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  1. Our primary mail server has suffered a hardware failure, and outgoing e-mail is currently degraded and taking much longer than normal to process outgoing e-mails. This affects notifications, Pocket Queries, password resets, as well as all other e-mail related services on the site. We have identified the root issue, and deployed a temporary fix. The outbound mail servers are now catching up, and we hope all delayed outbound mail will be sent and everything will be back to normal in the next few hours. Thank you all for your patience while repair this issue. -Ken
  2. We have identified a permanent fix for this particular SQL problem. It is a rare and intermittent problem, and can occur at any time. However, we feel it unlikely to reoccur between now and when we can schedule a site outage to fix it. Therefore, ee will schedule that planned site maintenance outage with all reasonable speed, and announce it before moving forward. Thank you for your patience on this. -Ken
  3. We are experiencing some problems with Souvenirs not displaying properly. We are looking into it and will resolve the issue as soon as possible. -Ken
  4. We are experiencing intermittent timeouts in the geocaching.com web site. We are investigating and hope to have a resolution shortly. We sincerely thank you for your patience. -Ken
  5. www.geocaching.com has been experiencing database slowdowns today related to upgrades which were performed last night. We have identified the problem, and feel it is now fixed. I'm sorry for any inconvenience, and want to thank everyone for their patience while we repaired this issue. Sincerely, Your Lackey Ken
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