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  1. Thanks to all those who gave us smiles on our faces this Christmas. Happy Holidays to all, and may 2007 bring more surprises to the geocaching community
  2. Thanks Camp Explorer, and Hope the holidays bring you good cheer
  3. Thanks, Holiday greatings to you and your family...
  4. Thanks, and may your Holidays be as happy as you made mine...
  5. Thanks to all those that gave, at this time of year. I am off to deliver food packages to people down on their luck this year.... Maybe will catch all of you later today.... Happy Holidays
  6. Thanks Camp.....Have a great holiday Season
  7. Happy Holidays Camp Explorer and all.... PM Sent
  8. PM bad Andy, but most likely too late... But Happy Holidays to All.....
  9. Hummm a hundred miles from nearest cache.... I live in Colorado and with the recent storms, most of the caches within a hundred miles are covered with snow.... So for the next couple months I set my limits to 100 miles away and more.... I see no problem with the goals..... Its not where it suppose to go, It is for awareness throughout the world....
  10. I am going to just do a bug printout and put in baggy and send it on the way....... The blue ring and the bug tells it all....
  11. Got mine today and its to go to "Mbandaka, Congo (Dem. Rep.)".... I have many friends in my 57 years on earth, but none in the family, stricken by diabetes...
  12. Got mine....wished I would have ordered more......Such great coins Thanks
  13. Another mystery coin that won't make it's way to Western Colorado
  14. Some outfit makes fake rocks for caches. But, I can't remember where I saw the post.... Lost a putor with all that stuff this summer
  15. Looks around.....I am not here ok.... 2 of each......gone
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