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  1. Better pictures of the SnowWolf geocoin in gold. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  2. American Caching geocoin in gold Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  3. Here are some of the most interesting TBs I have found in caches... HAPPY BUNNY TB HOCKEY PUCK TB (after I took it for a skydive) LIL' BUZZER TB - a bag of Leggo parts that finders are supposed to put together in a new way RUBICK'S CLOCK TB - a puzzle with a TB tag on it And here's a few of the more interesting TBs I've sent out... CHAIN LIGHTNING - made from some motorcycle chain from my sportbike PUNCH ME OUT USPA SKYDIVE BUG - made from a USPA keychain Sorry for the long post and all the pictures. Maybe there's an idea or two for you in there. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  4. If you sort your trackables list by "Last Log" or "Distance" the same thing happens. The list is ALMOST sorted correctly. Some of the trackables will still be out of order. I use the "Last Log" sorting and go to the bottom of the list to see which of my bugs have been stalled or missing the longest so I can consider replacing them and sending out the copy tag with a new token. I still have to hunt around in the list some since the sorting is not done correctly. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  5. I like the "discover" option. If I find a bug but don't move it because I'm not going to be caching again for a while or the bug's goal is in the opposite direction that I'm heading then I normally write a "discover" log to let the owner know the bug's location and that it is still active. Several of my travel bugs are stalled in caches and aren't moving for one reason or another. Sure, I would prefer that someone move the bug to another cache but if they can't or won't for whatever reason I still like to see a "discover" log to let me know the bug is okay. I keep pretty close tabs on my bugs and start getting worried if the cache it is in gets visited several times without anyone taking it or discovering it. In my experience, not many people post discover logs. I wish more did. Often I'll have a bug sit in a cache for months with no one discovering it or mentioning it in their cache log. I can't tell if the bug has been moved but not logged, dissappeared, or is just being ignored. A "discover" log lets me know everything is okay. Besides, if the "discover" option were removed, you wouldn't want to go back to having people just log the bug out of the cache and right back into the same cache to get credit for it without really moving it would you? Those "Picking up" and "Putting down" logs were really annoying. Some people are going to want to get credit for finding TBs, even if they don't/won't/can't move them, and they will find a way to do this with or without the "discover" option. IMHO Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  6. I like to use things from my hobbies, interests, or travels as TB items. I've made several TBs out of motorcycle chain and they seem to do pretty well. Chain Lightning I'm also a skydiver so I bought a keychain from the USPA skydiving association, cut the leather part off, and made a TB out of that. USPA Skydive! Bug Anything you find cool or interesting can make a good TB, but I prefer to keep them small. The bigger the TB the less often it travels it seems. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  7. Sorry Dave, but this Mississippi cacher will have to pitch his tent in the opposing camp. I try to make sure that I move TBs towards their goal - or at least not very far in the opposite direction from their goal. Especially in the case of bugs that have their goal attached to them it is very easy to be a contentious game player and leave it in the cache if you can't help it toward its goal or if you would actually HURT its chances of achieving its goal. I've been bitten by careless or inconsiderate cachers before with my travel bugs. I'm not upset about it, just disappointed, but I would have preferred that the bugs hadn't been moved away from their goal. I've wanted to send a bug to my old house in Texas where I lived when I was in the fifth grade. I asked for pictures of my old house to be posted. I sent one bug out with that goal. It disappeared from the second cache it was placed in and never got out of Mississippi. So I bought another travel bug tag and made another TB with the same goal. This one made it to Louisianna (almost to Texas) when it was picked up and taken to Washington state by a cacher who said the goal wasn't interesting enough. It traveled to Utah before it went missing. So I made a third bug with that goal. Oops! It was taken to Florida (wrong way again), then taken to West Virginia. It's still traveling, so there's still hope it may one day achieve its goal. In the meantime I think I'll send out a couple more. I really would like to see pictures of my old house and refresh my memory. So far, in my experience, this disregard for a travel bug's or geocoin's goal seems to be fairly widespread. Same thing for logging bugs and coins. I wish it wasn't that way, but what can you do about it other than encourage competent cachers (who know the game well enough to be able to determine if they are hurting a bug's chances of reaching its goal) to please treat others' travel bugs with care and respect? That's all I've got to say about that. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  8. I've GOT to have some of these! My first car was a '66 Mustang that I bought before I even had a learners permit. It was in terrible shape. There wasn't a square foot on it that wasn't scratched or dented. The engine and transmission were also shot. My dad and I spent over a year restoring it and dropped in a 289 V8 HO engine and transmission from a '67 Cougar. I had the car for 20 years before letting it go. Last year I got the car back. The exact same car! It's been modified quite a bit, but it's great having the old girl back anyway. My kids used to call this "Dad's Horsey Car". Here's a pic of it... Thanks for making these geocoins. I would have never thought of it, but since you did - I need some. Just let me know when and how much. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  9. Here's the next travel bug I'm going to send out. I've been skydiving for 16 years and have been a member of USPA for almost all of that. This bug's goal will be to visit the National Skydiving Museum in Fredericksburg, Virginia... ... and - MAKE A SKYDIVE with someone!!! Don't worry, trsrhuntr, I'm not going to take over the thread. I'll just do this one post and call it quits... ...unless I send out any other interesting bugs soon! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  10. I was fortunate enough to find one of these lucky Irish Leprechaun Pot of Gold geocoins in a local cache. Mine is number 048. Since I had this lucky coin with me today I decided to test it and see just how lucky it was by going skydiving with it at the dropzone in Lumberton, Mississippi. I may have used up some of the coin's luck, but the skydive was a lot of fun. It was way too hot and the clouds and rain were rolling in so we just made one jump. Mr. Geo_Leprechaun... Just how much luck is packed into one of these coins? How many skydives is it good for? Here are some pictures. Back on the ground, safe and sound, after a skydive from 14,000 feet. On my parachute and skydive gear after the jump. Flip side of the coin. With the Super Otter jump plane. Look at the glitter in the shamrock sparkle! Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discpline
  11. I would have loved to have gotten a couple of your coins but was tied up in a meeting all morning. Please mint some more. I too like the lighter colored metals - gold is my favorite, but I also like silver, copper, and bronze. Personally, I think a black nickel turtle would be too dark for the translucents to work very well. I LOVE the picture of your gold turtle. The colors really seem to shine. This is a great coin in any metal! I guess that's why they went so fast.
  12. Okay, last one before I move on to another coin...
  13. Some more copper F-14 geocoin cutting and pasting...
  14. I think I've been insulted... 4UHOGI "For you, Hoggy!"
  15. Here's the next coin I am releasing into the wild... TomcatATgod's F-14 Tomcat geocoin. Blue skies!
  16. I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well, buddy. I hope you're doing better than ever soon. Keep us posted. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  17. Did it again! No offense, I just think that's funny. By the way, that's a great looking coin that I would love to have, with or without the spelling issue.
  18. Here's my latest... Portugal Geocoin Sorry for all the images. I couldn't decide which one I liked best. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  19. Thanks Glenn! I really slowed down on my geocoin photography too. Just too much going on. I'm way behind on shooting my coins and getting them sent out traveling. Hey, we did okay on the Compass Rose photo contest didn't we? Honorable mention (sort of). There were lots of spectacular compass rose photos submitted. I hope someone else sponsors a similar contest - just so I can see how creative geocachers can be. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  20. Another couple... 9/11 Fallen Heroes SnowWolf Black Nickel
  21. A few of my favorites... Bailey's Nippon Dressel Dragons Cache Critters
  22. Bump and update Larry739"s WI_Robin Kansas Sunshine 2007 Micro Geocoin (17-II-2007) 9854 miles Larry739"s Bunya Kansas Sunshine 2007 Micro Geocoin (13-II-2007) 9638 miles Model Citizen's 'A Pair of Nickells' Geocoin (Released 1/27/07) 8426.9 miles Model Citizen's SnowWolf Dark Geocoin (Released 1/27/07) 6945.5 miles Chooch72's Idaho 2007 Micro Geocoin (Released 2-19-07) 5428.1 miles Chooch72's Geocoin Club Coin - April 2006 (Release 3-22-07) 4970.6 miles Shilo's Loggerhead Turtle Geocoin (3-28-07) 4473.6 miles Shilo's Virginia Geocoin #2 (2-21-07) 3995.7 miles Green Magic Geocoin (TB1C1XM) Released on 2/6/07 with 3082.5 miles Blue Magic Geocoin (TB1B56Y) Released on 2/06/07 with 1252.3 miles chaosmanor's Dorkfish 2007 #2 (2-II-2007): 1045.5 miles chaosmanor's Feng Shui Compass #2 (5-III-2007): 302.1 miles
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