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  1. As soon as I read the OP I knew it was the one near Tebay. I tried it last August. I parked about 20 feet from the coordinates and did a quick check to see what size box it was before realising it was a multi. I drove on…
  2. I've been known to move mine hundreds of feet. You'll be ok with 20 metres (I'm impetric). If you think there might be a problem, ask a reviewer about it.
  3. That sounds familiar. Is it possible with your model to download a firmware update from Garmin?
  4. Oh I agree with that entirely. It's when they're in the bath that they investigate the chilling possibilities of lurking in the overflow. Then they die, one way or another.
  5. Except they don't crawl around the P- or S-trap, or U-bend, or whatever system you have ; they actually hide in the overflow pipe between the overflow outlet and the bottom of the basin/sink/bath, which is relatively dry unless you're in the habit of overfilling said receptacle. It's amazing how big a spider can squeeze through the filter thingy in the plug hole and scare the carp out of you. Edited to say that obviously they get into the house using a different, non-plumbing-associated technique.
  6. I'd suggest searching the forum for the answer. Type this into the search dialogue box (after clicking search) at the top right: "+upload +image +cache +page" and you'll get some ideas.
  7. Mmmm, Just what I’ll be thinking of doing when there’s a cloud of plutonium 239 floating around the countryside: searching for Tupperware. At least it’ll be visible in the dark.
  8. Hi, Mandy. When was the last time you emailed them?
  9. Judging by that smiley, you know what it means
  10. ...That’s an odd thing to think... What I meant is that "giving something back to the community" is not really part of the game, so by hiding a cache you're merely taking part (the same as when you find a cache). It's a game where people publish details of their cache hides on a public web site in a bid to encourage visitors to find and log them using GPS. IMHO, it's a REALLY odd thing to think that there's some inferred obligation on everyone to hide caches simply because they quite enjoy finding them. Agreed but, as I said, "If I see someone with 2000 finds and only 5 set[...]", these people have gone beyond "quite enjoying" the find and are into major numbers, and they should, also IMHO, reciprocate and give others the chance to find some too. A lot of cachers will go well out of their way and cover huge distances to cache, which is fine, but for those people left back in their home area, why not put out some (more) of their own before they venture forth? And let's face it, anyone who does many tens of caches in a day isn't really in it for anything but the numbers and what they can personally get out of it, which is also fine but hardly contributing, per se. It helps me a lot when I get a log like "Number 72/325 today. Discovered TB. TFTC", and I go to the cache soon after and find it’s soaking wet; the logbook is full; the TB’s chain has come off and the mission card is fastened around a nearby tree. Merely saying “found it” helps not a lot there. I wasn't saying that the last finder would be responsible for this, just that if they didn't bother to report it, it would be bad. <Dons body armour and ducks> (Doesn't don ducks: that was a verb) Edited to say that I am not referring to a specific incident, or indeed any incident, cacher, date, cache, location, event, puzzle or anything whatsoever. It was all by way of example of the types of things that have happened to my caches and others’.
  11. And isn't it nice when they do 'cos it means you have got the coords/puzzle right I hate it when I make a cock up. Actually, the more you hide, the more logs you get from grateful cachers, which is nice; I just had a guy found three of mine a few minutes ago (well, logged a few minutes ago), and he appears to have had a good lunchtime session. It’s only a matter of time on this thread before someone says “you should play the game the way you want to”. Before that happens, I’d just like to say that I think everyone should play the game the way they want to. They will anyway.
  12. Err wrong good logs, moving tbs, replacing log books, drying out containers, re hiding, events, helping peope on the forum, helping people via email are all valid contributions. But you've quoted me and then added implied content for your own rectitude. Just FINDING them isn't contributing, but I said nothing of the other things in your list. I didn't think I needed to as it's fairly obvious. To reiterate: I meant merely finding them.
  13. That’s an odd thing to think. If no-one hid them, there’d be nowt to do. I agree that you shouldn’t feel under peer pressure to do it but I really think people should hide some – or at least think about it – although we’ll never know if they have or not. A sort of, “I’ve done all the caches in the area but I could put one over there, now I know what people like” attitude would be nice. Finding caches is certainly not putting something back into the community although it is obviously a very important part of that community and I too enjoy the finders’ logs. The people who are contributing are the ones who have bothered to put them out. Without that and, of course, their maintenance, there’d be nothing. I wouldn’t say, though, that everyone had to hide 20. That’s not what I meant.
  14. I got mine last night, as you know, Mandy, 'cos you gave it to me. They're great and really professionally produced. Well done, you. I'm quoting Westie Walker because he says, "I'm sure that the 2 doggie charities will benefit from your efforts". Unfortunately, because there are a (fair) number of people who STILL HAVEN'T PAID, the charities are going to suffer. I still think you should put a reminder list up, Mandy. People can't do that to you, or the charities. From what Mandy was saying last night, I'd be surprised if she did another calendar next year; she certainly wouldn't rely on trust as much as she has this time. There's obviously a difference between people being keen on them, and actually parting with their cash after they suddenly discover they have short arms and deep pockets. One thought I had was that some people were waiting until Mandy “gave up money chasing” and just sent them out anyway near the new year without actually receiving payment in the hope that the recipients would put some cash in a charity box. She’s not doing that this year, I’m pleased to say.
  15. They do indeed, Heckler and Kochs they are. I wish I'd know about it before I tried setting my [sPOOKS] series.
  16. It isn’t really key at all. Without entering mathematical deliberations in which I am well qualified to contribute, my point was that some folk don’t seem to be @r$d to set many caches themselves. They certainly wouldn’t go analysing this sort of thing. I would, actually.
  17. I used to think a ratio was a good idea, but it really isn’t; people who’ve got many hundreds of finds wouldn’t be able to maintain them. I have a gut feeling about it though, and I think people should put out a respectable number. If I see someone with 2000 finds and only 5 set, then I think that’s not enough and seems IMHO, selfish to be honest. It is highly unlikely that “their” area is totally flooded, and if they are that experienced, a bit of effort would be in order. If, however, they have 20+ then that’s great. I was going to go for 10% myself but that failed so I thought about 20%, which also failed. Someone had the great idea of putting one out for every FTF they had but, in my case that would also fall by the wayside. Anyone can maintain 20 caches if placed properly.
  18. Edited to say DING because that’s a better answer that the proper one (Aesculapian snake ), which probably no-one would get ‘cos it’s a stupid thing to want to know. It seems, incredibly, that no-one cheats here either so well done to everyone. Over to you...
  19. Almost there; it's a certain type of rat snake. In the same way that there are different pythons (Royal, Carpet, Reticulated, Burmese etc) there are several varieties of rat snake. I know of more than thirty but we're on the home straight. Starts with "a".
  20. Not an asp or an ouroborous, which I had to look up - very good. Clue: it's not a poisonous one. That'll help a lot, methinks.
  21. Ooo, Ta! What type of snake is twisted around the staff in the traditional medical symbol? Sometimes there are two snakes.
  22. After 29 pages, I finally know one. I hope. Span is the last one.
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