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  1. So sorry to hear that. Our thoughts are with you. J&H
  2. Cheers, Mongoose. ... And this is how long it takes to make sure everything's ok (it is ) after such an event. You have to wait ages after the jabs before the blood tests can assessed for immunity to hepatitis. Note to self: get some gloves and a torch.
  3. I thought the problem with SANDISK had been resolved? Aaaagh!
  4. I think it's those minty things, the boxes for which some people use as cache containers. I've found that they aren't that weatherproof though. I'm not sure if anyone still makes them: I have't had any for months. Perhaps out lords and masters have decided that they are toxic or might get stuck to the roofs of out mouths and cause minty arachibutyrophobia.
  5. It's the odds against getting 6 numbers (in no order) on the lottery. 13 983 816 is the result. Being pedantic about it, the ! is the factorial symbol meaning, as said above, all of the +ve integer numbers up to and including that number multiplied together.
  6. Like the little black dress SP but who's the bald ol' fart with you? Alexei Sayle?
  7. Serious question. Is there a limit on how many threads can be ignored?
  8. Kewfriend has clearly made a mistake with the OP. Please fill this in and send away immediately:
  9. Sad to say that I'm never surprised by that sort of attitude from that sort of person. I'm sorry, what? Where did that come from? I thought this was a forum about geocaching? Back to topic... I've had a similar experience, but at the end of the day you can't be responsible for someone else's actions. You acted in good faith kewfriend (no pun intendeded), it's just one of those things. You could perhaps try adding a note to the cache to see if someone could look up their name from the logbook. It came from someone's post that I quoted. You can see it too if you look.
  10. Sad to say that I'm never surprised by that sort of attitude from that sort of person.
  11. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Can you elucidate?
  12. Why??? Because perhaps their remit is to be PC and they may be following guidelines of their own? You know what it's like here.
  13. Looks like a case of PCness. I don't blame the reviewers as they need to be very careful about this sort of thing. I guess my series of caches around churches, mosques, synagogues, cathedrals and kingdom halls entitled Fairytale Trails is going to run into trouble
  14. Yeah, I think that's what i was after. Discuss! I'll just say this. Still awaiting results
  15. Make sure the battery connections are being made properly. I've had problems with Garmins and the little springs might need a bend even though they look ok. NOT too much though.
  16. I think you have been reading too many spy books, Mr Banned.
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