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  1. I have an Oregon 400T and a Mac. To load the caches onto the Oregon you need to connect the GPS to the computer so you can go to Mass Storage mode. Once there your GPS will show up in the Finder as a hard-drive. Any caches you load will go into the GPX folder (Garmin/GPX). Generally, I just generate a pocket query, download it to my Mac desktop, unzip it and copy the contents of the unzipped folder to the GPX folder. Then just eject your Garmin and the GPS will turn off. If I want to double-check that the caches did load I start the GPS, go to Geocaches, then Find a Geocache. If I am loading caches for a city we are travelling to that is not close, I just select the "A,B,C" icon at the bottom of the screen and type in info so I can search for a cache (as someone mentioned, the default caches displayed when you first go to Find a Geocache are the ones closest to your current location). You can also import the caches into Garmin RoadTrip so you can see them on a larger map. I used to use GSAK but don't find it necessary anymore. I also converted my maps to use them with Garmin Mapinstall and Garmin MapManager. The whole package works really well. I hope this helps.
  2. We have just started a new series on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia. It is called Wheeling Around and is specifically geared towards people in wheelchairs or people pushing strollers. The preamble on each cache says:" This caching series has been specifically developed so that cachers who are in wheelchairs or who have children in strollers can enjoy the sport. Each cache has been hidden without any obstacles for wheelchairs and can be reached by anyone at a sitting level." This series is not owned by any one cacher; the local cachers who are interested contact the moderator of our local Sunshine Coast Geocacher group and say they want to put out a Wheeling Around and he assigns them a number. The only stipulation is that the preamble is the same and it must be wheelchair accessible. So far we have 4 caches out and 2 more in the works. Wheeling Around #1 is GC2FEST and provides a bookmark list of the others in the series. Personally, we also have a Favourite Finds series that has been so much fun to do. As we are caching around North America we come across some really fun caches - some easy, some hard, some that just make you go "Aha!". We then come home and put out a copy in our series. Favourite Finds #1 is GC16A4X and there is a bookmark list of the other 11 caches in the series on the webpage. Happy caching, all!
  3. I have been trying to update the firmware on my Oregon 400t but I keep getting the message "the update file is corrupted". What do I do now? BTW, I currently have 3.10 on the GPS - do I have to process the upgrades one at a time until I get to 3.6 or just once? Thanks for any help. Edit: Problem solved. Apparently you need to be in Mass Storage mode to update. I did not have to process the upgrades one at a time, either.
  4. Hi. If this offer is still open, we would love to have you make an avatar for us and we are more than willing to wait. Our name is Afternoonshift because our friends all like to get up at 5 or 6 in the morning but we are more 'afternoon' people. We are a husband and wife team and have an Oregon 400T and a Map60cs. Hobbies include RVing, campfires with good friends and radio-controlled model airplane flying and it would be cool to mingle some of that into the avatar. Thanks so much for this service!
  5. This would be a great option. We live on the coast with Vancouver Island about 20 miles to the south-southwest. When we do a pocket query we get many caches that we have no hope of going after unless we take two ferries and have 6 hours to spare just travelling. GSAK will let us filter out by distance but it would be great to do it at the source PQ. Then we could get 500 caches that are possible to do instead of 500 less all the ones across the Sound we can't get to.
  6. It would probably help people help you if you included what the error message says. Even if you can't remember it exactly, anything about the wording of it might help. Sorry. It ways "Route Calculation Error"
  7. We have a 60CS and have had no problems using it for several years. We use the MetroGuide Canada and the City Select North America v7 maps. However, recently we have been receiving an error message when we ask to to be routed to a destination - usually it is a waypoint we have made for a friends address but lately it has sporadically occurred when we ask for road directions to a geocache. The fix I have used in the past is to reload the maps and then everything is fine. This weekend that didn't work and we still get the error. Has anyone else had this problem? What did you do to fix it? Thanks for any help.
  8. I assume all these pictures being taken are emailed directly to the cache owner and not posted on their log as a spoiler?? If that is so, then I think it would be proof of finding (founding?)
  9. We love the display when you search for caches - when it shows the last time it was found and when you found it yourself. When you look at the list of logs/caches you have found yourself, it doesn't have the same layout. We emailed Groundspeak and asked if, when anyone was doing some web page updates, there was any chance the layout could be the same when you look at your own logs (and any other places that lists appear). It's not a big deal, but when we look at the caches and find it has been found after we were there, it is kind of neat to go look at the logs. The response we received back was that this was a concept that would affect other geocachers and we should post a topic - so here we are! What does anyone else think about this?
  10. Good lands I can't wait for that day! I'm reading the log posts of the 'veterans' ahead of me and each of them are about how easy it was or how they saw it as they drove up or thanks for the boost to the numbers. Meanwhile I'm spending 30 minutes NOT finding it and NOT finding the next one and NOT finding...well you see where I'm going. Also, what's a bison tube? Secret cache knowledge? Do I have to wait till I find one? Thanks already and thanks in advance! We were really frustrated the first half dozen caches we tried to find and thought we were just awful at finding. But friends of ours from out of town are more experienced and we have cached with them several times. Boy, does that make a difference. We have learned so much and aren't getting skunked so often anymore.
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