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  1. I recently talked with OakCoins and I am doing 10 gold coins! These are limited edition. They are selling for $10 each. If you have already told me that you want a regular coin, just let me know that you would like a gold coin. Remember that these are VERY limited, but IF I can get enough for 250 coins, there will be 25 coins, so if you don't get in on the first list, let me know and I'll put you on a standby list for the other coins. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I'm just not quite rich enough for $1000. I can handle $400-$500, but double that is a no. That's why I need to sell that much, to bring it down to my price range.
  3. Yes I did, and I replied. My e-mail is glitching a bit, so it might not have sent a reply. The price will stay at $7 for the basic coins, but I'm trying to find out how much it will be to get a limited number in gold. I have marked you down for 2 coins, so you are locked in at $7. I will send out official invoices and payment requests when I actually get the coins. If you would like to pay now so that you can get your geocoins immediately after they arrive, just let me know.
  4. Oh yes, that's the Damenace I know. I can only say one thing: Wow.
  5. Okay, I have a coin going out to slowdownracer and one almost ready to head out to Sliver & Lucy. Any others? Here's a picture of my coin: It's hand-drawn, as I don't have a stamp. Nothing really fancy, but a lot of heart goes into each one. They are all numbered, this is series B, so that explains the B on there. Enjoy!
  6. Dang it, I don't get paid until Friday! Is there any way that I can put in an order and not have it come out until the money gets in paypal? Thanks, this coin looks awesome and I really don't want to miss out.
  7. I love to trade wooden nickels, so let me know! Pictures are 2 posts down.
  8. Yes, I am. I do need to sell coins, but I will trade quite a few of them.
  9. I have already advertised my coins on my local UTAG forums, and the PodCacher forums, and they aren't selling so I'm going to the biggest audience I know... the official forums! ONLY 55 COINS LEFT TO SELL UNTIL AN ICON! I am making my first set of Geocoins, but I need some funds first. That's why I'm doing a pre-sale. They are only $7 each (shipping SHOULD be included, it might be more depending on if it's international (out of the US) or if you want it Rushed.) I am currently in contact with OakCoins for a sample coin, but that will take a few weeks. They will be trackable here on Geocaching.com, but will not have thier own icon, unless I sell a 100 coins (I'll chip in the extra for the other coins.) Here is the artwork. It's huge, so I'm only linking to it. http://img253.imageshack.us/img253/8211/ge...artwork2jr6.jpg It'll be a 1.0" coin, with soft enamel. Thanks! PLEASE NOTE: I do not have the coins ready to ship as of now. If you don't want to take a chance at your money getting stolen (even though I won't do that, I understand your hesitation,) please still let me know so that I know that I'll get reimbursed for these, and not have 70 coins sitting around that I have to pay for. I WILL put your down for one, so that you WILL get one in the mail, once payment is recieved. Thanks, and enjoy!
  10. Pretty much what Markwell said, but if you aren't premium, it's just there. Get premium and it's a WHOLE lot better.
  11. Haha! Great to see all of these Podcacher listeners here! I requested mine. My mom has diabetes, and this is a great way to spread the word.
  12. The perfect thread for me. xD 1. Lamp Post Caches. SO BORING. Enough said. 2. Pine Tree Caches. Oi. These are the most irritating things ever. They hide a nano in the driest, pokiest, thickest pine trees they can find, and as close to the stalk as possible. 3. Rock Caches. Hint: Under a rock. When we get there, there's about 500 rocks that all fit the description. 4. Parking Garage Nanos. Especially the ones hidden on the bottom side of the walkway to the building...
  13. I have allowed one person to have a find where he didn't sign the log. He grabbed the container, traded SWAG and forgot to sign it. He posted what SWAG he traded in the log, and it was there, so I'm letting him keep it. Other than that, you have to sign the log, in my opinion. (Unless there's another way to log it.)
  14. Hmm. I've never seen cyro tubes. I've seen ones that are close to that, but not exactly like it. I think I'll wait on the bison tube, because, I think that I might just have something that'll work great. I'll let you know how it goes. EDIT: Okay, I'm trying something new. A perfume container. It's shaped like a vial, and it is small enough. It'll smell great, too. xD They might have to work for a while to get the log rolled up that small, but it works. (I also can't wait to see what they'll do to get it out. It's too small for tweezers, and so tight that hitting it won't get it out. )
  15. Nope, and I can't get my hands on one. I've tried. The only thing close enough that I have is a test tube that I found in another cache, and it's not the best for this spot.
  16. Okay, that'd be great. It has to fit into an area that's about half an inch tall, an inch deep, and about 2 inches wide. Any ideas on containers? I have a container that I stored wax for my braces in as a container, with a tiny ziploc-style bag that holds the log. I can't keep that bag closed and the container isn't waterproof. I'll take ANY suggestions. The first container I tried was a pen cap that was waterproof at home, but it got damaged.
  17. I have a cache that I'm having trouble with. I can't keep ANY container waterproof that fits where this one is. This one also has been found on the ground a few feet away once. Should I disable it and move it to another spot in the park, or should I archive it and make a new one in the park? I have never been sure of this, so any help would be appreciated.
  18. Yep, there's some caches that I have that are the size of the tip of my pinky, and about 1/2" tall. There's no way to fit it in there. Just say BYOP and they will usually know what it means.
  19. Haha, I've seen useless stuff... Baseballs, golf balls, a pen where the ink was missing, and I keep finding this piece of paper with all of this writing on it, I don't know WHAT that's supposed to be... (xD I have a weird sense of humor, I know. ) Anyway, the most useless thing I've found... is... um... *cough* I can't remember. xD Anyway, I've seen some pretty good stuff, too. Lots of sig items.
  20. Some people will find the caches and not log them, because they don't want people worrying about the numbers. I know a few cachers like that. Some people just place them and like to have other people find them, and just watch.
  21. woah, that's expensive. Here an Ammo Box (the cheapest one possible) costs $5.50, and that L&L costs $4.75. Well, it all depends on where you live then.
  22. I had a geocacher that tried to find one of my caches, he came at night and it was a residential area, so he turned back and claimed a find for it. I e-mailed him and he didn't change it, so I deleted it. He hasn't been back to try and find it either... o_o
  23. I know that the TV show "Touched By An Angel" was taped here in Salt Lake City, and in downtown, too. There's a lot of caches that are down there, and I'm VERY sure that at least one of the locations was shown on camera.
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