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  1. Ok, ill take one. Om me your address and Ill send a USPS money order or,check
  2. Tim, have you used this one before? I've read good and bad about it.
  3. Is it this one? http://www.amazon.com/Magellan-eXplorist-GC-Waterproof-Geocaching/dp/B003CYKYVQ
  4. Do you have a link to their description? I am just starting to geo cache
  5. I'm using a nuvi 350 and a nuvi 1450. I'm a new cacher, but it's worked so far. When I can get a handheld for cheap I will. I do the same as quilinnana. I walk until I am pretty much on top of it. Then it's just searching for the cache. I find this to be the fun part.
  6. What about this guy? http://www.amazon.com/Garmin-eTrex-Waterproof-Hiking-GPS/dp/B00003WGP5 I have a line on one for $50.
  7. Would an empty casing be considered ammunition? It doesn't have any primer or gun powder, and there is no bullet on top. Empty casings are the perfect size to fit a little rolled up note in. Something along the lines of these empty cases: http://img3.etsystatic.com/il_fullxfull.270659103.jpg Please pm me to let me know.
  8. I find my car GPS terrible for geocachong. i'm a complete newbie, but I'd like a handheld GPS. If youm have one for sale under $100 please respond. I'm in Northern Illinois, but I can mail a USPS money order.
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