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  1. Just an update, Oct 21, 2006 Karma will be handed off to leave for AZ Oct. 23, 2006
  2. Sunday the first day I had my cache posted the FTF left a blue bear TB, I ran to the house to see if possible but no it was not Sophia, too new of a number....darn I hope the spirit of OZZY heads west sometime ...
  3. 18 trackables and 0 1 loss. A couple of them are grab only(pass by hand to another cacher), so those sometimes move slow.. Edited cause I rechecked.
  4. There are a lot of memorial caches that have been created in the past, and I'm not trying to take anything away from them. I would like to create at least 50 new caches and at least one in every State and Country. It would be great if every caching club or organation step up to the challenge. We'll Never Forget 9/11. I'll place a new one for Colorado (on behalf of Geocaching Colorado). I would like to place one on the West Slope of Colorado, if possible
  5. Team_Talisman was handed the Karma, Sept. 21, 2006. I will let a few cachers on the West slope of Colorado see and touch the Karma, before moving it closer to Tucson. If your traveling through Western Slope of Colorado, email me for a meeting...: dave1949@mcmurrin.net Happy Caching Dave
  6. Jeeze you were in ouray and did not even Look me up?????
  7. Colorado came out with a 2006 coin this year and has a new organization Geocaching Colorado. check out their website....
  8. Hey go get my TB Team_Talismanand bring it back to mainland
  9. <<<< Is planning on trip to east slope, next weekend to pic up chilis in Pueblo. May cache a little on way there and coming home. Can't do your caches, RM, at this time, something about low clearance on my PT Cruiser cache machine
  10. Maybe a skin tone would be nice. Nudecacher Mybe a rusty tractor color
  11. Ok lets go back to old dos version of everything...Black and yellow, or black and white......NOT
  12. Steve check with cacher called chucwar. I would do it for you since I get to Juntion every other week, but I dont have a high clearance vehicle.
  13. Yea it is a traveler... Was this coin a special one groundspreak put out???
  14. Sorry no image at this time I retrieved a coin yesterday, that on the front top it says "You are the search engine" On bottom of front it states "Used with permission from Groundspeak.com" Center has the caching symbol...coin is gold colored On back it says celebration 5 years of geocaching traking number only has 5 numbers to it no letters.. Any one know anything about these coins???
  15. The Llama does not like his fleece being taken to make threads
  16. Got mine saturday and grabbed it now today can't place it....The log in gives me to choices one Note it or discover it....What went wrong?????
  17. Know what...I'm most puzzled by little blue guys that play sax. Do they REALLY make saxaphones so small? I don't know who told you Smurfs were small, but let's just say you've been misinformed 3 apples high...right? Is that with or without kilt? With a towel Is that the towel that's scheduled for Maine in 2008? By 2008 there will be so many holes in the towel.....I want to say.......nope I wont
  18. This was included in my cache notify email, today from the notify bot Greetings from Geocaching.com, The 2006 Jeep 4x4 Geocaching Challenge begins on August 1st, 2006 in the USA. This year, it's a green die-cast Jeep Rescue Concept vehicle with a Travel Bug tag attached. We're enlisting geocachers to hide approximately 5,500 Jeep Travel Bugs in caches located in the lower 48 United States and there are still Jeep Travel Bugs available. If you are interested in placing a Jeep Travel Bug into a cache near you, please complete and mail-in your request form, located here (while supplies last): 2006 Jeep forms
  19. Colorados geocaching pages Or just Give me an email, I live on the West slope of Colorado..
  20. start going to events and you just might get lucky. the big doop doesn't mind caching, but he hates the forums. Actually, after 30 years of marriage, Geocaching has brought us together again....In the past few months we have seen locally many places we did not exist within 50 miles of us.... Sometimes we go back to a few of these places, just to drop a fish hook in the water. Or to watch the sunset from a high bluff. Soothes the soul... Do to age and health some caches higher up in Colorado Mountains will have to set, maybe my sons and daughters and grand children will tell us their experience as they find them
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