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  1. Hallo, if you find a metal can in a forest and it's not a Geocache, than it is trash. Nobody is looking for it anymore, nobody cares for it, so remove it, probaly "recycle" it, or even better, try to adopt it. I don't like the idea that Geocachers trash nature with abondoned Geocaches. That's not the idea behind it. GermanSailor
  2. Never touch a running system! GC works just fine how it is at the moment. Why do you want to make it more complicated by adding a rules? Caches are already reviewed, what more do you want? "I suppose my question/concern was more about why GC.com allows it." EVERYTHING should be allowed, as long as there is not good reason to ban it! Your post sounds a bit patronizing to me. GermanSailor (Placed my first cache in Germany, after I found 20 or so caches in the US. It didn't trigger the Armageddon!)
  3. Hallo, got one. Can the Mods please delete this thread. GermanSailor
  4. Hello, a got a friend of mine hooked up with Geocaching when I was back in Germany the last time. Problem now is that I'm back in Florida (which I don't see as a problem at all, because of the German weather). Anyways, she needs a GPS receiver. Since Germany has a 16% Sales Tax and everything is expensive there, I want to buy one here, to even safe more money I want to buy a used one. People on Ebay seem to be crazy, they pay more for a used, scratched Etrex Yellow with the old Software than the new one retails at WalMart. So, long story made short: I'm looking for someone who is willing to sell me any GPS unit for 50 bucks (or less). Shipping is extra of course. I don't care how old, scratched, uncool, big, or whatsoever it is. As long as it is able to point to a set of WGS84 coords, I'm happy, and my friend hopefully will be as well! You can send me an email or contact me through the forum. So long! Martin Zacherl GermanSailor [Contact information removed by moderator at OP's request.]
  5. Hi, I started to leave CDs or even DVDs. Everybody has some old CDs which are never played anymore. Or a DVD which a movie you don't intend to watch again. GermanSailor
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