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  1. one of my Trademarks is leaving a $2 bill...


    I also add to that a $1 Susan b Anthony dollar coin when I can get them.

    A SACAGAWEA $1 dollar coin

    and the new George Washington $1 coin....


    I have not picked up my order for the $1 John Adams coin yet...

  2. Like all questions posed today, the answer to this one is pocket queries.


    If several cachers DNF a cache, it will show in my GSAK database. I may decide not to go after that cache while traveling because of the percieved issue. The cache may still be in place and I might miss out on the bestest cache ever.


    Sometimes they won't log their DNF (Pride I guess). I have seen 17 people not log anything on one of my caches. And its in plain site.

  3. I am not rich, but I put in dollar coins.....



    Susan B. Anthony

    Washington (presidental Series)


    Also I put in $2 bills.


    The main reason I do this, is because

    some of the Cachers children have never seen them.


    These coins or bills are better swag than fast food toys

  4. ROFLMAO!!!!

    He/She who laughs first will always laugh last :grin: !!!


    Some one has my back, I came home to a package of Mouth Of The South Coins :D !!!


    A big thank you to who ever sent the coins, only you know who you are, You have made my week :unsure: !!!


    Drop some in caches in Western Colorado ok :grin:

  5. I was wondering what the record is for the maximum number of days a Geo cache goes until a first to find?


    I am in New Joysee, and it seems most newly posted caches are found within a few days.

    However there is one cache I am working on (GCZ8FD) that has been unfound for almost 1 month now.


    This particular cache is named (Take Me Out to Another Ball Game) with a difficulty of 3.5 and a terrain of 5.

    I think one has to be a baseball statistician to sovle it.


    Just curious if anyone knows of a cache with more than 1 month without a first to find?



    This one put out in 2004 was never found before being archived




  6. Anyone caching out there in Colorado? With all the snow on the ground, and a new 4-10 inches every week, I haven't found any since mid-December (do have a few new cache placement ideas though).


    We should get a list of winter-friendly caches up on the local page (Geocaching Colorado).


    From looks of some logs plenty of caching going on on the west side of the big hills..... :laughing:

  7. I love to ski this time of year , but I was wondering if there are any caches hidden at any ski resort that you can ski to find. If the ski resort is in within a national forest, would you have to get permission of the Forest Service or the ski area management?


    I can't remember which area in colorado, but may be keystone or Brekenridge has caches on the ski runs....

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