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  1. That's what most folks think, but it's not the case. You can export an mmo file and just put that on your card.<snip> Thash brilliant, thank you. I was just in the middle of whingeing about this very thing. I wonder if you can help with this one: I use active sync version 4.0 because updating to version 4.5 means my PDA won’t connect (it’s a Mio A201) to my tablet PC. Might a hard reset do it? While this is a bit irritating I can handle it. What’s even more annoying is that when I connect the Mio to my tablet pc, the wireless connection dies and I lose internet connectivity until I restart the computer with the cables unplugged. It tries to reconnect but fails repeatedly. Before reading about mmo files as quoted above, this was a major chew but that’s REALLY helped! Many thanks. The only problem I have now is that if I want to update the Mio software via the PC while connected to the ‘net, I can’t, so directly installing updates to the PDA (like Tom Tom stuff) is a “no no” as it’ll immediately lose the Internet connection. I suspect it’s a network conflict but I’m cruising on the edge of my knowledge about this stuff.
  2. Agreed. I really can't see the point in publicising our antics either. If people are interested in this sort of activity they'll find it by themselves. I’ve been – reluctantly – involved in the start of a couple of attempts to get more of the locals into the sport and, fortunately, nothing seems to have come of it. This was almost tantamount to encouraging the local chavs to have a go. They already do that. In this case, the local cachers were reluctant to give away any cache locations so the event organisers planted their own and now everyone seems to have lost interest. Alarmingly they were going to assist the finding of the caches by lending university GPSrs to what sounded like a bunch of total reprobates. They were probably nicked at the event anyway.* Yer normal newbies are a different matter though, of course. *Pssst… want a yellow etrex anyone?
  3. I just don't think you can put in a personal item and assume that others will value it in the same way as a traditional swap. Depends what you make them out of I suppose.
  4. I used to use sig coins to say I'd been there: that's what a signature is, a bit like sophisticated graffiti. I stopped doing it when someone started nicking them from caches. Now I know who it is, Mandy. I’m with Mandy on this one except I can’t imagine anything I’d want less than someone else’s sig token (earplugs, perhaps) so I certainly don’t think leaving one in exchange for more normal goodies is anywhere near an even trade. Imagine the delight of a cacher’s kids finding a “jerryo” token instead of the usual golf ball, dead batteries or a pirated CD. And I don't care if I cause an argument
  5. I did one of mine 'cos I'd thought of a better name. No reaction from anyone but... It's bound to annoy someone
  6. Let's try again: put the tupperware box under it and I'm sure the lid WILL stay on this time.
  7. I have a few archived caches. They’ll eventually fall to the bottom of your list as your others are found so you end up with a nice list of dead caches at the bottom of the page. If that doesn’t happen then your other caches may need attention. There: a use for it all as a diagnostic tool.
  8. Just so you know, I did two of your caches last week (Pow Hill and Stoterly Hill) and they're both in excellent nick.
  9. Even harder when they're not in situ: GC1113G
  10. Can’t find anything recent on this but then I didn’t look too hard: how long do people think caches should be “temporarily disabled” before a reviewer waves his bat around? There seem to be quite a few that have been in this state of temporary unreadiness for many* months. To save the reviewers the trouble of looking for them how about if there were an automatic time limit for disabling caches so that after 4 months they were automatically archived. *many many many
  11. Hardly surprising that there are only four caches in Iran considering how inaccurate the latest GPS readings seem to be from their government. And the only one cache of these four that was found was discovered by accident! <ducks>
  12. BUMP again and Aha but I have her again and now I've made here a natty little noose...
  13. Not sure if any of the other posters' links have said this but here's an idea: When you tie a lace, if you then pull the loops through to form a knot, you should end up with a reef knot. If you do this and what you get is NOT a reef knot (loads of pics on the Interweb) then that's what your problem is. You'll be looking at a thief knot or a grief knot instead. Basically if you're first tying is left over right and under and it's not right afterwards as described above and you don't have the makings of a reef knot then try right over left and under before making your loops. You don't need any fancy gizmos either. Voilà
  14. [Three GPSrs in and I’d recommend the 60CSx. It’s got good reception under tree cover, which is where you’re going to fin yourself looking for those micros. I don’t know about the compass problems though so I’d defer to someone who does. What’s the matter with the compass, Sensei?
  15. I don't usually post on congrats threads either – hey here's an idea: why not have just one such thread???? – but here's a well done to MT. I think we lost the quiz again BTW, we left before all the excitement happened as I had my swerving wench to get home.
  16. Gahh. I give up. Edited to save me further embarrassment. Sorry I made a cock up and a really crass post: I now need to alter the log for my YOSM find. I'll do it now...
  17. Hmmm. Valid point. My bad; I should have said "whinge about the rules." Then again, what's wrong with complaining about the rules? If you think changing them would improve the game then you're certainly entitled to do that. I certainly would have championed your post if you'd been "wanting to change the rules" about logging one's own caches.
  18. I quoted you because as you said: "It's a fairly old cache, in fact 5 years old this month..." and I expanded your temporal point in my post: "This cache existed many years before the people who are criticising it joined." rather ronically I tried to find a second YOSM today but couldn't!
  19. I've just learned that you can't (I can't) delete a post???
  20. Well I logged it. I was caching with a friend a few weeks ago and he told me where there was one. "Great," I thought, not really interested but then I thought I may as well log it once and it was the nearest one to me so no harm done. But now I've found another one even closer. I think I'll log it again. This cache existed many years before the people who are criticising it joined. People might not like it but they shouldn’t try to change the rules: that’d be like becoming the chief cook and bottle washer of FIFA (whatever that is) and then trying to change the offside rule (whatever that is)
  21. I've signed too. There seems to be a more proactive method of achieving such goals rather than just signing a petition, and that is by making a pledge. This site: http://www.pledgebank.com shows how. It may in this case be possible to, say, pledge to send your MP a copy of a local OS map with all the areas highlighted that are denied to the general public. While this takes more effort than merely adding a signature, I imagine it might have quite an impact if successful. The reason I chose the sending to your MP idea is that I’ve signed this one ( http://www.pledgebank.com/church-and-state ) and it seems like a good route to get the attention required.
  22. Has anyone come across this before: Action Earth provides grants of up to £50 to assist groups in carrying out environmental projects? I just had a message form Lostit who’s not at a computer right now and he may be thinking of changing the date of his CITO to accommodate the possibility of getting such a grant from Action Earth. Watch this space… and BUMP too...
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