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  1. They'll be fiddling with it purely to make use have to write the damned date @r$3 first. I bet they’re also “improving” the automatic censoring function to stop us writing “dam.ned” and the like, but without the dot. I’ll bet my post says “dagnum” in it sometime afterwards too. Has anyone else tried to write mild cuss words? I don’t know what dagnum means, nor do I want to, and I think they should leave it alone if the “improvements” we saw last time – huge gnarly fonts and the like – are the intention behind the latest glitch. Not that it glitches very often. Just thought I'd say that while we're a' waitin'.
  2. Why on earth do you think people would shout at you? Here? On this forum?
  3. It says in the guidelines that events are supposed to be open for all, but if your event is in the middle of the night then surely it’s not suitable for all children. It’s silly to curtail any potential enjoyment of such an occasion and make all events suitable for everyone just out of some desire to adhere to political correctness. The only person who can tell me that I am wrong here is a moderator, anything else will be opinion, which is always welcome . Cue moderator… Having said that, though, “an event cache should not be set up for the sole purpose of drawing together cachers for an organized hunt of another cache.” Regarding the camping business, why not have a cache bash at a hotel? Anyone who wants to come camp can make sure of their own accommodation the way – and where – they see fit; it was proposed as a “Halloween” event, not a “camping” event. And having said that too, I ain’t coming anyway: a hotel would be cheaper than a tent and I can’t afford the petrol. Hey: you’re excluding me!
  4. I'll put it back then. Sort of a summary it'll be
  5. I suggested this; a micro camouflaged as a hanging-up dog-poo bag, such as we see so often and don't really want to handle. Of course, ladysolly totally vetoed the idea, with much earache. I hope you took notice. It’s bad enough to see these in the first place without thinking that someone will actually go out and maintain one so it remains there indefinitely, looking like what it is - a bag of $#!t. There’s a cache here in the north that is designed to look like such “urban tumbleweed” – a plastic supermarket bag in a tree – and it’s awful, I’m afraid. Caching is a bit more up market than this I hope. Anyway, you're not supposed to put caches in bags. That'll stop yer
  6. why not just get a good map case and fold the map to the area you are walking. if you have a bit of thought how you fold it its very rare you will walk far enough to need to unfold it more, especially if you use a two sided map case.. then use the gps as a lazy mans navigation tool in co operation with the maps. i personally dont think you can beat os 1:25k maps, and its the thing i will miss most when i leave the uk to live in canada in the next few weeks. Because, quite simply, I like the technology. I recently did this cache up one of the highest peaks in its area without a proper map – I gave my paper map away to some people who were so lost it was unbelievable – and I managed great. I reasoned that I had two electronic map resources and plenty of batteries. Using a map is good fun but using a little map with a screen showing you in seconds exactly where you are at any given moment is brill: I like cooking properly but sometimes a microwave oven is a must!
  7. Don't you mean: "To what is the world coming?" These are threads up with which I will not put.
  8. I've got Memory Map for the pocket PC, which does support OS and I use 1:25k maps, which are great. Topo GB runs on the Garmin and it is really very good even though I wasn't too sure at the start. It'll even navigate a route on a road/path for you and you can then home in on the cache by doing an "off road" search. The GPS unit is robust and, although you can select a "goto" option using memory map and the pocket PC/PDA/whatever, I've tried it and, while it works, I prefer the tough Garmin for the hunt for the cache itself. I do take both out with me though. All this to find TUPPERWARE!
  9. There you go; SidAndBob's reply saves you searching around
  10. Topo Great Britain is good for that but it's not OS, AFAIK. Have a Google or search the forum for info about it.
  11. Ths odds against winning a tenner aren't exactly brilliant either at nearly 50:1! I was prevented from placing a cache by two armed bobbies not so long ago. It took a while to tell them about geocaching, the way it would, but they still seemed disinclined to let me put a large steel ammunition box with “MORTAR” inscribed on the side a mere 200 metres from the nearby nuclear power station. Can’t see why. Apart from the obvious reason, they did say that the box might then be used by the local toe rags to hide their stashes, which as Deceangi says is pretty unlikely.
  12. Bit of advice here, please. Or a chat. Whenever I submit a cache for publication, I am sometimes unsure what size cache I should use on the page. While the range given is from “micro” to “small” to “regular” to “large”, when caching I have often seen those little clippie boxes described as regular rather than small. I’m not bothered about it and I think small should mean very small but if you describe one as regular are people going to get miffed when they find they can’t squeeze in that huge TB that they’ve been trying to get rid of? Not that they won’t put it in anyway. The choices of regular box are “ammo box” or “Rubbermaid”. I know that “Rubbermaid” is a Tupperware-type equivalent (and I also know that you can buy rubber maids in the UK but that’s a different thread) so is any Tupperware box regular? Of course it should be obvious but if that were the case then I wouldn't be asking.
  13. [/b] Although I see you have posted this more than once. It'll stay on topic if you confine it to this thread.
  14. I agree that the owner should take the most responsibility for their caches but surely the best people to help maintain a cache are the ones who visit them. As an owner I regularly check out my caches, even the more inaccessible ones, but I’d be delighted if someone fixed a problem on site without asking for my permission. One of my caches was replaced recently by some kind soul and I have replaced at least five other people's caches myself when I know that they are in trouble. I’ve seen loads of logs on caches that said things like, “cache was soaking wet, TFTC”; “some of the contents are rusty, left CD” [probably counterfeit]; “box was absolutely so full the lid is coming off, left two TBs, Took nothing”. And don’t get me started on plastic bags around the outside of cache containers, “needs new bin liner as this one is full of holes and the box is wet”. Take the ruddy thing off then. And certainly don’t encourage people to put them in bags in the first place. So I say why not actually take some responsibility over it as the finder and tidy the dadgum damned things up. Dry the cache; remove the rubbish; take some tat and leave nothing if it means the log book and contents will be ok. As far as the OP goes, if within this tat are damp, faded, or big (!) calling cards then just take them out. That’s what the log book’s for. Edited to replace "dadgum" with damned, which is what I originally wrote. I have no idea what “dadgum” means nor do I want to. I am not American and this is not IMHO an offensive word. I just searched the forums and it exists elsewhere. I could’ve said “effing things”, but I chose not to. Now, Mr/Mrs smart@r$e editor machiney thing, you’ve just drawn attention to yourself.
  15. I’ve just been looking at some caching logs and I’m amazed at how many there are from cachers who have “found the area” or “the rocks/logs the cache must’ve been under” but, even with no sign of the box or damaged contents, they’ll still log the cache. So my tip is: If you get even remotely near the cache, say you’ve found it as it IS, after all, about the numbers. Who deletes logs anyway?
  16. No one’s going to criticise this cache’s contents. I think Coppers Lot are mistaking people’s disappointment in finding such goodies as your initial ones being replaced with old golf balls; half a denture; fingernail clippings (seen it); over-wound-wind-up McDonald’s toys; pubic hair (seen it); wee (heard about it first hand); used combs (eeewww); £ shop cracker toys, used(!) cracker jokes and other stuff that has just no value to anyone. That’s the issue.
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