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  1. To me, the best thing about benchmark hunting is that it provides lots of new opportunities to go "hunting" close to home (for most folks here in the U.S.) Where I live, there are maybe 5 geocaches within 30 miles or so. But the list of benchmarks is way, way greater in number. True, you don't experience the thrill of finding hidden treasures, but there's nothing to say you can't look into hiding a new cache nearby, giving others a chance for a double adventure, right? Gadjet & Crew
  2. I have now created an online site for Alabama Geocachers to gather virtually. My hope is twofold: (1) To grow a nice sized, functional online group, and (2) To eventually organize physical gatherings of Geocaching folks in Alabama. To visit/join the online site, just point your browser to the following URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alabamageocachers/ I hope you will all help in promoting the site. I consider it "ours" - not "mine," since it is intended to be of benefit and entertainment to all of us "Bama Cachers." Sincerely, Gadjet Gadjet & Crew
  3. I would LOVE to organize a formal Geocaching club in Alabama. Already looking into it on a more local level. Since there appeared to be no online gathering place dedicated to Alabama Geocachers, I have now created one. To join us (no fees, gimmicks, etc.), just point your browser to the following URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/alabamageocachers/ Hope to see a bunch of you soon! Gadjet & Crew Gadjet & Crew
  4. I have a Garmin GPS-II which I use for geocaching, hiking, etc. Since I don't need road maps, it covers my needs splendidly. I have seen these sell at very low prices on e-bay. Also, it works very well with the "Topo USA" software. With the addition of the serial interface cable, I have found it to mate up effortlessly with every computer I have run the software on. For hiking, camping, geocaching, etc., this combination has turned out to be a real winner for me. My guess is that you could put together all of this for less than $200 if you're willing to go with a used GPS. Possibly closer to $100 if you can avoid mail-ordering the software and interface cable. BTW - the accuracy and sensitivity of my GPS-II has shown to be excellent for my needs. Later, Gadjet quote:Originally posted by k9flyball: Hello, I need your help. I'm looking for a GPS unit and can't narrow it down. I talk to stores who have their preference or don't know about them. I am looking at the Magellan Meridian Platinum, Garmin GPSMap76 and the Garmin E-trex Vista. The uses that I am looking for is boating on local lakes, hiking, and Geocaching. I'm lost on which one to get. The Map76 has less RAM than the E-trex but I like the keys on the top. People I talk to say keys on the top are bad since they can be push accidentally or you won't see the menu since your hand is over it. I ask if they have used it and they say no. I know all 3 should be fine for hiking and it is the boating I'm looking at. I want something that will show local lakes, rivers etc. I don't want to buy one and find out it isn't what I wanted or the added software won't give me what I need. How do I know what to buy? What would I need in the future? What is your opinion on these choices. I would like to buy one in the next few days so I appreciate your feedback. The more I look the more confused I get. Brian Gadjet
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