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  1. I assume the subtle reminder has got the good people paying their dues?
  2. Only geeky if it knows you've been caching.
  3. After the posts saying that others have a glitch, does this make Moote's point a moot point?
  4. Actually I used to have a case for my etrex and it had a belt clip on it. It's a bit like a mobile phone case. A thick leather wristband from your local bondage shop and a GPS case and you’re away. Except I believe they come in pairs.
  5. I think Liverpool have banned Monopoly after recent events. "Your wheels have been nicked, go back to 'Old Kent Road' " You're not Borris Johnson, by any chance, are you?
  6. Certainly can. If you get a GPS bike mount, bastardise it, and then improvise a strap or two to fasten it to your limb, the GPS will then clip onto your arm/wrist. The most secure orientation would be parallel with your arm so you may need an extra elbow to be able to see it, or you could mount it like a very wide watch, I suppose. Edited to add that the dashboard mount might be better with the etrex - although it too would require "modification". Or you could buy a Foretrex® 201 wrist-mounted GPSr.
  7. I think it’s about time one of our dear reviewers stepped in with an email to this obdurate bint who, if she would stop being so up herself, could actually resolve this situation one way or the other. She has registered with Geocaching and as such isn’t immune to an email from the top.
  8. I refuse to drink any more of your pink coffee; look what it's done to me already.
  9. I think Mandy’s been over-kind and too patient about all this; it’s not as though she’s running a business doing the calendars and, unlike large corporations, she can’t afford to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for payment. She’s already paid for the materials and is now out of pocket. The idea is that it is charitable, but she’s probably been put off by people’s reluctance to pay. Hey, tell you what, Mandy, why not put a reminder list here (BIG RED FONT) so that all these people who said they wanted a calendar and have forgotten that they haven’t paid can have a bit of a nudge?
  10. And dadgum the censoring machine that's responsible for altering d.a.m.n to dadgum.
  11. Has she said where she put it in the service station? Might some emails from other cachers help, do you think?
  12. GCXC00 plays a video online. Don't know how though. I think the guy sounds like Chris Ryan, the SAS dude.
  13. And if they didn't give permission, what else have they ever done for us From the 'Anglo Saxon Cronicle' The Laud Cronicle. Year 418. "In this year the Romans collected all the treasures which were in Britain and hid some in the earth so that no one afterwards could find them, and some they took with them into Gaul" Thats what they did for us, and there is still plenty to be found. Nothing to do with this thread but I thought I would make it a bit light hearted as it seems to begining to heat up a bit. Er, the "what have the Romans done for us?" theme is from Monty Python It's not heated up
  14. Which cache was it? Out of interest.
  15. That's great. I'm sure it'll be appreciated. Maybe you'd better put it somewhere that people can find it as it'll soon get lost in all the bickering . Of which there has been very little recently.
  16. I just tried the link and got this message: "HTTP1.1 STATUS 403 Remote Access to this object forbidden This file cannot be directly accessed from a remote site, but must be linked through the Brinkster Member's site." I was just going to have a look at it out of interest but it sounds like a really great idea to me. I upgraded from the etrex but I imagine that the 7 digit thang is annoying.
  17. I've seen a simple net bag with a combination lock laced through it and an ammo box with a lock attached using strong wire through the existing holes. I'm actually going to use a key safe somewhere soon but it'll be for a clue as they're quite small.
  18. Yep....spotted that afterwards Superscript ain't easy on a forum It's certainly harder if you haven't had coffee for days...
  19. This might be better: Please remember the final date for payment is just over one week away.
  20. It's obviously early for me too as I tried to get the 2 as a superscript and failed. That's what you get for being a smart@rse and copying something from the Interweb without thinking about it. I have a maths qualification so I'll forgive myself. Sorry, though! Actually when I started caching, because of said maths interest, I would try to calculate coords like 54°45.(p)(q)(a) as 54°45.pxqxa as the brackets in maths mean multiply. I agree that there should be a checksum too. But it won't happen.
  21. I always though the "O" in BODMAS stood for order as in 2^4 (2 to the power 4), for example, would follow the brackets, then would come division, etc. It indeedy do is. e.g. Explain the answer that a calculator would give to the calculation 4 + 70/10 x (1 + 2)²- 1 according to the BODMAS rules. Brackets gives 4 + 70/10 x (3)² - 1 Order gives 4 + 70/10 x 9 - 1 Division gives 4 + 7 x 9 - 1 Multiplication gives 4 + 63 - 1 Addition gives 67 - 1 Subtraction gives 66 Edited to put a couple of ²'s in, instead of the 2's and thus not to appear to be a wally
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