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  1. Hello Groundspeak, you invest so much time into the design of souveniers. Why don't you invest 2 more days to translate the description into the 23 other languages?
  2. Please make an Option, that I can block my friends logs. Nobody wants this feature in "Recent Logs"! And i don't want to ask all my friends to switch it off.
  3. For colorblinds the new icons are terrible - and every 12th man ist colorblind (and every 230th women). This kind of icons is the reason, i do not use the app often. So in the name of every 12th male geocacher: Please think about your customers and go back to the old icons!
  4. When i am in the Overviewmap and change to Leaflat and select "Openstreetmap German stile" the map changes to this style. That is ok. But when i leave the map and call it again, there is the google-map again. What can i do to save my changes or is this a bug?
  5. Hallo, kann mir jemand schildern, ob und wie ich in der Geocaching-App für 8,99 offline-Karten nutzen kann? In der App-Beschreibung selbst steht nichts und bevor ich das Geld ausgebe, wollt ich wissen, ob es überhaupt geht und wenn ja, wie. Danke und Gruß schsch13
  6. Wouldn't it be nice if you can go to map, select a friend and you can see the foundet caches of your friend. The best way: You can see splited icons: complete smilie: both found it - you and your freind. left half: smilie, right half: half cachetypeicon - only you founded it. left half: half cachetypeicon, right half: smilie - only your friend founded it. complete cachetypeicon: you and your friend did'nt found it.
  7. I have the same Problem Win7 IE9. More problems are on iPad - there are no icons at any map. This topic is from 15th May. My question: When will it be fixed from Groundspeak?!
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