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  1. Hi! I'm an Eagle Scout, and I also am on staff for a Leadership Training course in my local council, called Silver Moccasin. At SM, they use GPS to help build the partols, and to show the boys that a map and compass isn't the only way to track where you are. They had the staff do the GPS exersize (which is what got me into Geocaching ) and it was an amazing bonding experience for us. nobody could find the caches, but it was still fun. It also shows that you have to take leadership and go ahead to find the cache, even when you get discouraged. I can say that Geocaching has helped me as a scout. (even though I haven't found any yet, I'm still working on getting my parents out there, which isn't easy. (having them buy the GPS was eaiser than this, believe it or not *goes back on topic*) if you want the full exercise from the NYLT book, just let me know (through PM or e-mail) and I'll scan you a copy of it!
  2. I'm JUST starting in GeoCaching, I joined a while ago, but I'm finally able to afford a GPS and I have a few questions... 1. What's a good GPS unit to buy, if you are a newbie on a tight budget? 2. What's the average time it takes to find a GPS once you get to the area? 3. What's Paperless Caching? 4. Can you re-use a Travel Bug if you own it, and it finished a journey and came back to you? I need all the help that I can get!
  3. I'm still interested, but we can't afford it right now. We're having car trouble and it could cost up to $1000. We could probably get it mid to late February but, like you said, money talks, so... I would be willing to pay $30 if you could hold it until I can get enough from some jobs that my mom wants me to do. It WON'T be longer than the end of February, she finally guaranteed it.
  4. Okay, I'll be letting them know, also the A/C cord is NO problem We have about 10 of them around, if it doesn't work, I can find one. Also, a week is perfect for the charge because I go on boy scout camps for weeks at a time, and it would only be on for a little whiole at a time. *starts begging* I'll let you know if they finally give in!
  5. I would be... does it have PC connectability? I don't think that I can buy it yet, but I would like to see about putting it on some kind of layaway. I'm new to GC and I'm young enough to still have to beg by parents to get something. If you would be willing to hold it for a while, I would probably be able to beg enough! EDIT: My dad brought up a question that I'm PRETTY sure that I know the answer to, but he wants me to ask anyway... Is it an EXTENSION for a Palm, or is it a stand-alone unit that you can use with ABSOLUTLEY no other things?
  6. I'm just pricing, so I don't know a final price. I WOULD like to know what you are willing to let it go for. I don't have a GPS (or too much money to spend) but I'm in Boy Scouts and it would be MUCH eaiser than a compass. If you don't want to post a price, you could PM me. I would appreciate it! Thanks! EDIT: Also, does it have PC connectability and a cord to connect it?
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