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  1. Really like this coin. Nice Design.
  2. Pleae elaborate more... What was the issue, and how did you solve it? Would be nice for others with the same issue who find this thread to know what you found and how you solved it It was late last night when I finished and made my "problem solved" post so I didn't elaborate and honestly it is one of those things that is MUCH easier to explain verbally than to attempt to type. Here goes: My computer is a Mac and I was using a USB card reader/writer to transfer the maps to my uSD card. There were multiple issues going on. One issue I solved, the other I did an end run around. I played around with MapInstall and MapManager to get a better understanding of how they work, by a Trial and Error method. This required patience on my part. Soooooooo...... here is what worked: I selected the maps I wanted from GPSFileDepot and downloaded each individually onto my computer to a Downloads folder. I expanded each file by clicking on it. Then I double clicked on each .gmapi file and selected install. This was done one by one for each map. The installed maps, once installed, are displayed in the Garmin MapManager. I then closed MapManager. I opened BaseCamp (which I downloaded on my computer) and selected each installed map from the map menu to confirm installation of each. Next I opened MapInstall, making sure my USB read/writer with my uSD card was plugged it first. With the uSD card selected as the device I wanted to transfer maps to, I clicked "continue". Now here is the part I gained a better understanding of. I selected a map (a check mark displayed along side it) --> next I highlighted the tiles on the map --> the number of tiles selected displays along side the map name on the pull down map selection menu, as well as the bottom of the screen below the map --> select Send Maps --> the map to be installed will be displayed in the box --> select Confirm to transfer the map to uSD card --> select Done when transfer complete --> rename the gmapsupp.img file on the card (in Finder), for example: Florida Topo.img --> I copied this .img map file to a backup folder I created on my computer. Now, when I opened MapInstall to transfer the next map, I first selected Edit and Clear Selection to clear the tiles selected on the previous map --> I used the map selection pull down menu to select the next map I wanted, highlighted tiles, made the transfer, renamed it, copied renamed .img file to backup folder etc. as I described. Here is the part I never figured out. When I transferred the 2nd/next map, let's call it Virginia Topo.img, only it was on the card. The Florida Topo.img that was on the card disappeared/was removed. I verified this on my Garmin by selecting Map and zooming into Florida and then Virginia. Only the Virginia Topo was there. The Florida Topo was not. My solution was in MapInstall, to make sure I cleared the tiles from the previous map selection, select the tiles for the new map, make the transfer, rename it, copy renamed img file to backup folder, and once the last .img map file was created and renamed, I grabbed the .img maps in the backup folder and dropped and dragged to uSD card device, placing them back on the uSD card. I am not sure why sending/transferring the most recent map deleted the previous .img file on the card, but above is how I did an end run around the problem. I simply used my backup .img files to make sure each .img file I wanted was on the uSD card at the end of the process. There is probably a simple answer, but it eludes me. The other thing to note which most Garmin users know is to make sure the .img map files are in a Folder labeled Garmin on the SD card or the gpsr will not be able to read the map; this is not a mistake I made, but it is worth mentioning. What I ended up with on my uSD card which I individually enabled/disabled in Map Select on my Garmin (Total = less than 300 map tiles): Florida Topo.img My Trails and POI.img MD DC PA Topo.img (on MapInstall I highlighted the tiles on each state one by one, then I selected Send Maps --> in the box it indicated the maps to be installed were Maryland/DC and Pennsylvania --> selected confirm and finally renamed the gmapsupp.img to MD DC PA Topo.img) Va WV Topo.img I hope this is somewhat clear and that I have not confused anyone more. One of my mistakes was not using Clear Selection to remove previously selected tiles from maps I did not want on the next transfer. So when I transferred the next map and renamed it, it was a combination of maps regardless of what I renamed it. I was working on the Topo files on/off all day, and sometimes I closed/reopened MapInstall which cleared previous selected tiles on individual maps. I erroneously thought the check mark alongside a map meant that was the only map I was transferring when I hit select Send Maps, when in fact all maps that have selected/highlighted tiles are sent. Now I realize someone might ask why I simply didn't highlight all the tiles on each map and transfer it as a batch with Send Map and then rename the gmapsupp.img file: FL MD DC PA VA WV Topos and Trails Map.img (or something shorter), but I wanted the individual maps/combos I listed above.
  3. Problem solved, all maps working. Thanks for comments.
  4. Your quotes do not agree with each other. You never said you sent the other maps to your uSD card, but you do say they show up on the uSD card, but not in the Map Select Menu. Can you please clarify? ALL the maps were sent to the uSD card. Only the Florida topo and Pennsylvania show up in the Map Select Menu. So the question is why are the other maps not listed in the Map Select Menu when they are on the uSD card?
  5. Can you please run JaVaWa Device Manager and see if any errors are reported? How many maps are loaded onto your GPS and uSD card, and what is the total number of map tiles when added together? JaVaWa Device Manager will give you all this information. If somehow you have more than 4000 map tiles total between your Montana and uSD card, they will not be available for selection. I only put the Florida Topo which was 29 tiles and the Pennsylvania Topo which was something like 136, I forgot the exact number, on the micro SD card.
  6. I am using Florida Topo.img and Pennsylvania Topo.img and these work just fine.
  7. I commonly run multiple maps at the same time on all my Garmin GPS units, without issue, as they are designed to do just that. How did you 'place' the *.img files? Did you use BaseCamp, MapSource, or MapInstall? All the information you need to install maps on your Montana can be found here. Garmin MapInstall. The link you provided is the reference have been using. Right now I am reading through the Montana Wiki as I thought it would be helpful to orient me with the unit. So far so good other than the map issue referenced here. I just can't figure it out.
  8. At least I am not the only one. I live in Florida, so luckily the Florida Topo works. I was really hoping to get the Trails/POI map working. The other state topo maps are places we visit family/friends. Hope someone knows of a solution.
  9. Yes, I renamed each one as they were created, for example: Virginia Topo.img. As I stated the other maps are not even showing up on Garmin so I can not even select/enable. While the the other maps show on the card, only Florida Topo and Pennsylvania Topo are showing up in the Garmin. I enabled the Florida map, but not the Pennsylvania map.
  10. I purchased a Garmin Montana 600. Today, from GPSFileDepot, I downloaded the Florida Topo map and the Pennsylvania Topo map. I placed the .img filed in the Garmin folder on my micro SD card; these maps read fine. I also downloaded: My Trails High Quality Trail & POI Maps Map, Maryland/DC Topo, West Virginia Topo, and Virginia Topo; these files show on the SD card but do not show on my Montana (Setup--> Map --> Select Map). Only the Florida and Pennsylvania Topo show up with option to Enable/Disable. What am I missing??? I even deleted the files and started from scratch.
  11. It seems regardless of the lock or not, it is a good idea to be careful with the card in case the lock fails. Thanks for all the advice.
  12. Had that happen on a long bike/caching day just recently. Followed aforementioned procedure and back on two wheels to the next cache shortly. Be careful though that little sucker can slip out of your hand real easy. Wow! I purchased a microSd card and didn't realize how small they actually are. In past I have used SD cards or memory sticks or larger. Good tip on the little sucker. I'll be careful!. I want to hunt for caches, not a micro... card.
  13. Thanks for the replies, helpful. BMW Jedi thanks for the Wiki link. I decided to get 16GB microSD card - will down load Florida topo and my geocaches onto this. If anyone has experience with birdseye satellite, I would appreciate comments on it (not worried about getting it right away, but would still like to hear personal reviews on it).
  14. Colorado is Sold. Thanks for looking.
  15. I purchased a Garmin Montana 600 last night and I am waiting for it to arrive. Before I start purchasing memory cards and maps I want to ascertain what would be the best set up for me. I will be primarily using the unit for geocaching and hiking; in the past I have typically stored up to 3000 to 4000 caches on my gpsr. I would like a 24k topo map, but was trying to decide between microSD card or DVD version. I also understand GPSFiledepot has a topo of Florida (where I live); does anyone have experience with this and how much memory space do I need? I also am considering a birdseye view subscription as well, but need to read more feedback on it. I really don't want to be switching out multiple cards. I was thinking the internal memory should easily handle the cache volume I indicated and then get a microSD card to load the 24k topo map (DVD or Florida download) onto the card along with birdseye view. Any thoughts??? Recommended memory card size? Can anyone recommend a good brand for a microSD USB card reader that is reliable or a good SD/microSD card reader? My MacPro has USB or Express card slot option.
  16. Will you ship to Canada? I sent you a private message
  17. REDUCED TO $135 shipped. I have pics.
  18. For Sale: Garmin Colorado 400T ~ $160 shipped (U.S.) Payment by Paypal This is a very rugged unit which has served me well. I plan to purchase an Oregon or Montana touchscreen Garmin, so I am offering the Colorado here for sale. The Colorado 400T is in very good condition with only extremely minor wear from normal use; cosmetically it looks very good. The screen has an anti-glare screen protector which I will leave on it. I am including the cable, carabiner clip, 8GB SD card, original box, manual, quick start guide, and trip & waypoint manager CD. INFORMATION: The Colorado's preloaded U.S. topographic maps, 3D map view and a built-in worldwide base map with shaded relief give you all the tools for serious climbing or hiking. Map detail includes national, state and local parks and forests, along with terrain contours, elevation information, trails, rivers, lakes and points of interest. Share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly with other Colorado users and send your favorite hike to your buddy to enjoy. Just hit "send" to transfer your information to other Colorado units. Intuitive and fun, Colorado features a Rock 'n Roller input wheel for easy one-handed operation and supports Geocaching.com GPX files for downloading geocaches and detail straight to your unit. With its high-sensitivity, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver, it locates your position quickly and precisely and maintains its GPS location — even in heavy cover and deep canyons. Lightweight and waterproof Ability to add maps Built-in memory Accepts SD data cards Waypoints/favorites/locations: 1000 Routes: 50 Track log: 10,000 points, 20 saved tracks Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads) Electronic compass Barometric altimeter Geocaching mode Outdoor GPS games Hunt/fish calendar Sun and moon information Tide tables Area calculation Custom POIs (ability to add additional points of interest) Unit-to-unit transfer (shares data wirelessly with similar units) Picture viewer Waterproof:(IPX7) High-sensitivity receiver PC interface: USB Base map Preloaded maps:(topographic) Unit dimensions: 2.4"(W) x 5.5"(H) x 1.4"(D) Display size: 1.53"(W) x 2.55"(H); 3" diag (7.6 cm) Display resolution: 240(W) x 400(H) pixels Display type: Transflective color TFT Weight: 7.3 oz (206.9 g) with batteries Battery: 2 "AA" or 2 NiMH batteries (not included) Battery life: 15 hours
  19. Thank you, but I really want a 450 or a 550. I want a 3-axis compass, and I understand screen visibility in the outdoors in the 450 or 550 models. A Montana 600 would be nice if I could find one for a decent price. For a gps unit I want: *Garmin *touchscreen * 3-axis tilt compass *don't care about a camera *don't care about 100k TOPO preload as I want to purchase 24k and/or birdseye view subscription.
  20. I would like to purchase a Garmin 450 that is good condition.
  21. For the 1st couple of trackables I picked up I kept a photo with the tracking # and one with the # removed for online posting. Then I got a little lazy feeling I would never need to hold on to the #... until today. I just wasn't thinking when I deleted the log. It was an avoidable mistake. Will be more careful in the future. Lesson learned.
  22. This is what I chose to do. I was not sure if I could upload photos with a note on a trackable, but I see I can. I guess the only issue with the note is that the mileage from the last cache to this cache does not show.
  23. Thanks, that what I figured, but I just thought I ask in case I was mistaken. The "archived" comment gave me a very small hope that somehow it might be possible.
  24. Don't ask how or why, but I deleted a log entry for a trackable that I dropped into a cache. The trackable correctly shows in the inventory of the new cache; however, my dropped log entry does not show since I deleted it. I want to re-enter the log entry with my photos. Is there a way to retrieve a deleted log? I notice when a log is deleted a note comes up that says "archived". Can I retrieve my archived log entry. Unfortunately, I did not keep the tracking# for the trackable once I dropped it in this new cache (and it is too far of a trek for me to retrieve the tracking# myself). I have contacted the owner to see if they will provide it to me, but I want a faster solution before the trackable is picked up by the next person. Thanks.
  25. The key is communication. Ask the Trackable Owner what they'd prefer, and then clarify your plan right there in the TB log. Read the TB's page (does it have specifics?). Some people love 15 pages of plain "took it to" logs. In the event of no reply, you can safely assume that you should place the TB into a cache within 2 weeks, and make the appropriate logs. People keeping TBs beyond all reason are not doing the TO any favors (despite those around here who insist it's wonderful). Don't be those guys. Thanks, I do read the TB pages and logs. For both TBs I have, I think they are a bit off mission; hopefully I can get them back on track. I do not plan to abuse the time I keep them, which in my mind is not more than a couple of weeks... unless I have a specific plan for a TB or there is an issue, in which case I would contact the TB owner. I personally think TBs are for MANY people to enjoy, and not just for one person to grab and "travel" all over the place leaving a trail of "took it to" logs. I also get the impression many TBs were never really taken anywhere and simply sit on someone's shelf. I know people have different views. To me, for a TB it is not the miles, but the journey!
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