps instead of just plugging in a cable. There also seems to be a lot of features that are not finished yet and I think that the unit was rushed to market before it was ready. Having said this, I think that most of the things the Expedition C lacks can be corrected with software updates and are not really a problem. The learning curve is pretty steep because there are so many ways to customize this unit but once you get things set the way you want them, you have a great GPSr. There are so many nice things about the Expedition such as the dual processors which make the map updates lightning fast and the way it lists waypoints with the actual cache names (up to 100 characters) instead of being limited to the "GC" numbers. The onboard barometer will warn you when inclement weather is approaching and the electronic compass will really help you zero in on a cache in difficult terrain. It will even play MP3's but I've never used this feature. The onboard memory will hold up to 1000 waypoints which you can load and unload from the Sd card. The mapping software from Lowrance is about the same as anything Garmin or Magellan has and you can buy the unit and software for a little over $300.00 which makes it a bargain. I've never had to deal with Lowrance's customer service but from what I've heard, it's very good. If you're looking for a full-featured GPSr at a good price, this is it.
  6. Also be sure you have installed the latest firmware update (version 3.15). It has many improvements that makes this a much better unit.
  7. Part of the money to maintain this website comes from paying members who care enough about the hobby to support it financially. It costs a lot of money to maintain a site like this and the additional services provided to paying members requires a dedicated server which also costs money. Yes, you can participate in this hobby without buying anything other than a GPSr and nobody will ever badger you to pay for the using this site. However, I do not appreciate being referred to as "elitist" because I choose to support Geocaching.com.
  8. Anything hidden in a Walmart parking lot.
  9. I'll have to agree on the "Serial Finder" series on Today's Cacher, I looked forward to each chapter.
  10. Does anybody know when this movie is going to be released?
  11. This thing has been kicking around for some time now, is it ever going to be available?
  12. I have the 15 minute NIMH Ray-O-Vacs and they are great. I have both the indoor charger and the car charger cords so I can have fresh batteries anytime I need them. I have a GPSr with color screen and leave the backlight on most of the time and usually get a day's use out of one set.
  13. shotgun hunters tend to shoot at anything that moves I find that highly offensive and obviously based in ignorance. Apparently you don't remember the Dick Cheney affair
  14. Easy, just use GSAK. You can do all kinds of neat things like designate different icons for different types of caches and more. Neat program!
  15. I have a Lowrance Expedition C that I've really been impressed with. Keeps good lock in heavy tree cover and will lead you right to a cache if the coords are anywhere near right. It has many features and menus that take some time to learn but once you figure it out, it works great. I don't regret buying mine at all.
  16. I don't know why it is but bee stings on the ankles and calves hurt the worst. I've gotten stung by yellow jackets about six times this year while mowing grass and it takes about a week for the swelling and itching to go away. Stings don't seem to bother you as much on other parts of the body. I think what you encountered were yellow jackets because unless I'm wrong, I don't think honeybees can sting multiple times.
  17. The refresh rate of the map screen is very smooth, no lagging at all. When hunting a cache, the distance counts down right to the cache, no overshoot. When it says 5 feet away, it means 5 feet away. It the coords on the cache you're hunting are anywhere near right, the expedition will lead you right to it. You can customize the screens to have all kinds of info readouts and it doesn't seem to faze it or slow it down. This is definitely a real jewel in the world of GPSr's.
  18. In my pocket I carry a small swiss army knife and a Peak Matterhorn LED flashlight, a Spyderco Native clipped to my pocket and a SureFire G2 in my pack.
  19. I purchased my Expedition C from TigerGPS. Very fast delivery and great service. I highly recommend them.
  20. Trust me, Garmin is by no means the "holy grail" of GPSr's and you won't be struck by lightning if you do. There are plenty of great units from other manufacturers that work just as good and in some cases better. I've heard the XL is a great unit so I'd say go for it.
  21. I'll second this comment about the Swiss Gear. It has a thousand and one uses out on the trail.
  22. I've had and Expedition for a couple of months now and so far, I'm really happy with it. It gets a satellite lock fairly quickly and holds it even under dense tree cover. There is no lag like my Magellan Meridian had so you can just walk right up to a cache if the coords are anywhere near right. One feature I really like is the onboard compass. I was recently hunting a micro cache in an area where there were many steep, vertical rock faces. This was causing me to get erroneous readings as to where the cache was located. I switched the map orientation to the "heading" setting and the compasse rotated it around and pointed right to the cache, which I located in a few minutes. When I first got the unit, I thought the shiny case and exposed screen cover would be easy to scratch but so far, it hasn't been a problem. I bought a good GPS carrying case and that has helped keep the unit looking new. There are so many menus and so many ways to customize this unit, it does take some time to get used to. At first, there were some things about it that I didn't like but after I figured them out, I can see how the way Lowrance does things is actually better and easier in most respects. I think that anyone who doesn't at least look at the Lowrance units is really doing themselves a disservice. Hope this helps.
  23. MAG315

    Watch Lists

    Ok, thanks for the info guys.
  24. MAG315

    Watch Lists

    My watchlist has become way too large and I need to delete a bunch of items from it. Is there a way to delete large numbers or these without having to do them one at a time?
  25. The other Lowrance feature I think is totally cool is the multiple power saving/update rate modes. You can adjust the update rate at intervals of: 1 second w/WAAS, 1 second 300ms (no WAAS), 1 second 200 ms, 2 seconds, 5 seconds, and 10 seconds. Im usually on 2 seconds. Good enuf. My new Expedition doesn't seem to have this feature.
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