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  1. If a logbook at one of my caches is actually full. (Not just one side of each page), than a NM log is appropriate. Of course a NM should only be logged if you can be sure that some form of maintenance is required. Not finding it doesn't usually qualify. GermanSailor
  2. Yes, I would! You signed the logbook - You log a find! GermanSailor
  3. The Vista HCx and the 60 CSx are basically the same units. (Same software at least.) I recommend the 60CSx because: - Bigger display - More buttons - You can move forward and backward between pages, that's not possible with the Vista - No rubber gasket problem like the Etrex units have The Legend HCx is like the Vista HCx but without the barometric altimeter and electronic compass. GermanSailor
  4. That's not what geocaching is about. I once read as well: "The coordinates are deliberately off, because geocaching is about searching." It was in a phone booth, the only possible hide in the surrounding area. Proofs that it must have been quite a stupid owner who likes to make other geocacher's day unnecessarily hard. I posted the corrected coordinates with my log, expecting that it gets deleted due to this, but this didn't happen. GermanSailor
  5. GCVote, even this AddOn is not yet very popular in the US. Bookmark Lists. GermanSailor
  6. A PM is not really necessary, however it make geocaching much more convenient. One of those features are the pocket queries. Another feature is the ignore list. GermanSailor
  7. I rephrase your question, looting is a bit of a strong word: Is it okay to take trackables from other caches an place them in caches I own? The answer is: Yes, help those cois and tbs moving, that's what they are there for. GermanSailor
  8. No it's not! FTFs are not that important after all. GermanSailor
  9. What are you talking about? GermanSailor
  10. The memory can be used for maps. Buy one of the units with expandable memory. Those ones with an "x" in the name. The etrex Vista HCx is the better choice. With the current firmware you can use micro SDHC cards. (more than 2 GB) GermanSailor
  11. Consider the arrow your drill sergeant and get to the cache. Do it quick! The GPSr will point to the waypoint. It's just like using a compass were you pick landmarks to go into a certain direction. The little arrow is like this. Of course it always helps to pick a landmark as well. Additionally you can get a GPSr with digital maps or you gat a paper map with a grid printed on it. Preferably UTM, which you for sure are very familiar with. GermanSailor P.S: Go Navy!
  12. If you ask me: There is no number. You have the person who speaks English well, reads a lot and is informed, asks for advice and is eager to learn. This person won't be a noob at all. On the other hand you have the stubborn type who knows everything from the beginning, doesn't speak English at all or not very well but starts hiding geocaches soon. No, I don't think you can figure out a number of finds or a period of time, it just depends on the individual person. GermanSailor
  13. Preparation it the key. Print out the listings of Multi or Mystery Caches. Use "Cache report" to save paper. Carry the listings with a PDA. Get some hotel with free wireless internet. It's possible! GermanSailor
  14. I'm afraid your geocache will be against the guidelines. Not promoting an agenda comes to mind. Even if it is a very noble cause, it usually won't get published. Why don't you register it as a Waymark? GermanSailor
  15. I hear you. A T5 geocache hidden in a tree were you need climbing equipment ist T5. But if you can see geocache from the ground = from 60 feet away, thats D1. GermanSailor
  16. If the data is transferred, the drivers and cable are working. It's most likely a problem with 7-digit waypoints. The Etrex H can only display 6 digits. Best thing is to use GSAK and configure the "Send to GPS" menu in a way so the first two digits (the useless GC) are omitted. This is done by using the special tag "%drop2" GermanSailor
  17. Only if a geocache is really bad, then I write "+1" or a "TFTC". In Germany very short logs are considered to be used at bad caches. But normally I tend to write what I didn't like and I always use GCVote and make this vote public in my log. Please write something. Owning a cache not only costs money, it requires time and effort. This should be appreciated with a few word and not only acronyms nobody understands! GermanSailor
  18. You can also try a hard reset: http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/secret.htm GermanSailor
  19. A very good idea. Until Groundspeak will do something about this, I personally doubt it. You can insert a table or spreadsheet in the listing to sum up how many geocachers will attend and maybe who brings what. Example (German) GermanSailor
  20. Biggest geocache so far: Döschen, a twenty-foot equivalent unit. A real highlight in an area where 2.5 gallons are considered large. GermanSailor
  21. Events are always nice. I personally like the ones, were some activities like finding geocaches, tree-climbing, and stuff like this happens. Keem 'em entertained. It's an event not just a BBQ. GermanSailor
  22. It's about as close to mandatory as you can get. If there is no stamp then it is not a letterbox. If its not a letterbox then it can't be a letterbox hybrid. Thank you! GermanSailor
  23. To me, but I'm not a native speaker - that's why I'm asking - Letterbox-HYBRID-Geocaches (we are not talking about original letterboxes here) are found with a GPSr and using clues. So the part about the clues is what makes a letterbox-hybrid-geocache. A stamp might be a nice add-on, but is it really requiered? GermanSailor
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