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  1. Well I guess I am just going to have to come over and take a peek while it sits in your drive way !! I was just thinking that! I'll guess 172,500 miles. Sounds about right.
  2. Yep, I have the Matte Black version of that coin, and it is the v2.5.
  3. It easily could be that they just asked the postman to blur them, as it's a mystery gift. If the Post Office isn't busy they probably wouldn't mind doing it. Grats to everybody else that got the coins! It's awesome! Thanks for being so generous!
  4. Hmm... mark another one down! I just got a coin! It's the blue edition, and it's amazing! I love it, and Merry Christmas! I'll post pictures soon. (And yes, the cancellation was blurred on my envelope, too.)
  5. I love the (kind of) new feature that will let me know what events I need to attend, but there's a few small things that are just getting on my nerves. Is there any way to make the notice disappear after the event is done? Also, can you make it to where if you log a will attend log for an event more than a month in advance (ie, GW6) it will say up until the event is over, and not just for a month after? Even if it's manual controls to do this, it would be easier than having to sort out which events I've been to, and remember the ones that I logged that were more than a month out. Thanks, and sorry if this has been asked before! (That's supposed to be request in the title. I forgot to proofread. Can somebody change that if it's not too much trouble?)
  6. No micros? I'm out. Oh well, there's always next time.
  7. I JUST sent the proposal from Salt Lake City. *phew*
  8. A LONG while ago I tried to start a series of caches, but it fell through. I now have about 7 waypoints before they went to GC1XXXX and I want to know if they can still be published, or if I should just ignore them and start with new waypoints. I don't think it matters, but with the fact that there's a new reviewer in the area, and the old ones aren't going to be publishing caches in the area (from what I hear,) and I don't want the system to freak out. Thanks in advance!
  9. Well GBOTS, you have at least 3 other people that agree! I'm sure that Salt Lake City would be great! We have TONS of caches, great mountains for hiking/biking/camping/skiing. I KNOW that the fairgrounds would hold 500 people, plus there's 2 coin vendors in Utah, that I know of. We have in international airport here and some great events. Give us a shot. I know that it wouldn't be hard to form a group of people that would be willing to help.
  10. YIKES! Oh well, it's still awesome! I can't wait! Ordered!
  11. I just bought my eXplorist 500LE 2 days ago, and it's having problems. It's not sending caches to the unit. When it's connected to my Mac, it shows the .gs file in the geocaches folder on the "Untitled" disk (which I know is my GPS,) but when I turn my GPS on, there's nothing in any folder. I'm using MacCaching to send the caches to it, and it worked fine yesterday. Also, is it possible to store caches on an SD card? Either way, it's not finding the SD card, so I need help with that. I'm sorry for all the questions, but I'm new to Magellan, and I don't want my brand new $200 GPS to be messed up already. Thanks. EDIT: Thanks to the IRC chat, I was able to fix this problem. Thanks everybody!
  12. That's pretty good. Are you judging it off of where the cache is or what the GPS says? I know that I've been getting about 2 feet accuracy of where the cache is, but my GPS says 17. 10 feet is still VERY good. (My old one got 50 on a good day.)
  13. I'm looking for the California Lucky 7s Event coin! I have the Utah, and the Georgia in line. I will be willing to trade a personal coin or two for this one! I would also be willing to buy it. Any takers?
  14. NICE. I just bought one! I know how hard pre-sales are, as I tried them on my coins. I'm in Utah, and I don't want to miss a Colorado coin. Thanks!
  15. Wow, those are nice coins! Can you still purchase them?
  16. You also need to have Windows. If you are a fellow Mac user, we can just sit back and wait until they get Mac Support.
  17. Count me in for one coin! I'll be waiting for info on this!
  18. I love the front design, I would love to have this coin in my collection, I'd do trackable, especially if they have an icon, as those sell better, from what I've heard. I used OakCoins for mine, and they were good. I would also suggest TheCachingPlace, as they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and will help you through any troubles you have. They're a bit more that OakCoins, but the service might be worth it.
  19. Okay, the coins are being shipped to me as we speak, so now is the time to buy if you want to be one of the first to receive it. You can find the sale site at: http://ryan.livingobsessions.net/Geocoin/untitled.html Enjoy!
  20. I have over 70 imfrog2002's 2007 geocoins that I'd be willing to trade for any coins that I don't have. (You can see those on my profile.) The coins I have are ONE INCH MICRO COINS. I'll trade for any coins, but please realize that these don't have an icon and are only micro coins. They are trackable, however. Please e-mail me through my profile to set up a trade. Thanks!
  21. Ooh, I love them. I would trade, but I've already traded with you for an '06 coin! I might have to get a few bucks together and get one of these, as they are really awesome.
  22. Haha, today I got 3 wooden nickels at my home mailbox and a PengoFamily Geocoin at my work! (I don't trust my home mail carrier too much. Another letter from PF was already opened... :/)
  23. I just realized that I forgot to put in that there's only 1 gold coin per cacher allowed, due to the limited quantity. I'll change one, though, that way you get both styles.
  24. Not a problem! You are changed, and there's only 9 gold coins left! Get them while they're still here!
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