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  1. MOPar, I want to apologize, I did not see who started this forumn..... He started the forumn and then has caches that sets there like he is against...
  2. I think you would have to add adventure to description of caching...... Each cacher looks at caching a different way....IEs: Going to a cache, about 3/4 mile away from cache indian encampments were found... On Trail up to cache amythist crystals were found... A simple 1 hour cache find lasted over 4 hours cause of the adventure of the other finds we found... Team_Talismans FTF was near indian rock art....10 minutes to cache from vehicle 3 hours exploring the rock art.. An adventure inside of a freesbee golf course....staying stealth to find and log the cache.. The team likes to try to rescue caches for people unknown to us.....adventure to find destroyed or displaced remanents of cache and try to figure out what caused the damage... Team_Talisman looks at caching as adventure on every trip....
  3. I live in the colorado Rockies and the ticks here dont like me, must be the menthol cigarettes I smoke... Only two ticks embedded in my legs in 57 years....
  4. As I posted in another forumn... Dropped one pack of cigs a day....thats a gallon and half more caching fuel a day cut down on drinking thats....25 gallons a month Well, 2 of my three vices will pay for caching for some time Plus its better on my health.
  5. Since I collect rattles I would take rattles and sign log hehehehe you cant say a micro cant have swag.....
  6. Team_Talisman does lottery scratch tickets, adult and kids sets of rain jackets, Kleenex in small packs, bouncie balls, stuffed small get well bears, bandades for boo boos on way to cache, individual packs of burn and/or sting/itch oinment....and starting this weekend free day passes in caches for a local hot springs pool All the above comes from stores that sell lotery scratch tickes, walgrens, wal mart, Respond emergency care, and a local city government Cache size depends on what we put in......
  7. Geocaching could be considered a healthful aternative to lift weights or walking the tread mill... Body gets excercise, the heart rate goes up... and the beautifull outdoors are yours to enjoy...not a sweatty old gym
  8. To answer your question the way you asked it....I would take the video game enhanced child, they have learned to hunt for caches of ammo and life and strenth and stuff. But to be truthful I must say my wife, after many cache hunts in the Rocky Mountains(and her with astma) when we get close to co ords...she sets down for a rest... After I scour the outer area of co orids and dont find anything, I ask her to get up....she has been setting on it in many instances... Dave from Team_Talisman
  9. Saturday I saw people looking for a cache, that I had visited before... I was on my way to lod a TB for the first time..... I got to them just as they found cache....I asked if I could log in first with dropping TB...They said sure and told me in 3 to 4 weeks they would be living in Alaska, would I mind if they took it....I said no problem, that is why I wanted to log it in for the first time before they signed log... I can wait to see Team_Talisman TB move around Alaska for a bit and then back down Here....
  10. I recently put out a TB called what is my tempurature and information asks that people log the temp of the cache heheheh first one to find it did that, so will be interested to see what happens as it is moved around
  11. Letterbox Hybrid A letterbox is another form of treasure hunting using clues instead of coordinates. In some cases, however, a letterbox has coordinates, and the owner has made it a letterbox and a geocache. To read more about letterboxing, visit the Letterboxing North America web site. Also go into geocaching hide a cache area and look at form to fill out.... There will be a faq section for help
  12. Ok if I read right Geocaching only accepts Hybrid letterbox caches.... to do strickly a letterbox go to letterboxing
  13. Do a search of Seatles area, find the ones with TBs in them click on TB and see it travel wish...
  14. May dragonfly19 TB will start its journey on that day
  15. yes it can when you find a cache or revisit and log the find or note on bottom of page will be a box with your TBs name there. highlight it and send note(if found before cache) or found if new cache you have not found
  16. You can do either.... Once it is activated, you can either hide a new cache starting it there or go to the closest local cache(even if you have been there) to drop it off on its journey... I placed my first one in a cache 83 miles from me so my tracking mileage wont be right. Next one was placed 1/2 mile from me to a more precise tracking mileage.
  17. I would if you want to track it purchase a couple of dog tags for your TB You did not state how you were going to monitor its travels... Dave from Team_Talisman
  18. I have plans to start placing my caches soon have spent winter months finding area and devising caches.... Some of my first placements will be a variety of disabled access locatations and caches. My real hard ones are already prepared, but last on my priorities for the moment. I have prepared 5 camo thimble caches(smaller than bison) only one has a magnetic holder on it.... Micro hunters will have to wait till end of summer for these to appear.... my braille cache will come out in august. So my adivice is expect the unexpected when it comes to micros Chech out the unuasual cache forumn page
  19. Worst case scenerio, 20 people find it on the first of Month and log in...reading the instructions next group plans for the first of the next month..... 2nd day of month till end of month the cache is muggled and you have a group of unhappy chachers the next first... Just a thought
  20. I would respond to vinnys strong statement but that is not for this post...... So I say as I did before in one of my earlier post about muggles... email box is always open for questions on my posts
  21. hum drat, In my opinon your statement is biased, "don't believe that our mobility-impaired cachers should be relegated to parking lots and the backs of stores near the dumpsters. Plenty of 1/1 caches have been and can be placed that are in more worthwhile locations than what has been Spewed ™ in so many metro areas. There are places a 1terrain/3-difficultycan be found by those you mention above.... Jeeze dont label this people that enjoy our sport(hobby)
  22. Today while hunting for a cache at high alttitudes wife and spotted a mountain lion and driving by another cache an hour later boom a silver fox.... From rattle snakes close to us to high alttitude predators near by...the caching must go on
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