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  1. I don't dispute that you exist in some form. We have an airfield near us: why not fly up and I'll take you to the cache of your choice? Actually there's a field near us that'd accommodate a helicopter... Hedging my bets, though, if you do exist in this persona then my plan to lure you to the northeast is on track and... well, just "and"! I have a 5/5 underwater cache that's deep in the woods worth a visit. Bring yer swimming cossie.
  2. Shall we have bets as to how long it goes before it's closed? This is going better than I imagined it would. Sunday at 6 sounds about right...
  3. I'd better do this one then: Why can't you learn how to use apostrophes properly??? Clearly NOT a reference to anything in this thread, BTW: it’s grammatically perfect herein.
  4. In a similar vein to the recent popcorn smiley amnesty, I’d like to try something. On occasion (!) things on the forum get quite heated and I have observed sensible discussions as they degenerate into slanging matches where people’s integrity, personal hygiene*, and spelling are called into question . Therefore I propose this thread. If someone says something with which you disagree, or posts something so totally idiotic that you’d like to hire a hitman , all you need to do is put your comment here. No one will know to whom you’ve replied or why, so there should be no bans or irritated moderators . Indeed, it should make their job easier. *Note the Oxford comma? I’ll start and my reply is: “PASS THE BUCKET”.
  5. When you do, let us know what she really looks like. If she's not in her helicopter, 'plane or Bowler. Or the Jag. Or the Imprezza.
  6. You'd think that but some of these people are quite immovable and petty when it comes to red tape. If there's a way of their enforcing some petty little rule, some - not all - will do their utmost to stonewall (dry stonewall?) the rural cacher. It's best to persevere and be polite. telling them to ___ off only when absolutely necessary
  7. A bit like premium membership. Mwahahaha.
  8. I'm with 1&1. Spam filter program time I think. Another one anyway. I heard of one where you had to email a person to get "permission" to send them messages. The idea is you send them an email and the system responds automatically asking you to enter a code in a reply. You then get put on this person's whitelist. I don't know what it was though but it would filter out the spam I'd've thought.
  9. I just started getting a lot very recently. Like what (er, not necessarily too specific!). Photoshop, perhaps?
  10. Hint all you like: I still can't make it
  11. I'll just do a pocket query, then, using my premium membership perks.
  12. Similar to what I'd spend it on... Buying a caravan/a country cottage/by the sea/cups of tea/more cups of tea/prostitutes. Oh well,5 out of 6 aint bad! I don't like caravans either
  13. That's why I pay. I think the fact that folk get uppity about it is because the facilities you get if you don't pay are similar to those you get if you do pay. I think people should pay for it: the whole thing. I take Paul’s* point – and others – that paying’s not necessary to get the features they use. I’d be interested to know where my membership money goes. Actually I’d be interested to know where all my money goes generally. *It doesn’t irritate me quite that much
  14. What amuses* me is how people are adamant that they won’t spent fifteen odd quid because of some bizarre principle but they’ll drive hundreds of miles at great cost without batting an eyelid in order to find a bit of plastic. C’mon, people, it’s only fifteen quid, for heaven’s sake. *it actually irritates the heck out of me, truth be told.
  15. I've heard of someone who logs DNFs and then changes them after they find the cache on a successful visit to a note (or perhaps deletes it and writes a note) so they "don't have DNFs on their profile". It's surprising how many people think that others care about how many DNFs they have. So ... it's not just you. Don’t give up looking too soon as it can sometimes, er, take a while.
  16. The news is well in the open already. Perhaps posters in the UK would help if it were happening in the UK but she’s in Portugal and it’s not one of those romantic kidnappings with a happy ending where the child is found after being taken by someone who wanted a child of their own. This is sinister, probably very nasty and local. The poster idea is only slightly more useful than praying. I merely hope fervently that she’s ok. If all geocachers in Portugal were to search an area of half a mile around their caches for any evidence would that not be useful? A bit more proactive too.
  17. How do you know it wasn't placed? I put one out recently and it was muggled before it was found but the mugglers had left sign so the potential FTFers knew it was out. If there was nothing left for your hunt it could be the same sort of thing happening? Or do you know for a fact?
  18. What's the point in "raising awareness" of this individual case? It's not going to achieve anything; it won't make the police look any harder; it won’t make them talk about it as they aren’t allowed to over there (unlike in the UK where the police are compelled to feed the media machine) and it won’t make any difference to the person(s) who have taken her. No-one from here is going to go over there and have a look either I’d bet. Raising awareness generally is great but to send out Maddie TBs is rather fatuous. We can’t do anything here but the one thing that this thread has given so far is this: http://missingkids.co.uk/. I may be a bit cynical but I’ll wager that nothing comes of this thread apart from the usual arguments. On that note, and at the risk of offending anyone, I must add that I have never as a father done anything like leave my child unattended or exposed her to any situation where there may be the remotest possibility of such an avoidable risk.
  19. Sorry to drag this up again but have we got a consensus about which microsd card to use yet, please?
  20. I was amused yesterday when I tried a French voice for my Tom Tom. Silly girl told me to go the wrong way around a roundabout. Straight up! Well, anti-clockwise anyway.
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