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  1. In one of the forums(old age prevents me from remembering where).. There is a cache that you find the remote for a remote control submarine That would work in your case... You would have to check it real regular to change batteries in sub...
  2. I found two caches one day while mushrooming, it was 6 months later till I found out about caching... And am hooked now, waiting for snow to melt to go refind those two.....
  3. Humm, my 2 cents worth... Driving a truck in past and being part of the CB radio days... and part of the meat trucks being hijacked back in the 70s... A good way to get shot messing around someones property Plus it would violate GC rules on having permission you would need permission from the driver the owner of the load and the trucking co
  4. this from RelicShack You cannot physically pickup artifacts from any lands owned or administered by an agency of the US Federal Government, including Indian Reservations. To hunt on private lands you must receive permission from the property owner. The following states may have a law that restricts transfer of items deemed archaeological WA., OR., AK., HI., WV., MA., your best bet would be to contact your local Department of Conservation. We will not be held responsible for incorrect information. I would suggest checking into it more
  5. When I first started caching, I made a self promise to do 50 finds before hiding... I have searched and found all types, except for a puzzle cache...From these 48 caches I have found so far I have learned a great deal about contents, hiding styles different containers..... So with this experience I hope to hide a variety of good caches for the extremest and for those who are physical challeneged... So its not a "hanger_on" for me, its a matter of gaining experience to make the caching adventure enjoyable..
  6. I live 3 hours from a crane flyway..... San Luis Valley of Colorado.... they have watch for crane signs along highway, and a festival for the cranes... I would be willing to help out...... Have a few caches to hunt for there also.... Dave from Team_Talisman
  7. hummm condition...not Mickey D swag condition
  8. Yes the title and the car for the FTF How many would search
  9. Just seeing if any one would be interested in a cache like this... Dave and Devon from Team_Talisman
  10. Oh as far as bump counts hehehehe al lot of people dont even log all there finds or dnfs on GC or other caching sites only in log books...but thats a different forumn
  11. owners were contacted...... everything was agreed on..... emails were answered Let me ask you this....are you going to SBA a cache placed since 2002 and maintained with a few Colorado mother nature problems Just so you can place a cache there??? Not me
  12. As far as the comment I replaced a completly missing cache, maybe you should read all the logs mentioned on this caution since Jan 1 2006.. Cachers found remanents of cache at cache site traded items and such. April 14 by princess toadstool (1763 found) 4:21 pm - Sunrise rainbow, shine ems, and I found this one on an afternoon dedicated to caching. The cache container was missing and the contents were strewn about. We signed a loose card, took a beanie baby, and left a fishing bob. next person logging April 30 by Miragee (1567 found) I did not have the most recent Past Logs in my Pocket Query data, so I didn't know my caching buddy P.T. was the last person to find this cache. What a surprise to see her name on the card! As she said, the container is missing. I signed the card, but the cache needs serious maintenance. The view of the valley from that location is fantastic, so I hope this cache lives on for future finders. Then I Team_Talisman found the cache inside of a plastic bag....... Not every one has a full can or tupper ware of stuff when they are caching..... a container can be anything from a Bison-tub ot thimble to a very large container... from fake dog poo to hollowed out pine cones.... a plastic bag under a rock or bush can qualify...like the squashed pop/beer cans with a film canister hooked to the bottom... a container with small supplies were found at the co ordinates...SO YES THERE WAS STILL AN ACTIVE CACHE.. There are three ways to log a cache 1) sign log 2)log it on web page 3) do both of the previous Owners were contacted and were ask permission to do a rescue which they agreed to.... Archive an active found cache is not in my realm of thinking.... There were still parts of this active cache on coordinates. I am not one to ask for SBA just so I can get a Hide credit..... And, I am meeting the owners in 2 weeks along with a few other cachers at the site.....Will let you know the outcome
  13. Yes Brian I did find a plastic bag with a fish bobber in it and April 18 by princess toadstool log and April 30 by Miragee (1567 found) This bag was placed in new container...with the new stuff
  14. Team Cotati Not a saint.......just a lesson learned from my grandpa.... "Helping others will add to the lifes adventure...."
  15. Miragee to bad I did not register it before you found it, you could have gotten the free swim passes to the hot springs pool.... ops maybe should not have said that, every one will want me to rescue caches to have free swimming passes hehehehehe But Miragee if you come back this way you will have a set of passes waiting....You taught me one thing with your log on valley view... Caching is adventure enjoyed by many and a helping hand does more good to keep the adventure going.... I always told myself when I got to 50 finds, I would put out my caches....I am holding at 48...the next two before my cache hides may be rescues...
  16. Rattlesnake sausage and rattle snake chilli may have come from Texas, but that I have eaten and made(chilli) in Coloradois great tasting... Dinner for two anyone
  17. Recently on logs for a cache, it was sized up as being muggled by wildlife... Only a paperbag and a business card signed by two cachers in a plastic bag under a rock.... I contacted the owner of cache since I live closer and asked if I found site(which I had never been too) if I could restore(rescue it)... He gave me permission... I restored it to co ordinates with new box and goodies.....And yes when I got home I logged a find... Am I wrong for rescueing caches, resuppling them, and or adopting them...and logging Found It????
  18. Placing a cache is like when your of age child leaves home... You worry you fret till the first phone call comes from him... The cache is the same way..you released it and the call(LOG) will come soon saying everything is OK
  19. hummm A GeoMD = a person who carries enough stuff to rescue muggled caches, or to fill the box of a depleated cache. Worries more about other caches then keeping stuff on hand to hide his own
  20. AAron, Put in Salt Lake citys Zip code when you sign in Look at list of caches near you see the ones with a travel bag on the listing go find or return to cache and pick it up for the jopurney dont forget to log your cache...
  21. One thing I have found out, if you live near a casino....They always have good decks of cards to donate or sell cheap them them a call...Playing cards work well in caches for adults and kids... Brian the emergency rain ponchos work great... Small first aid kits are a a good swag... Sacagawea and $2 dollar bills go fast...
  22. I have put together 3 caches that each weekend, I say its time to hide...But on way to hiding spot I cache instead... We find a cache lacking in tradables boom we load them up and then after a day of caching we realize we did it again... not much stuff to hide... Of course Team_Talisman are ordinary people enjoying the adventure of caching and if we can add to a cache, rescue or adopt a cache we will to keep the adventure going for others to find Dave and Lil from Team_Talisman
  23. My 2cents worth, I don't like the packed out tag... I think we would see some caches ruled inactive being packed out before the owner or the admin has a chance to act on it properly... I would rather see a "rescued it" tag... that takes the owner approval before you can get the tag.... If you find a archived cache why "pack it out" when you can adopt...
  24. Most of the time I dont use the hints....maybe when I have already DNFed it will I get hint... Sometimes they leave a good hint in description then the hint they leave is meaningless like T507 Not too many things on top of something does not get sunshine hehehehe This cache has been setting 2 years waiting for someone to find it ...I am going to try in August when snow is gone...
  25. Check here for plastic ammo boxes plastic ammo box Having problems with the link sorry
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