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  1. I recently set some caches based on the BBC Spooks MI5 series. I was stopped at one possible site by armed police who thought perhaps it’d be better not to put an ammo box too near the local nuclear power station.
  2. Evidence Eliminator. Removes 99% of all cookies/trojans etc. In tests 9 out of 10 owners said their caches preferred it. It is probably something I have done/not done, though. edit: I can't spell either
  3. Or: Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way you're a mile away, and you have their shoes too.
  4. I like the site but after I've logged out I have a pallava getting back in again. I usually use the site for the interactive map and log straight into this bit. I then zoom into the area I want and select the caches I’m interested in. A new window opens with this list but I then have to log in again here in order to do anything useful with the information and then go back to the main page where I started and log into that again. I then get the “errm you appear to be already logged in” routine and it’s okay after that. Quite irritating but there you go. I wouldn’t mind a fix but this service is free and we shouldn’t whinge. I think it’s great for downloading cache info for Memory Map, GPX and TomTom all in one go. I did the IE settings already. I don't use Firefox as the security I use doesn't recognise it.
  5. I’ve got 32, 20 of which I found the next time round; 6 I didn’t find a second time ‘cos they weren’t there and still aren’t; 3 MIAs that the owner checked immediately as a result of my DNF posting*; 1 ‘cos it was too dark but I’ll be back and 1 that three other cachers haven’t found recently either so it’s probably gone. Which leaves one that’s 300 miles away that I know is there. Aaaaagh. *I can’t see why people won’t log DNfs though. Because they don’t want them to appear on their record page? Who cares? Who looks? At least if you log something the owner is made aware of a potential problem and others are less likely to be made to waste time looking for something that’s not there. Some people even change the DNF log after they find the cache. At least put a note there if you suspect a problem: I always check mine after the fisrt negative post – except this one.
  6. I've wanted to post something along those lines for ages but it took a while to pluck up the courage. I'm now working on doing a series of Jihad caches with FTF prize of a personal Fatwah. I'll bet some people would want me lo log it first. If people can't take criticism or jokes then... Oh, then they riot, I believe.
  7. Quite Ironic how the emoticons: look like they're weraing burkhas. Or is it me? More ironic is that it's called ph34r!
  8. I went out today and got ***sed on by the torrential rain that our god-like weatherman had neglected to mention. DNF'd the first but got a couple of damp drive-by's Hey, why don't we log some of our own caches as finds? That’ll save a walk
  9. How about this environmentally-friendly electric car and this duo to assist? Imagine how much help you could get from George Dubya in your quest to find things that sometimes aren’t there… And you get Dobby The House Elf for company too.
  10. I got a calendar at the local non-event meeting and I must say that Mandy’s again shown how big-hearted she is. Nice idea, good product and a useful calendar that will be used rather than one of those crappy ones you get from the milkman in the absence of his being able to really give the wife what he wants to… Keep it up. (Not you, Milkyboy, I meant Mandy).
  11. I have an account with the very bunch of slack oiks to whom you refer. I thought "they" were supposed to be writing to people about it. A phone call I think...
  12. And here's me trying to find a bank called "******"
  13. I've got two for the eTrex series. Is it worth putting them on eBay? ONly reason I'm wanting rid is 'cos I sold my eTrex with one on it and I've got another unit. The shields are really good.
  14. The problem with the 60CSx is not the batteries or any contacts. That would not cause the display to fade the ay it does. I became rather expert with the Garmin Etrex series connection faults (I have a fix if anyone’s interested) and this is definitely different. It happened with me today on several occasions and external power didn’t help. I was using Topo2 so could it be a bug? Quite irritating, isn’t it?
  15. Hi, Yes it's GCXKD3 as the link suggests. I didn't want people to think I was trying to get them to do it in October so I mentioned it sort of en passant - although I intend to check it in December. Possibly. Depends, really
  16. I set a cache and was told to make it a 5/5 by the moderators
  17. We're about due another bird flu scare aren't we?
  18. I put a disclaimer on a 5/5 cache of mine, which is on public land and I've given it all the warning attributes I can. I don't see why I shouldn’t add further information telling folk to be careful if they want to follow my footsteps. Asking landowners' permission isn't really the issue here; it's whether people are going to sue you because you've encouraged them to go somewhere where they wouldn't have normally gone that’s the crux of the matter.
  19. I’ve just put a disclaimer on two of my caches. I wouldn’t be put off doing any with a disclaimer on someone else’s. What an amazing society we live in, litigious to our own and contrite to those who wish us harm.
  20. If an event has certain criteria that need to be fulfilled before you can log then what’s the difference between that and having to send an email or a photo to log a cache? You could always still turn up and enjoy the company: unless it’s just another notch you’re after. The finding of a cache before you attend just makes it a multi-cache event, doesn’t it? If people were overly concerned about a stage of a multi being missing, no-one would ever do one that was more than ten miles from home. It makes it a challenge and if you don't find the event there're a billion caches to do around here. It’s back to that old caching chestnut isn’t it? If you don’t like micros, don’t do ‘em; if you don’t like rubbish don’t do a CITO yada yada yada. I didn’t go camping recently but I haven’t whinged about it. Actually… <climbs into rear end of pantomime horse> <LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION>
  21. The point really is that anyone looking for a cache that's acceptably (as policed by the moderators) "near" the area won't "think" there's a cache in the ruins at all. Most of us use GPS to tell us where the cache is to within a few feet and all the ones in such areas that I’ve done have been well away from potential problems. The concern would be relevant if there were caches badly located but it isn’t as there aren’t.
  22. I set a cache recently and I was told by the moderators to make it 5 / 5.
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