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  1. So maybe WE are exceptional rather than very sad? I was about to say that. Or similar.
  2. As you say, that's very presumptuous on several levels. And sometimes there's no choice: alternative cache idea unlikely to be visited by those cachers who secretly prefer Morris dancing.
  3. Have you come across Garmin Mapsource TOPO Great Britain V2?
  4. How old are they - surely not 2003? ‘cos the 24th one on Coal Post #14 looks a tad like our very own Hornet? It would make sense too as it’s the fourth from last on the pics; in the log he said he was wearing shorts; I detect the same evil grin as in his profile and he was the 4th visitor. Or is this pants?
  5. Not quite what you had in mind? See! Who says punctuation isn't important? Anyone got a chocolate-eating Signal the Frog?
  6. In a continuation of the above rant, precisely how long are we “supposed” to wait for the newbies, who, as has already been intimated in this thread, are more interested in finding any caches let alone FTFs, to find the recent releases? You wait a respectable time, even if you’ve been in the area of a new release and left it alone, and nothing happens for a few days and then some nearby non-selachian cacher grabs it and says, “Ho ho, I’m surprised none of the locals have got to this; it’s been out for ages.” The joyous FTFer illustrated in the red font above isn’t even a premium member. So tough. There’s a new one 25km away from me. Think I’ll get it. Now.
  7. and as being discussed in the thread "Big Items in a Small Box ", don't make it too big so a woggle's ok but a tent's perhaps not.
  8. This is the most stupid TB I’ve ever come across. It’s been in situ so long that it’s now on a TB rescue list. Solid metal, it weighs about 3 pounds and will only just (literally) fit into an ammo box – providing you take everything else out first. Including the air. It’s already been dropped through the bottom of a Tupperware box from a height of about three inches. And, and, it’s got a mission!!! Sheesh.
  9. But that's only its accuracy: it doesn't mean it can't detect movement less than 3 metres, even though it's not an accurate measurement.
  10. Do you do a lot of that sort of movement??
  11. Er, is the whole point not to go straight to them? You put the coords into the GPSr and go to it. Google earth won't help you find exactly where in the ivy the micro is hidden.
  12. If that's the one you bought from me on eBay, you still haven't paid me for it
  13. Lots? Four and a near miss. I suppose this may be proportionately “lots”. You could put some out as unknown caches with a condition of logging being that the first to find can’t be persona “X” (or F, perhaps. Or “someone with more than 8 finds” to keep it less personal than this already is). Admittedly I have a few FTFs (ahem) but I often wait a few days before looking. If they’re still unclaimed then, and I’m in the area, I’m having them. I don’t really care about FTFs but I do like caching and, as I don’t owe anyone anything, I’m not going to faff around being altruistic about something as trivial as this. I would have thought that setting more caches for others’ enjoyment would be more sensible rather than moaning about the relatively few you have out relative to your finds. We joke about FTF hounds around here. I think we do anyway?
  14. This thread seems more personal than general: link It seems there's a competition so your caches are fair game IMHO.
  15. I thought this thread may have had a point as I just (mis)read the OP: ‘4. Your response was not very polite- "I am closing this thread."- CASE CLOSED’ as ‘4. Your response was not very polite- "I am closing this thread. - CASE CLOSED”’ But all Lacto said was that he was closing the thread and why. For those that want to gripe about something, why not check that your endowment wasn’t mis-sold and vent your spleen to the FSA? Or something that matters.
  16. If you're searching for a cache and you get near to it, the arrow sometimes vanishes after the GPSr thinks you've found the location. I thought mine was faulty last year but that was the reason.
  17. It'll be fine: I just checked by putting a note on a cache of mine dated before it was even put out and three years before I started caching and it worked ok.
  18. As far as I am aware, you can’t change your name. As you haven’t got hundreds of caches yet, it may be an idea to come up with another user name and relog your finds having posted a note to the owners to say you’re changing your id. I’ve heard of others doing similarly.
  19. I upgraded last night. Nothing more irritating than having the option of using lithium ion batteries and no batteries of that ilk in the cupboard. Good riddance to them, I say. Can’t say I’ve noticed a real difference yet but this is to say thanks for the heads up.
  20. I made the mistake of not knowing what a sock puppet account was too and I was quickly corrected.. It doesn't take a huge mental leap to see, without psychic powers*, that the OP was a load of ... *accio popcorn
  21. What you need to do is take the thing off completely and clean off all the double-sided tape from the rubber and the housing. Use isopropyl alcohol NOT turps or anything else and then glue it on with something that takes a while to dry - so NOT superglue. Make sure you get a good, even, thin film on the housing and avoid the recesses where the buttons are. The surround will fit comfortably on - it's not too big - and can be held in place with some elastic bands wrapped around and parallel with the rubber. DO NOT wrap too tight as this will cause the rubber to crease and this is why people think it's expanded. Practice with your technique and the elastic bands before you go for it. I recently mended Mandy's (Us4andJess) and it was all fine until she brayed it off a rock and fubared the screen.
  22. Thanks for moving our London coin on. Perhaps you shouldn't have placed it there in the first place . You're welcome.
  23. Just noticed a listed TB in one of my caches. It'll be rescued tout de suite... Done that.
  24. You mean you couldn't tell???? The trouble with the written word is that sometimes people don't "get" it. Hence emoticons, which people then think are being used sarcastically. But, for you: ( ) Edited to say that have you noticed that if you put a smiley in parentheses, it looks like it's trying to walk like G. W. Bush?
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