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  1. It's not difficult at all to determin a fake: Trackable at Geocaching.com --> Original NOT trackable at Geocaching.com --> Fake. I wish it was always that easy to identify a fake. GermanSailor
  2. You don't have to discover the trackables, but you can if you want. After a while you will see, that typing dozens of numbers after a day caching somewhat kills the fun. Best thing of course is always to take the trackables along. Discovering give the owner a sign of life for his trackable. It's just an email. I like it if I get a discovered it email every now an then. You will see the opinions on this topic will differ. But you can do what you want. Discover them or not! GermanSailor
  3. Turn WAAS on! It's was introduced to make the GPS more accurate. For some reason there is still an urband legend around that enabling WAAS give you worse coordinates. That's wrong and dating back to the first WAAS Signals beeing picked up by GPSrs in Europe before EGNOS was introduced. Those signals indeed were not meant for this region, therefore the accuracy was decreased. GermanSailor
  4. how does that tell me is not available due to tide? Read the listing! GermanSailor
  5. No! It's a hobby, you can't betray another person, just yourself. GermanSailor
  6. After you logged you see a link a the top right part of the windows. It says "upload image" or something like this. If you have logged already go to your log on the cache page. There will be a link "Upload an Image for This Log". Photos shouldn't be bigger than 800 x 600 pixels, but that will be explained there. GermanSailor
  7. How will that work? The world is running out of IP-addresses shortly. What if someone accidently deletes the internet? GermanSailor
  8. I don't think such a place is a place for a geocache. There must be a reason why the residents don't want other people there. Why not accept this? GermanSailor
  9. No, you are not supposed to log your own geocaches as found-it. It's different with events, which are attended, not found. GermanSailor
  10. You can't use the PQ to figure out who or how many geocachers found your caches. You need GSAK and the AddLogs macro. GermanSailor
  11. How deep? What about a normal ammo can? Those PET Preforms are watertight as well. GermanSailor
  12. After you got the USB-Serial adapter running, which can be tricky, the first thing should be the webupdater. Than get the garmin communicator, so you can download geocaches directly from the website. GermanSailor
  13. TB-Hotel to me means: - Easy to get to. Ideally near a major transportation system. (Highway, Airport, Railway station) - Big enough container - Traditional - No, absolutely no "trading rules", those a bogus anyway. - Hidden in a way, so it doesn't get muggled, but also in a way so you can do it with business clothes. GermanSailor
  14. I let the unit average the coordinates. If your GPS can't do that, let a software like ExpertGPS do it. Next thing, I confirm my gathered coordinates with google maps or google earth if possible. I tend to rely on the maps than on my 60 CSx. 20 feet accuracy is the most you can achieve with a consumer GPSr. GermanSailor
  15. 50 bucks is far to much money. You can make the cable yourself, or you know someone who can. http://www.jens-seiler.de/etrex/datacable.html Probably you don't have a serial port on your computer, so get an adapter for less than 10 bucks at dealextreme.com http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.622 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.5859 GermanSailor
  16. The question should always be: "Why should something be banned?" NOT "Why should it be allowed?" To me contributing to the hobby of geocaching means hiding geocaches and therefore providing content. The number of founds made possible by my geocaches and events are far more important than a couple of units of a decaying currency paid. I'm a PM, because it get very convenient features for the money. The ability to find PMO caches was never the reason. GermanSailor
  17. Of course you can look for whatever you want. If you find it, and you sign the logbook you can log it. Of course it is possible to log PMO caches as a member as well. Just substitute "cache_details" with "log" in the url and you are on the log page. But, be aware, that there are owners, who just know better than Groundspeak and will delete the log. Another very good reason not to care about this FTF nonsense. Just go there, enjoy the trip and the time you have, it doesn't matter if you are the first or not. GermanSailor
  18. I don't have an Iphone. But my GPSr is set to true north. Here in Germany it doesn't make a difference (var is 1-2°). True north has the advantage that it shows the numbers, which I can use directly on a chart. Magnetic north is good, if you use them for a compass. You can check you local variation (declination if you want) here. GermanSailor
  19. If you actually thint, that the straight line, between the geocaches you found, has and meaning, you can use any trackable you own. If you want, for whatever reason, the exact mileage, than use an Excel spreadsheet and keep a log of you journeys. Maybe that#s not such a bad idea after all, you can also add comments. So why not keep a geocaching diary? GermanSailor
  20. Pet Preforms are much better than the usual film canisters. I personally don't hide micros at all. GermanSailor
  21. Not every German is fluent enough in English (or even German) to provide a proper English listing. But sure, you are right. Have you tried to contact the owner and ask for some translation? GermanSailor
  22. Well, cheating is quite a harsh word. I wouldn't have logged a "found-it", just because I saw the geocache. Doing so, most of the T5 tree-climbing caches could be logged as found it. In the end, it's up to the owner. Best thing is, to go there again and actually sign the logbook. What about the terrain rating and the description of said geocache? Does it reflect the height? GermanSailor
  23. 2. That's what usually is done. Since we are talking about letterbox HYBRID-GEOCACHES, not letterboxes as in the completely different hobby letterboxing, the use of a GPSr is mandatory. 1. Letterboxes SHOULD contain a stamp, which stays in the cache. At least that's what I read out of the guidelines. "should" to me has a different meaning than "have to", "must" or "need to", but it seems that the general opinion tends the way that stamps are mandatory. My opinion: Stickers instead of a stamp is okay, because even a stamp is not required. GermanSailor
  24. From the guidelines: Since English is not my native language I wonder if there isn't a difference between: "must have" versus "should contain" I assume more and more people mix up letterboxing with letterbox-hybrid geocaches. To me the big difference is, the the letterbox-hybrids involve clues, meaning a description aor bearings how to get to the final. GermanSailor
  25. Are you sure said PMO cache can be in the search? Is it close enough? Is it maybe temporarily unavailable? Have you set some difficulty / terrain filter which prevents the PMO caches from being part of the PQ. Could you please name the PMO, which is missing? GermanSailor
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