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  1. You only need to send one non-activated trackable geocoin (no micros and no travel tags) and a nice Christmas card. I'm sure a lot of you will be very happy with that simple mission :D


    So, everyone who is interested, please e-mail me your caching name, your real name, your address and your e-mail addy. I will choose by random who sends a coin to who. The person you send the coin to is not the person you receive your coin from unless I make a mistake :tongue:  You may have to send overseas but it's only a card and a coin so, it shouldn't be that expensive. It's Christmas time after all so, who cares ;)


    Please send your message to: claudelatour@videotron.ca

    After sending me your message, please post here in the forum.

    You'll have until November 26th to join and, on November 28th I'll send you the name of the person you'll have to send the card to with his address.

    Please post again here in the thread to keep us posted on the status of your mission.


    You can use the following text...


    Sent my info to Laval K-9:
    Name received from Laval K-9:
    Sent my gift:
    My gift arrived at destination:
    I received a gift:

    If you want to add some tags, trinkets, stickers, chocolate, it's up to you but it's not mandatory.

    You can participate more than once if you want to.

    Happy Holidays :santa:





  2. Here we go.... look at all the stuff Jimrky sent me.


    I really like the geocoin and the travel tag. Also included were the pathtag, the bison and the magnet caches, a wide variety of logbooks, candy and trinkets.


    My furry companions were happy too. It was easier to take a picture with Jake on a stay than it was with Mystic who is always on the move :laughing:


    Thanks Jim, you really spoiled me :wub:


    Thanks also to GeoCharmer81 for hosting this spooky event :ph34r:






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  3. MAIL SENT: 9-13-21
    NAME RECEIVED BY ME: 9-27-21
    MISSION SENT BY ME: 10-1-21
    Shame on me! I opened my package on Sunday and still have not posted about it. I'll put the blame on our puppy, she takes so much of our time and energy :tongue:
    Thanks to Jimrky for all the stuff I discovered in my package. There are so many items that I can't make a list :o
    I should post a picture real soon. :antenna:
  4. 2 hours ago, SeabeckTribe said:

    Well, you are able to close this thread..   I never ever thought wanting to be the "Last one"  to receive  the coin would have taken this long.  


    Thanks for the treasures.!!!




    It's almost like Christmas in July :laughing:


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  5. 4 hours ago, sweetlife said:

    WooHoo my last Easter mission arrived yesterday and opening it now. Thank you Daniel Hessling aka haedal80’s Easter mission arrived yesterday. All my Easter mission have arrived. Feeling under the weather, will post pics as soon as I can. Please allow me some time to feel better. Wanted to update here.

    ~ Valarie of sweetlife




    Seems like it was worth the wait. It took 2 months one week to reach destination :o




  6. It's official, sweetlife will be LTR.... last to receive :signalviolin:


    Her mission was shipped March 10th and is probably floating on a raft somewhere in the Atlantic :laughing:


    How about cheering her up with some :drama:




  7. Following my e-mails I can take 2 more names off the list :D


    68gypsy (shipped April 15)

    boomer365 (waiting for a second package shipped April 5) (not received May 8)
    Sweetlife #3 (shipped March 10) (not received May 10)



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  8. Taking Qaz's name from the list. He received his mission all the way from Portugal and it has been shipped on March 22 so there is still hope for the remaining participants ;)



    68gypsy (shipped April 15)

    boomer365 (waiting for a second package shipped April 5)
    EatSleepCacheOn (shipped March 9)
    neiaeadry (shipped March 9)
    Sweetlife #3 (shipped March 10)




  9. 2 hours ago, Jimrky said:

    NORAD reports we no longer have Easter Bunny on radar, Laval K-9...We're sorry...



    Perhaps is the Easter Bunny on the mainland right now. And how about asking the Easter Hare to take it over from now on? :bad:




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  10. I can't believe that 6 missions are still in transit. Where are they stuck? I really would like to know :mad:


    68gypsy (shipped April 15)

    boomer365 (waiting for a second package shipped April 5)
    EatSleepCacheOn (shipped March 9)
    neiaeadry (shipped March 9)
    Qaz (shipped March 22)
    Sweetlife #3 (shipped March 10)



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