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  1. Okay, I resolved my problem. It was all my fault and I am embarrassed but am coming clean in case anyone else ever experiences the same problem and does a search of the forum and happens on these postings. I have a wireless mouse that has been getting cranky of late---behaving erratically, etc. Well, when I clicked on the Directions to save, my pointer was not right where it was supposed to be. It was fractionally below the top of the directions with the begin and end locations. Well, that was enough to keep it from saving properly. I should have caught it when I kept having to type in a file description, but I don't do "caching along a route" often enough to remember precisely how everything works. So a simple error, a simple resolution, and I'm still rolling my eyes!
  2. Hey, that's Dudette to you! And thanks so much for the offer, too bad I got it too late---some times life gets in the way of my pursuit of caching! I wouldn't have taken you up on your kind gesture in any case, because I couldn't impose. It's one of those complicated messes, where you have to trick Google Earth because the route they advise is more direct than scenic, so you have to run routes from town to town. There's about six (argh) all together. But it was great of you to offer your time to help me out. You are a NICE PERSON! Blessings on you and your house (and your GPS!)!
  3. Nope, I just went in and ran one of my routes under another description in Google Earth, saved it as a .kml, and it still will not upload. Daggone it!!!
  4. Just ran one. Worked perfectly. Perhaps you ought to try again. If it is not working, how did you find a file? In order to have a created route, you must first save it. This is done right after clicking the 'upload' button. Thanks, Cotati, I had earlier looked over some previous posts and followed a link you had posted for---I think it was "UTAG"---and I had done exactly as instructions/tutorial says. I have tried to upload the different routes several times and they will not upload---so I cannot save. I am wondering if I might have a firewall or something that is blocking---I am not so computer-literate so unless I am told precisely what to do... I guess I'll just do PQ's for zip codes along the way, which won't be nearly as efficient, but will work in a pinch. Of course, this stuff always happens in the time crunch right before you leave on vacation!!!!
  5. I have used the feature "Caching Along A Route" successfully in the past, but now I am having problems. I went to Google Earth, entered my start and end destinations in Directions, saved as a .kml and it is in the folder. But when I go back to Geocaching.com and try to upload, it's not working. I browse and find the file, click to open, but it does not open or upload. I check "created routes" to see if it slipped in there unnoticed, but none of the routes are there. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. It has always been a pretty straightforward process in the past. Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the answers and especially thanks for the links. Using them, I can access GSAK, but still can't get into the site thru the front door. I am wondering if it is my firewall or something.. Anyhow, thanks for all your help and hopefully I can get all my ducks in a row over the next few days. Geckolovers
  7. We have discovered so many places we would never have found otherwise, especially right around our home. But one instance sticks out. We were caching in CA (vacation). The hunt for a cache took us up this windy gravel road that ended at a metal pole gate that was closed---but there was no NO TRESPASSING sign so we stepped over the bar and found ourselves in this fabulous giant redwood forest. We'd been to John Muir, but you all know how crowded that can be. There was no one else here. It was like our own personal forest! We quickly found the cache and sl, then we laid down amongst the ferns and just stared upward for such a long time, soaking in the smells and sounds. It was tremendous. Sorta what I would expect an hour in one of those relaxation tanks would be. When we reluctantly knew we had to go, we felt very not-of-this world and it was so hard to step back over the gate and re-enter the Real World. A year later, we still talk about our afternoon among the redwoods and my son, who is thirteen and currently-too-cool-to-cache, says that was the very best part of our trip. It's special that caching gave him an experience with his parents that he will remember for a long, long time.
  8. Am having trouble with GSAK site, so hope someone can answer here in forum. Borrowing laptop, want to download GSAK account and Cachemate to use on vacation. 1) Can I have same GSAK account on two machines? Or do I have to set up new GSAK account? 2) Same for Cachemate. Sorry, I know this is really for GSAK, but can't get past home page on GSAK and I lollygagged around and now time to get this sorted out is LIMITED!!!!! TIA, Geckolovers
  9. That's exactly it! I was way overboard to say I hate puzzle caches. Just some of them. Actually, one of the first Caching Events I attended was held at the Dayton Art Museum. You wandered thru, visited exhibits, collected numbers to complete coordinates, then went to a nearby park to find the cache. It was very fun. I guess I prefer "Puzzles Light". Some of the earlier posts said you could filter puzzle caches out. Can someone provide implicit instuctions, because I have visited "Build Pocket Queries" several times, and the only thing I can see that might help is to filter out "Unknown", but most of the puzzle caches in our area are catagorized as traditional.....
  10. Looks like there is a quirk in the system! For the time being, once I have loaded the new PQ into GSAK, I am scrolling thru and deleting the caches I am sure I have already found. Tedious, but I have to do it with puzzle caches as well, although another thread has told me there is a way to filter them out via PQ's... I won't say I am glad you all are also experiencing this, but at least I know I am not nuts!
  11. I've had the same PQ set up for several months, receive an update twice a week. Over the past couple of weeks, it's been including caches I have already found, even though they are supposed to be filtered out. Not ALL the caches I have found---basically just those over the past month. I have checked--- I have logged them, they are are listed on my account and my logs appear in the cache logs. They are included in my cache count. My criteria for the PQ has not changed---it's the same as when I set it up five or six months ago, but this problem is recent. I guess it's not so big a deal, except I don't always remember what I have or have not found, so a couple of times recently, I have found myself pulling up to a spot and saying---hey, wait a minute...! I mostly cache in a local area in between Mom-errands, use a Garmin 60CSx and a Palm m515, so I don't have maps to clue me in. Is anyone else having this problem???
  12. I HATE puzzle caches! Well, the math ones, at least. I mean, I don't even balance my check book (tg for online banking) never took algebra or any higher math---my kid runs when I offer to help him with his math homework---which is only when his Dad is out of town. How, how, HOW do you keep them off your PQ's??? That would be the best bit of info I've had in a long time! I've reviewed the "Build a PQ" over and over, I can't see how I can filter them out.
  13. I just had a cache approved in less than 12 hours. WOW!
  14. Thanks for all the helpful advice. Prime Suspect, I used the "clicks" as you advised and the preview of the PQ generated is EXACTLY what I have been trying to get. Whew! At last! Now if it will just arrive in my e-mail so I can get it downloaded to GSAK and my PDA. Thanks, y'all! Happy Hunting!
  15. Ohhhhh... I think I am seeing where I am going wrong. So by marking "members only" and T/D as 5/5, that's all the PQ is looking for? I thought I was making that part of the criteria, i.e.: all caches, INCLUDING MEMBERS ONLY, all caches UP TO AND INCLUDING 5/5. I'll go try a PQ without any criteria but distance from home and see what happens. But then how do I tell the PQ that I don't want caches I have found or own?
  16. I don't know where I am going awry. I have set the mileage perimeters of my PQ for a 100 miles from my home coords but I receive caches beyond there. I am not getting caches that are placed within the radius that I know exist. I ask for: 1) I name the query 2) I ask it to generate one day a week, and every week on that checked day 3) To show me 200 caches 4) Of selected type: traditional; multi-cache; virtual; letterbox; and unknown 5) Any container 6) That I either don't click any boxes or I click: I haven't found, I don't own; members only; is active 7) Terrain equal to 5; Difficulty equal to 5 8) State of Ohio 9) From Origin: By coordinates and I enter the degrees, minutes and seconds of my home coords 10) Within a radius of a 100 miles 11) Placed during: none selected 12) No attributes selected 13) Output: to my e-mail address 14) GPX file in zip compressef file 15) Submit information So I get caches outside the mileage perimeters or I get caches at the very edges, while I don't get caches that are within a few miles of my house. Or, depending on the boxes I click, it says there are no results. Or I tried within a 50 mile radius, and I got a PQ with 3 caches! Looking over the above, can you see where I am going wrong? Thank you!
  17. Well, one or maybe two things seem to be wrong with you PQ, but then you already knew that. The first thing I'd suggest looking at would to get to the PQ page and run/preview the PQ manually. Are the "extra" "long distance" caches showing up in the preview run? Are the "missing" caches still missing? Are you at the maximum 500 caches that the PQ can include? If the problems persist in the manual run, the problem is in the query and you need to post the settings (you may be able to provide just the URL of the query - I think I read somewhere that anyone can see the query terms if they have the URL). The GSAK problem may become irrelevant if you can solve the PQ problem. Still, if you want to tackle the GSAK problem now, I can tell you that I've used the approach of loading GPX files into a folder then importing them into GSAK with good success before, so what you're doing should have worked. Instead of dragging the folder onto GSAK , you might try importing the GPX files from within GSAK via the menu. Don't forget to check the box to download all files in the folder. Also I'd check on my import settings (I believe they'll be used as the default if you drag a folder in) - some settings will clear the database before loading a new file or disregard some data or overwrite it, so check those settings carefully and (make sure you're set to import a folder when you start the import). Well, I'll try to figure out about the PQ's. Maybe I'll submit another one and see what happens. As for your suggestion about dragging and importing and all that good stuff---I have no idea what most of that is, but I have found sometimes by trying to following kindly instructions, dumb luck leads me down the right path. I surely would like to reduce the time I spend "hand-loading" lost caches. Thanks for your response!
  18. Hope this is the right forum to post in. My last question about Cachemate/PDA was moved here, where Wrench and Landrover kindly set me straight and I actually got to use my PDA caching yesterday!!! Thank you! I have had two questions for a while: 1) I have PQ's set up for a 100 mile radius of my L/L. They arrive, but they do not include all the caches---there are some missing---will the PQ ignore them if I have DNF'd? Although some I have not. Also, some of the caches are 200 miles from my homepoint. Why, if my directed perimeter was 100 miles? 2) In order to get the "missing" caches loaded into my gps (and now my PDA), I "hand-load" them by going to each cache, downloading the GPX file to my desktop, then dragging the file to GSAK. This can be time-consuming if I have 10 or 20 to do, especially because you go thru a couple of screens on GSAK for each cache. I have tried dropping them all into a folder and then dragging the folder to GSAK, but it hasn't worked. I know there must be an easier way! Is there? And if there is, can someone explain to me in simple language suitable for a third grader. (Mmmm---better make it a first grader---they had my kid doing Power Point in 3rd grade!) Thank you!
  19. I turned 47 today...and missed my first FTF by minutes.... I am occasionally accompanied by the rest of the geckolovers...ages 45 and 12. And I can't possibly be old because I can still party like it's 1989.
  20. Thank you Wrench, thank you Landrover! I did what you said and it worked! I can now download caches to my PDA. Of course, now it is saying I am an unregistered user of Cachemate (but I have my Papal receipt that I paid my $8) and I can only download 10 caches, but you guys got me over the hump! Thank you!
  21. Thanks, Wrench, but it's page 5 of that article where I get bogged down!
  22. Argh, can't get past page 5 of the Florida Caching Article; Paperless Caching. What am I doing wrong? I have Gsak and just opened and downloaded my latest PQ. I am using a Palm M515 that I just loaded Cachemate into. I am supposed to export the Cachemate PDB file to my Palm. So the article says (in the para. right below figure 9) that I am supposed to "give your file a name and tell Gsak where to write it to..." Well, the screen that is figure 10 comes up, but when I click on the folder or the arrow at the end of either dialog box, they are empty. Basically, once I have my PQ loaded and filtered, I am totally lost. I am sure I am making a pretty basic mistake, but I have been working on this for a couple of hours now and I am getting frustrated. I am going back and forth between the same two screens waiting for a miracle. Hasn't happened. Can anyone figure out where I am going wrong? Thank you!
  23. Okay, thanks, I'll try to be patient!
  24. I just set up a slew of quick p&g caches and they are getting a lot of activity. The logs were clogging my e-mail box so I set up another e-mail account and went into my profile and changed the e-mail address. Then Geocaching.com said they would send me a validation code to prove it was me that changed my e-mail address, but the validation code has never come thru. Now I can't get into my profile or a couple of caches that are awaiting review and need some editing. What do I do now? I can't contact anyone at Geocaching directly, I'm locked out of working with my pending caches---I am feeling a little frustrated. And I am leaving on vacation, and I hate to leave the remaining caches in this sweries dangling. Does anyone know what I can do? Plus, of course, now I am not getting any of my PQ's and I need those for my trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. New To Paperless Caching 1) My caching buddy has a Palm M515. We were going out spontaneously the other day and had no time to get a PQ. We manually downloaded waypoints to our GPS's, but could not figure out how to do individual caches to the PDA. Every instruction we could find started with PQ's. Can this be done? 2) I have been "lent" a Casio Cassiopeia handheld computer. I haven't even gotten it turned on yet because owner lost power adaptor cord, waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting...) for Casio to ship out replacement adaptor. In the meantime, have been reading up on paperless caching and now I am concerned that Cachemate will not work with Casio, since it seems to have been developed specifically with Palms in mine. Does anyone have experience with this question? Experience with Cassiopeia? I don't want to invest a lot of time and struggling with Casio, then find out I would have been better off spending a few bucks on eBay and getting a Palm. (Though I appreciate the lending of what seems to be a darned fancy machine) Thank you.
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