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  1. Well, I'm still not completely happy with these, but here's my pics of your Cache Critters coin. Or is it better with the light reflecting off the gold? Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  2. Okay, this is a little disgusting, but is it a cockroach? Some species fly. The larvae/nymphs are white and there are also albino roaches, but most are brown. They are great climbers. And they run away if people approach. BTW, nice coin. I always like coins with a dragon theme.
  3. Thanks for the coins, Fox & the Hound! Here are the pictures I took of your personal geocoin. It's a beautiful coin that really sparkles in the sun! Blue skies and happy caching! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  4. My home coordinates were set and working, but I too was getting random cities. I reentered my home coords and now it is working properly.
  5. One the main Trackable Items page, under Promotionals it says "Jeep 4x4 Geocaching Challege". Should be "Jeep 4x4 Geocaching Challenge".
  6. Is it PNEUMONO­ULTRA­MICRO­SCOPIC­SILICO­VOLCANO­CONIOSIS? (Lung disease caused by breathing in particles of siliceous volcanic dust.) Model Citizen - Zero Discipline P.S. By the way, apparently this word was invented for the sole purpose of being a very long word.
  7. Same thing happened to me. I ended up just ordering the micro coins in the bonus offer at full price and placing the order. Then I sent an email asking for a credit.
  8. Cool coin! Ordered three and a couple of micro coins.
  9. Here's my take on the 9/11 Memorial Coin (Fallen Heroes). Never forget!
  10. I didn't see a picture of this coin yet. In my opinion it is a very beautiful coin. I guess that's why I bought one! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  11. I would buy three. Two for travelling and one for me .
  12. Those look really nice. How do you make them? I'd be very interested in making some coins that look that good.
  13. You're right, Graylling. The Yemon-Yime coin is a thing of beauty. Wish I could get one! Also, Dressel Dragons - Another beautiful coin. I also like the American Caching Geocoins (they look like a $ bill).
  14. That looks like a beautiful coin and a great design. I would definately want at least a couple of them. I have Vietnam and WWII veterans in my family and have a couple of friends that are Vietnam vets. Cost wise - could you reduce the number of colors and therefore the cost by using the same dark blue for all the emblems? Same thing for the reds and yellows/golds. It looks like there are subtle color differences in your artwork. The same blue, red, and yellow/gold for all emblems would probably be close enough. Just a suggestion.
  15. Well, I was going to post about my bikes.... But I really don't like the tone of this thread anymore. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  16. I REALLY like the "Discovered" feature for two reasons. First, let me say that racking up large numbers of TB/Geocoin finds for my statistics is not at all a priority of mine. I couldn't care less how many TB finds are listed in my stats. Reason 1: I've had a couple of my TBs get stuck in a cache that doesn't get much traffic. I like getting the "Discovered" notification letting me know that everything is still fine with the TB. It may have been months since the bug was placed in the cache. It may be months before someone else finds the cache again. I would like for each person that finds the cache, but doesn't take my bug for what ever reason, to post a "Discovered" log to let me know the bug is okay. So I always post a "Discovered" entry for every bug I find in a cache that I don't take with me. Not to boost my TB find stats, but as a courtesy to the TB owner. It doesn't hurt anything, does it? Reason 2: Some of my bugs/coins have been put into caches with LOTS of other bugs in them (TB Hotels). The next cacher to come along can't take ALL of the TBs. That would be rude and most cache owners would get upset about someone wiping out their cache's entire inventory of TBs in one fell swoop. Some cache owners have rules against taking all the bugs or taking the last bug from their caches (although I don't agree with TBs being held hostage in a cache because they are the last one there). It seems that most people will just take one or two bugs from a heavily stocked cache, so some of the bugs must stay behind. The "Discovered" log lets the TB owner know their bug is still in the cache, waiting its turn to be picked up. That's my take on the situation. Blue skies and happy caching!
  17. Let's see... Skydiving, Racing my sports car on road courses, Racing motorcycles on go-cart tracks, Riding sport bikes (crotch rockets), Camping and hiking with my Boy Scout Troop.
  18. For me, the best lighting is outside on a cloudy day. You get very even lighting all the way across your picture with no funny tint to it. I haven't been able to get any indoor lighting to work as well. I try to shoot as close to straight above the coin as possible, but for shiny coins you have to angle it a little to keep from getting the camera's dark reflection in the picture. I'll hold a white piece of card stock against the camera to minimize refections. I also try to shoot at a small aperature to keep the focus sharp across the whole image, especially if the shot is angled. After getting the shot, I post process to get everyting right. One of the things I do is rotate the image to get the coin straight. It's really hard to line it up perfectly straight through the little viewfinder on the camera. Glenn, the exif data on your pictures says you are shooting with a Pentax Optio E10. Your camera is impressive! Great pics! Here's one of mine. After shooting this I noticed that the dragon has a little piece of dirt or something in his teeth. That's one of the hazards of shooting outdoors. I'm going to have to get back out there on the next cloudy day and try again. And some more... Sorry for the short hijack. Carry on!
  19. The icon showed up! Hooray! Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
  20. I ordered two coins very early on. I was invoiced for them and have received those coins. I also ordered another three SnowWolf coins just a couple of weeks ago and I haven't seen an invoice for them yet. I guess they're handling the earliest orders first. Model Citizen - Zero Discipline
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