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  1. You might like to learn this and live. When you say: I think it's only fair to point out that if you are running towards the biggest bull in a field, it will actually be a cow (or bullock and these’re also less obstreperous without their blokey bits) and not a bull . While there are inherent risks associated in tangling with cows (especially if you're intent on kidnapping their young and chucking pat at them, no matter how patient Pat is), bulls are normally kept on their own in fields 'cos they are a) randy and you'd end up with too many small cows aggressive and you'd end up chucked in the hedge . If this is where the cache is, though, it's one way of getting near I suppose.
  2. Try this: http://www.ppcalc.com
  3. Actually I has a idea: let me have it on Sunday if it's still in your possession and me'll give it a whirl. I came across a similar fault on another type of device and fixteded it.
  4. This might not be 100% relevant but if you run memory map and don’t quit it properly by selecting “exit”, then the GPS software/hardware may not work: perhaps Beeline has similarly hogged your resources. There is a patch or what have you that allows you to use several applications and one GPS receiver but I can’t remember what it is. I know nowt about Beeline though.
  5. Good result. Well done. It's probably due to a mismatch or something similar rather than a virus though, there are a lot of products on the market that can only be used with specific software/machines. Cache well. Psssst, wanna buy a map?
  6. Maybe, but at least you have the good grace to respond
  7. I’ll offer to sharpen any pointy sticks that people need. A similar topic came up here recently and one person said they "would however try to place a bug within 6 months of colleting[sic] it if at all possible". Rather oddly, though, I had occasion to visit a cache recently where one of their bugs had been residing for 30 days they’d returned to the cache to move it on. Ha. Gotcha!
  8. Everytime I see a post by wizzie/y, I eagerly open the thread to see what’s happened. In this case, all appears to be well
  9. A compromise? You can always put out a sort of "webcam cache" and have a logbook on site too with a condition that a photo must be taken. You’ll need the ? puzzle type of cache icon. Like GCYN37. You can can't you??
  10. You could do the registry yourself. Being ULTRA careful. Do: Start Run Type “regedit” (no quotes) in the text box Click OK You should get a similar thing to Windows Explorer. If it looks very complicated, click the “-” boxes near the lines and collapse the branches then: Click on the + near HKEY_CURRENT_USER Click on the + near SOFTWARE Click on the + near GARMIN RIGHT click (once) on UnlockWizard itself (not the +) Select “delete” from the menu and delete it and the keys as it says. Then similarly navigate back to where it says HKEY_CURRENT_USER (collapse the trees by clicking the “-” near the lines) and do this: Click on the + near HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Click on the + near SOFTWARE Click on the + near GARMIN RIGHT click (once) on UnlockWizard itself (not the +) Select “delete” from the menu and delete it and the keys as it says. This will delete the unlock wizard registry entries it was on about and either: • Work and you can reinstall Topo and possibly you’ll need to do other Garmin products you may have • Not do anything • Screw up the registry and you may make things worse. This is all I can suggest online I’m afraid. BEFORE you do this, however, download Erunt from http://www.snapfiles.com/get/erunt.html and you can actually back up the registry first and undo any changes by following its instructions. Good luck and I’d like to know so PM me if you like or email thru profile. J
  11. There are a number of reasons why the computer won’t roll back to an earlier configuration and they’re not always virus-related. Do you run anti-virus/spyware software? If not you should anyway and this may solve your problem. I use AVG (there’s free download from grisoft.com). What’s happening when you try to remove the files is the computer thinks there’s a program that’s using them. You could download a program from http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Secu...t-Deleter.shtml which when used with Windows Explorer (you okay with that?), will arrange to delete the files when the system starts up before it “thinks” you’re using them. You need to be careful that it’s ONLY the files you want to delete that you select with this program. Download it and “integrate it into the shell” as it says. Shut down and that should kill them. DON’T do it if you’re not happy: it may be worth paying a technician rather than risking stuff. You may also have corrupt registry entries which can be fixed – usually at a price – by a “registry fixing” bit of software. I’ve used Registry Mechanic for that. Others exist. The registry is a sort of file area where the computer looks to see how it should run the system software and it tells it what to do – a bit like a virtual brain/library. If you check back in time with the restore option, there may be points other than system checkpoints (eg when you’ve installed programs) that the system may roll back to. I had another idea too: back in a tick:
  12. It's horrible when you post something you later regret. Don't worry about it
  13. Hear, hear! Or perhaps in geocaching terms, here, here!
  14. I thought we were supposed to be adults acting like children!
  15. It appears to be well stuffed at the moment. But don't quote me on that 'cos you won't be able to - well I can't.
  16. Have you tried rolling back your PC settings to a previous time?
  17. Calm down, dear, it's only a bit of chat
  18. If people only discover the TB rather than moving it, then it does matter and the TB's owner cares, particularly if the TB is in a cache that's rarely visited. Your last sentence is therefore slightly inaccurate as it should read "at least you know the bug is still in the cache box and hasn't moved." That's the point.
  19. A similar thread came up recently but this post is to expand it a bit. I had an email from someone who attaches this note to their TBs: There is nothing in <TB Name>’s goal statement about “discovery.” Therefore, all “discover” logs posted after <DATE> will be deleted. It is not necessary to trade to move this tag. So they obviously and rather vehemently disapprove of “discovering” TBs. Personally I can see the point of discovering coins for the icons (if you actually see/handle them) but Tbs with their standard dog tags? I think I agree with them, actually and might adopt the same stance. Anyone agree? (I’ll give this six replies before wizzy starts up with the popcorn).
  20. I understood the point of the OP to be that sometime in a previous find, the cache wasn’t put back properly and was muggled because of that?
  21. I don’t see why you should be apologetic if you’re annoyed that someone can’t be @®$3d to put your cache back properly. It’s quite simple to replace them as they were rather than the increasingly common “can’t be bothered so this’ll do” attitude that people sometimes have, especially if they’re in a hurry. It’s happened to me more th>n once and it seems that once someone has found a cache, then that’s it, they don’t care about it anymore. All the caches I do are bookmarked until someone else finds them.
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