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  1. Check this school project TB out Roley Poley
  2. hummm no multi cache from Marble to Crystal up Schoefield to maybe around .....ops cant say to cache....
  3. CheshireFrog, Maybe Schoefield pass would be a good place to send a full size Suv.....NOT
  4. Hmmm... is it supposed to look broken like that? That is minor considering some I have seen in the colorado rockies.....Bring a four wheel drive here and hit wrong road a two wheeler to take home
  5. 53 miles to a cache on a four wheel drive road.... 106 miles round trip....hum 4 to 6 gallons of gas at almost 3 dollars a gallon...In a 4 wheel drive A good dirt bike for more gas millage hummmmm cheaper ways to go for caching than a 4 wheel drive
  6. A micro with two free passes on a ftf to a hot springs pool for a day might work but would people go for a nano where the finder has to call the cache owner for the passes...
  7. Knowing parts of the panhandle it should have been...instead of First to sign new logbook First to snag windblown logbook heheheheheheh
  8. We had a benchmark in old railroad yard in Town, Was moved when new owner of railroad yard got property in the 50s Now sets in a house near site, but not available for viewing...
  9. when hunting for benchmarks under the ground I use two copper rods shapped like an upside down L But it seems that not all people can do this, its like witching for water... I am find caches under the snow this way... email me if you have questions no charge.... Dave from Team Talisman
  10. My 2 cents worth, There are beach combers hunting for small coins from present and past, there are people that scour the hilsides in search of diamonds or other gems, people that look for indian artifacts, and fossel hunters, plus many more searches like listed in this post... They are all cachers in a way... but they dont have GPS and a website to help them on their way... If a person dont like micros dont deal with them..... The search is in the mind of the searcher....
  11. We having a person from Thailand helping us on a cache site here in colorado Will I send her a couple of unregistered Colorado geo coins....YOU BET One for their collection to keep and one to send on way in Thailand..
  12. I have collected coins since 1963 and I use three ring binders for some of my collections.. The more valueable coins are sealed in PGS graded plastic cases... Coin stores as mentioned above can help you out....
  13. Question on placing of two caches not linked but paths my cross. First cache a |_| shapped multi cache leading a river walk way...BUT on the way you pass by a second cache which is a micro... so it would be like .|_| Would this be allowed by reviewer???
  14. Markwell, you are right saying it is on top.... I am not questioning your statement... All I was doing was showing how with a hill with an inward slope on the bottom like \ with the cache being on top 10 foot from edge and the bevel from top to bottom is about 15 feet. Some maps would only show you the top. There fore like you stated use all tools available instead of just one
  15. Markwell lets let this go unaswered on my part and see what others cachers might say... Those new must look at all aspects like BM and such OK?
  16. Markwell, Here is cache name Two Forks Cache ... is the cache on top or bottom coordinates show both places...
  17. I second that request The front range of colorado hides many all the time...so I must look for 50 to 60 newest in Colorado to finally find one close to home... I have started clip board that lists cache hiders and their areas so I stop reading every cache... I cant always drive 180 to 250 miles for a cache... Dave from Team_Talisman
  18. On line maps, can sometimes cause you to be 300 feet away from cache but you have to drive 5 miles to to the cache at the right coordinates... Example: A cache Team_Talisman found a month ago had to area the cache could be with the coordinates provided. The first are was at bottom of 300 foot cliff. After not finding it a five mile canyon and hill climbing road lead us to the cache 300 foot above same co ordinates... And yes there was no way to cliff... Just remember on topos when altitude lines are close to gether as they are in the Rocky mountains, the top may be bottom location or the bottom could be top location of cache... Dave from Team_Talisman
  19. Vinny and Sue, You forgot the 7 computer exectutive male and female restrooms. With live Nasa images beamed for you next cache hunts... Oh, what about the maid service and free meals from a FTF??? Did you mention the 95% discounts on a new SUV
  20. Most caches have containers...Are the Mini or micro or tupperware and or ammo cans???
  21. A high muggle zone for a locked box hummmm.....A homeless person in area finds box...oh its locked it has to be worth something.... A drug dealer or user in high muggle zone...must be my buy or sell A money laundrier humm here is the curancy I am suppose to pick up... Teenage kids....lets see what is in it.... bam expensive FTF gone My 20cents worth
  22. First off there is different ways to lock an ammo box.............BUT Ok I presume this will be a multi cache with last clue the combination, or a puzzle cache where each part has a number for the lock....Right??? 2nd I have a military friend who also geo caches, but he advises against it.... They have been instructed to call in a team to remove the locked cans it even though they camo and has geo cache on the side of it..... My 2 cents worth keep them unlocked Dave from Team_Talisman
  23. I would ask did the cache placer have permission for adding co ordinates in this pipe? Does one of the apartment complexes own the land or did they just sign an access agreement with the city for proper drainage.??? Just bcause a city may have a utility easement for it does not make it public property...... Sewer water electrical easements are not highways right of ways.... Dave from Team_Talisman
  24. My two seasons worth, My caching will be about the same.... During winter months I travel 30 miles to less snow and no bugs, snakes and other such critters. During the nice weather times I go just outside my back door to the caches above 8000 feet, that are covered with snow..... 365 days available caching in good weather in colorado.... Dave from Team_Talisman
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