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  1. For anyone who's curious, or thinks it would be "cool" to have GCF 2010 in their city...it honestly takes more than a good location and your collecting enthusiasm to make this event work. I think what Avroair et al, are looking to do here is to give everyone an opportunity to literally take that enthusiasm to the next level.


    What everyone can do is to start spreading the word *NOW* to your local geocaching organizations and get people on board. Get some real feedback from local cachers and determine if the whole area's behind it, or just sitting back and waiting for you to do all the work.


    I've been fortunate to see a slight glimpse of the planning beneath each of the three GCF's, and I can tell you that all three groups of organizers have had to treat the entire process like a part-time job that gradually becomes their full-time job!


    Yep. I can say that's 100% true. It's been a crazy ride. I can't wait to see where it's going to be next year. :ph34r:

  2. Do we have a date? Aug/Sept would be quite a bit warmer. Plus Oct is rifle hunting season for elk/deer for those wanting to wander about the mountains.

    It will be Columbus Day weekend (Columbus Day falls on the second Monday of October).


    I just suggest that everybody bring a winter coat. On Columbus Day weekend this year, SLC had snow. Only for 2 hours, and then it melted, but we did have snow (and usually do.)

  3. Okay, SLC's bid is done. Archive.org is just being weird and uploading an old version of the file. (One of them that I deleted...) I'm trying again, and will post the link here and e-mail it to you, avroair. <_< It turned out a LOT better than I was expecting.


    EDIT: Okay archive.org is messing up the video still. I've uploaded it to vimeo, and I'm just waiting for them to convert it. It should be about 85 minutes. x_x

  4. Well, if Salt Lake can host the Olympics then we sure should be able to host Geocoinfest!


    Is there a place where we can get info on how to put in a bid, and what is involved in hosting the event?

    We are very interested, but need a few more details before we commit!

    Alright! I know I'd be willing to help! I submitted a bid on the 2008 Geocoinfest for SLC. I'd love to see us get it this year. You can expect a bid from SLC, one way or another. :wub: (And it should be AMAZING. I've been planning since the last bid I put in. :laughing: )

  5. Okay, I've been holding this in for a while now, but it's finally time to announce my newest coins! The 2008 Camp 'n Cache set! The coins are trackable on Geocaching.com, with a custom icon. They will be $10 for the regular coins, and $12 for the LE Gold coins regularly (plus shipping,) but there is a GW6 special of $9 and $11. (You don't need to be at GW6. An email anytime over the next 2 days will work just the same.) The coins will need to be paid within 2 days of GW6 to qualify for that special. I understand that Paypal takes a while, and I might be slow. Don't worry, I'm not mean. :rolleyes: There are only 25 LE coins, and 225 Regulars. More will be minted, if by some miracle we have enough requests. ;) The coins are 2", and have lots of glitter. There will be 2 "proof" coins at GW6, for those that want to physically touch them. It will be a few months before the coins are made. If you are interested, either post in the thread, PM me, or e-mail me. I'll be glad to answer any questions that you have. I will also have them at the Geocoin Trading event tomorrow night. Enjoy, and keep on caching!


    PHOTO LINKS: (links to Flickr. I figured it was better for the dial-up folk.)


    Gold & Silver Front

    Gold & Silver Back

    Coin Close-up Front

    Coin Close-up Back (The orange and blue are glitter.)


    Also, I still have 11 of my 2007 coins still available! Those will be at GW6 for $7 per coin, or 3 for $20! Look for me!

  6. I'll be there! I'm also going to be releasing a new geocoin there. (Presales. I can't afford the full cost of the coin yet.) I'll be there from the Early bird event, all the way to the thanks for the memories event. I can't wait to meet ya'll!

  7. It's about 3.5 hours from here to Ashland, OR. It once took me over 11 hours to make the trip due to caching............. Have fun. :mad:


    Perhaps I'll see you at GW VI - and at the Friday Night Meet & Greet the night before if you make it to that.

    I'll be there, at both of them, and the early bird dinner, and the goodbye breakfast. Yes, we're there for a while. :D See ya!


    After a visit to the Denver area, I started towards home. After five hours on the road, I had driven 43 miles . . . :mad: The only way I was ever going to get back to California was to stop trying to find every cache that showed up on the GPSr map . . . :D

    Haha, yeah. We're not going to do EVERY one, but we're going to give it a try! Time to push those check-in times! :D


    Thanks for all the advice!

  8. Okay, I have a question. I'm going to be going to GW6, but I'm also going to be in SoCal for the 2 weeks before, on a family vacation. I want to get a lot of the caches there (not all. There's a ton of them) but I want to have the option to get a bunch. I just don't know how many PQs it will take, so I don't want to run to too close and not get them all. I was thinking about starting to run them now, but if the status changes, it will mess it all up. Is there a way to run just an "Update PQ" to where it only does ones that are disabled and archived, or is that not possible? I'm thinking about getting them all, and setting up an e-mail notification for all disabled and archived logs in SoCal, and then deleting them from my DB, but that would be a heck of a lot of work. Thanks, any help is appreciated, and sorry for the long-windedness of this post!

  9. I made a coin and announced it about 2 months before it was ready to buy. I'm hoping that this next coin won't be that way. I'm going to have the samples of the coins, if not the actual coins to sell, by the time they're announced at GW6. It all depends, and for me, I'd rather not have people's money for more time than I have to, without giving anything in return. For other people, it's up to them. :o

  10. I've found many nanos that are great. If there's a micro in the middle of nowhere, it just gets annoying, but in the city, I think nanos are great. For most people, a cache is a cache. It's personal preference, but I don't think micros are a bad thing.

  11. Okay, we have designed a new coin, and need to get rid of the last of the old coins, to finish up getting the funds. My 2007 coins are being sold at $7 per coin, including US Shipping. They are trackable, with no icon, 1" Micro coin, and 3mm thick.




    If you want one, feel free to post here, or email me at geo.imfrog2002@gmail.com and I'll be glad to get you a coin. I accept PayPal, check, or money order. These coins will no longer be available after GeoWoodstock 6.


    As soon as my old stock is gone, I'll have enough money to completely finish my new coin order. I'm not releasing any details about it, as I want it to be a surprise. :)





    Okay, maybe a small hint...


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