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  1. Congratulations to all those who received that cute little coin! I have a very sensitive skin but I wouldn't mind being bitten by that friendly looking Bug
  2. We received a coin from the Geocoin Angel today. We are not used to get one of those mystery coins so we're very excited. This one is a keeper. Thanks a lot Geocoin Angel!
  3. Adding a third mission for our grand-child His caching nickname is K-9 Junior and he already has its own account on geocaching.com Mission #3 Child (Étienne) 1. Participating: E-mail sent Oct 8th 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: I will be taking care of its mission
  4. This is the first time we participate in a mission Mission #1 Adult (Claire & Claude) 1. Participating: E-mail sent Oct 8th 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Mission#2 Pet (Judd & Wyatt Earp) German Shepherd Geodogs 1. Participating: E-mail sent Oct 8th 2. Received Name: 3. Mission Complete: 4. Package Received!: Will everybody wait until Christmas to open their package?
  5. I really like your new coin. The verse on the back says it all. I will be watching for a German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever and a Collie
  6. Nice coin! The ugly side is really funny. Lucky for us that there are not that many ugly caches Will you be trading?
  7. We have 15 coins and 28 TB travelling all around the world and only 4 of them are MIA, not too bad. One of them was a Generic Geocoin, it was in a cache destroyed on a location for new housing. We decided to make a copy in a little plastic box and send it on it's way again. He is now in California. The same thing when a TB has been lost for a long time, we put the license copy on an other item (about the same or a different one and we change it's picture and mission) and send it again. It's true that we prefer to find the real things but sometimes there is a story behind the copy
  8. We received that nice trio with a cute little raccoon. Thanks for your help TSun
  9. We'll also get one. Thanks Amy!
  10. We don't have cats, only dogs. But, I really like the look of that coin, I prefer the Black Nickel. The cat look very happy and playful. Good job!
  11. ¨You are my Sunshine¨by Davis and Charles Mitchell
  12. So sorry to hear such sad news. This year we couldn't go to the bash but I sure wish we could have, just to meet Tod. The way people describes him, he sure was a very nice guy, one of a kind. We don't personally know you Rod but, we e-mailed each other a few times recently. Our Thoughts and prayers are with both your families.
  13. That's a very cute coin. I like all the details. Geodogs Judd and Wyatt Earp want one in their collection
  14. Among my favorites are, in no particular order: Nerds v1. They are so cute, I now have 16 of them on my display Do Unto Others Such a nice thought written on it, nice drawing too Lemon Fresh Dog How could we resist a Geo Bone I would probably come up with a few more of them but those are the ones that came to my mind right away.
  15. Thanks! I needed the correct name because I will send the picture to gccollection.
  16. Thanks for your fast replies!
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