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  1. Howdy...... Mine showed up yesterday....yours is on there now. Vern... Sorry, I still don't see the icon. All I see on my Trackable page and on the coin page is a generic gold coin icon with a cent sign in it. BTW, I see the same generic coin icon on your Trackables page for your SnowWolf geocoin. What's up? Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  2. Even buying two coins and keeping one is not really a solution. If your goal (like mine) is to see where the coin will travel and let it be found and shared by other cachers - and the coin you send out is stolen right off the bat, you haven't accomplished anything except throwing away a coin. Now you still have your second coin. Do you now send it out to try to get it to travel? How many coins do you throw away before one stays out there without being stolen? If the situation is as bad as you guys are describing, I guess I'll just stick to travel bugs from now on. That's a real shame because finding a coin in a cache is a lot of fun, but you just can't control other people's actions. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  3. At least for me, the fun isn't in keeping the coins and having a coin collection. The fun is in releasing them into the wild and letting them travel as they were designed to do. However, if unscrupulous people keep defeating that purpose and not allowing the coin to travel - but keep it for themselves at the owner's expense - then what can you do? I guess you could just stick to travel bugs and make them ugly so people won't keep them. Anyway, I've bought some coins and want to see them travel. If their life gets cut short, I'll probably send something else (a copy) out to continue travelling. If you don't like that, just let the copy sit in the cache. Someone may get some enjoyment from finding/moving/logging the copy though, and I'll get enjoyment from seeing where the copy travels to. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  4. I've just recently bought my first geocoins and released one (so far) into the wild. What a waste if it comes up missing quickly. I've found one actual geocoin in a cache and sent it on its way. It was a really neat experience. I was amazed how heavy, shiny, and intricately designed the coin was. I would love to give others that experience with my coins. However - I am not in the business of stocking other people's coin collections at my expense! My kids are extremely interested in the travels of our bugs and coins. How thoughtless of some people to spoil the fun for everyone - coin owners and cachers alike. You know - the geocaching environment is a theif's paradise. The caches are hidden and infrequently visited. Anyone can go to a cache at anytime they like and take whatever they want. If they don't write in the log or post in geocaching.com, no one will ever know that they've been there. After reading this thread, here's what I've decided to try... I'm going to go ahead and release the rest of my coins. Those that I bought two of, I will release one as-is. The other will get an ugly hole drilled in it before being released. I want to see how long one lasts versus the other. Has anyone tried this before and posted their findings? When/if the coin goes missing (especially if it gets stolen very soon) I intend to send out a photocopy of the coin and let the tracking number continue travelling. After all, I paid for the coin and tracking number. Just getting one or two posts and then having a dead coin seems to be a waste of a perfectly useable tracking number. I've noticed that people sometimes send out the copy travel bug tag when the original goes missing. This seems to be a similar situation to me. I will, of course, make it very clear that the new coin is a photocopy by naming it something like "COPY of Model Citizen's SnowWolf Geocoin". I haven't been in this game long, but I've already lost a travel bug and had problems with a couple of my caches. This doesn't look promising. And the geocaching game is growing in popularity. I imagine it started out with a very few individuals who were serious and devoted to the game. As the number of geocachers grows, I think there will be many more problems. BUT - I will give the geocaching community the benefit of the doubt and send my ACTUAL coins out. But I'll be prepared for the possiblity that some members of the geocaching community can't be trusted. After all, geocachers come from all walks of life, come in all shapes and sizes, all levels of geocaching experience, and in all types (good and bad, trustworthy and untrustworthy). Sorry for the long post. Blues skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  5. Next question: How do I get the SnowWolf geocoin icon to show up in my coin list on my profile page? Thanks, Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  6. Well, I ended up answering my own question... Go to www.coincodes.com to get the activation code. Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  7. Well, I believe I need both a "tracking number" - which is on the pawprint - AND an activation code - that is no where to be found. Did yours have TWO numbers on it, or just the tracking number? Thanks, MC
  8. I got my two SnowWolf coins today. They look GREAT! However, they didn't come with an activation code. Anybody know where I can get codes to activate these two coins? Thanks, Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  9. Thanks alot, BlueDeuce!! I'll add that to my TB pages now!
  10. I've seen some travel bug pages with a map of the U.S. on it and all the states that the TB has visited colored red. How do you add something like that to your TB's web page? I've searched for the information, but the search engine won't let you search for 3-letter words like "bug" or "map", so I haven't been able to find out how to do it. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
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