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  1. Congrats guys! Great site, getting better every day. Now about getting added to the sticky list...


    Well multiple emails have been sent with no responce at all :o . I hate being ignored <_< I think maybe someone doesn't like us or how well we're doing for being a new group <_< .


    This might be a dumb question to some. :D ........but, what is and where can I find this "sticky list"?


    Hummm I am a member of Geocaching Colorado and I don't even know about the sticky list :D Well maybe, I am on the ignore list :mad:

  2. Hey all,


    I know of a cache nearby me, the owner (says in the listing) that he's from out of the state and won't be able to maintain or check on it - he *may* be in the area once a year if that. He asks that if something happens to it to contact him so he can disable it.


    So, rather than having to disable it, I thought if I can help or adopt it... right?


    I tried emailing him through GS.com, but the email comes back as undeliverable - I wanted to ask him if he needed help with maintaining the cache, that I'd be willing to help.


    With me not being able to email him, and wanting to help out - it's a cool cache and a lot of people like it, how would I go about adopting it then?


    Thanks for the help.




    I had one just like this near me. I put in an adoption request April 27 to the reviewer. It left his hand and went to higher ups and still no word back....


    But I would suggest emailing your reviewer first with the situation and go from there. And be patient :ph34r:

  3. In a lot of the rural areas, people dont have 100 caches in a 50 mile radius. To travel to get their remaining 100 finds before placing a cache would lead to a financial problem with gas prices the way they are.


    lets say from my house there are 35 caches in a 50 mile radius... I got lucky and found them all....But wait the other 65 are further than 50 miles away...

    Over 65 caches times 50 miles x2(round trip) a possible 3250 to 6500 miles before I can hide a cache....GET REAL



  4. Being both a fisherman and a cache hunter, I take them both as a leisure diversion from stress and the everyday happings of my life.


    Some people like myself consider both of these to be non competive. But others see geo caching as, I can out do you, competive hobby/sport/adventure/game.


    my 10cents worth

  5. This was in another forum page


    "FYI- The August issue of Backpacker Magazine has a 2 page advertisement for this years Geocaching Challenge. Page 104-105."


    posted by fathergoose any have it scanned yet for those of us that dont subscribe to the mag?

  6. My 2006 Colorado coins that I am putting out to travel have a small hole drilled in them and a keychain attached and a card that says aaaaaaaaaaaaaactivated by Team_Talisman.

    Have anoter one of same coin that is a personal hand off to grab and travel.

    2 of the Colorado coins will be kept by me permanently...One carried with me(activated) for use as a discovery coin when I meet other cachers and anot is unactivated setting in the FTF goblet I found very first try at geo caching.


    Some of the Colorado coins will be put out in caches I am getting reading to stash...FTF will be an unactivated cColorado Coin 2006...


    SO you see many ways to use the coins or You can just keep it.

  7. I have 4 tbs out and 10 colorado geocoins activated and set out, knowing that their destiny might be short. It is not stopping me from placing them or buying more to set free.


    So far I have not been to imaginanary with the description and goals, but that will change. I enjoy following some of the travels of others TBs like the Michelle TB and John TB love story...


    I have one that called What is my Tempurature, it has a small wall thermometer on it, now it sets in the eastern plains of Colorado(being moved previously moved from the cool mountains. My fear with it is the thermomentor will break with heat... If a finder tells me that in a log I will send them a new one thermometer to replace.


    Tbs add to our experience and the imagination that goes along with this sport/game/adventure

  8. Ello fello coin collector's,


    Well I have been away from caching and coin collecting for almost a year now and recently rediscovered my geocoin binder. :lol:


    As one of the first coin and icon collectors, I realized I have got lots of the original trackable coins to come out back in 2004 and 2005: Colorado, GW3, Geobash, Ohio, New Jersey (I produced that coin, ;) ) to name a few. I will be releasing some into caches *gasp* :tired::laughing: but I am also interested in transferring ownership of them to someone else who might share them with others or find more use for them. Please e-mail me and I can send you a list of what I have.







    Email sent

  9. And was wondering what the acronym means. I tried searching for it but the search functionality didn't allow it.


    DNF = Did Not Find


    Or as Nascar would say DNF did not finish...


    Same difference

  10. Today I went to a tb motel, thought was to take a 66 corvette travel bug and replace it with a 2006 Colorado geocoin...also to take a look and discovery mtn-man Admin Brick Geocoin which I had never seen or heard of.

    Also a few more TBs were to be in cache but ha nothing but a few swag items and the logbook . after going through on line logs one or two were reported missing....


    Log book showed trades on how these bugs got there but no one reported them gone....I have emailed owner of cache with the events....


    I say keep the bugs moving, or do discoveries so the owner can try to pinpoint when the TBs vanished



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