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  1. Oh man I thought it was just me. We recently switched to Linux at work an I just upgraded my Firefox to an thought I screwed something up.
  2. I'd like to throw out another vote to make the default zoom MUCH closer. Maybe the 3rd or the 4th line from the top.\ Other than that I LOVE the goggle maps.
  3. I have 3 main databases setup. Traditional Caches, Puzzle(unknown) Caches, and Multi Caches. That way I dont have one huge database of 500 caches that takes forever to sort thru only to find out theres some puzzle I have to solve, or theres a hour long multi cache. Then I have my out of town databases. Parents home contains the 40odd caches around my parents house, then theres the database of caches along the way.
  4. I've got a Palm Vx I bought from a fellow geocacher for $30. Its great. Using GSAK and Cachemate I'm able to have seperate dbases for Traditional caches, Puzzles(Unknown), an Multis so I can quickly decide if I want to search for a cache. Ive only paperless cached so I dont know any other way
  5. Whats amazing is how todays self-propeled artillery can fire 3 rounds and have them all arrive at the same time due to the travel time.
  6. Saw a post one time supposedly from a National Parks suggestion box. Went along the lines of "enjoyed the trails but could you do something about the thorns an all the bugs that kept biting us. could you spray to get rid of them." I like to think it was fake but...
  7. Last week I finally decided to take the plunge an got a legend C. I orginally had ordered from Amazon but even tho it said it ships within 24hours. A day later it updated to say it wasnt shipping for a week. I went ahead and canceled it. I remembered GPSnow being the next cheapest so I went to their site an saw shipping today if ordered by 5pm CST. Well it was 4:30 an I wanted the GPS by Fri so I went ahead and placed the order an recieved it Fri afternoon. So thumbs up for GPSnow.com
  8. Thanks! Been here a couple of months lurking an thought I had tried that link before but anyway I can finally read times an not have to add 2 to them
  9. I went ahead an bit the bullet on the legend C cause Amazon offered me free 2nd day air. If/when I do need expandable memory I'd upgrade to a 60cx or similar.
  10. NO Missed out on this deal. I've decided that I really dont need a CX but its hard not to when its just $50 more than a C. For $179 I'd jump all over a C.
  11. Compuplus went up ALOT this weekend. I finally decided to go with a 500 an bam they raised prices by $40. I knew I shoulda just went ahead when then were listed at $249. I'll prolly grab a legend CX now an not have to worry bout the rebate.
  12. I'm kinda in the same boat. Cheapest place to get the 500 atm is Compuplus but they've raised the price $20 in the month I've been researching which to get. So now its gonna be $235 shipped after rebate. Now the Legend Cx are out an around $250 shipped, but my understanding is that its just a Legend C with a SD card. Search is working now but it wont let you search for 3letter words so its kinda hard to search for specific model info.
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