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  1. Here is a list of the participants so far. Never had so many people in a Happy Easter mission, 107 as of Thursday night If you see a mistake, just say so as soon as possible, I'll fix it ærødk 68gypsy #1 (not posted yet) 68gypsy #2 (not posted yet) AcRellik Ally&Joe Angiekalamazoo Backroads6 (not posted yet) billy robson #1 billy robson #2 boomer365 BubbyTilk CaseyToo Caydensmum ChickAvocado CobraLeader312 #1 CobraLeader312 #2 Countrygirl 212134 DaarZijnZeWeer Deadliest Cachers DireWolf821 #1 DireWolf821 #2 DireWolf821 #3 Dolly Bug Pug (not posted yet) EatSleepCacheOn emilierene GeoCharmer81 Giacaches #1 Giacaches #2 Giacaches #3 Giacaches #4 Golfinhita GreenEggs&Ham greeninfargo (not posted yet) Haedel 80 Harvey's Pack #1 Harvey's Pack #2 Harvey's Pack #3 HeartValleyGirl #1 HeartValleyGirl #2 HikeCacheRepeat (not posted yet) Hughie250 Jbopto #1 Jbopto #2 Jenniferw2011 jofro62 jokeerus (not posted yet) K8Ydd kini_ont LadyBee4t #1 LadyBee4t #2 Laval K-9 Little_Brownie Liveanimals lufi69 MARSHSAND mel-whv mischiefmonster Mo Pirate neiaeadry Neltra #1 Neltra #2 NW_Hokies O0rxkxr0x0o #1 O0rxkxr0x0o #2 O0rxkxr0x0o #3 O0rxkxr0x0o #4 oiseau_ca Papafox69 Pesh #1 Pesh #2 Pesh #3 Pingo Mar Pingo Rob Pix_Z psych01 Qaz QQNonRev - Melissa QQNonRev - Ray railroad riversfamily (not posted yet) Rodeo68 Sapphire_45 SeabeckTribe Semmels123 #1 Semmels123 #2 Shadowdragn1 Shoes24 #1 Shoes24 #2 Slyann62 SocksAndAmanda #1 SocksAndAmanda #2 SocksAndAmanda #3 SocksAndAmanda #4 SocksAndAmanda #5 Staygold678 steben6 Sweetlife #1 Sweetlife #2 Sweetlife #3 Sweetlife #4 TAZ427 Team Bear-Cat TeamEccs21 Tig_N_Kit Txirisheyes whereisitnow! widgetbrittle
  2. It's now official, SeabeckTribe has the honor to be the Last to Receive
  3. I'm so happy but this means no more popcorn for you
  4. Let's hope you'll be the first one to receive her Easter mission
  5. You have a dog? What's his (or her) name?
  6. See? You already have 2 posts
  7. Probably because it was your first post. From now on, you should be good
  8. We will miss you Happy Easter to you and your family!!!
  9. DireWolf821's last mission finally arrived at destination. It was sent from the UK on November 30th and was delivered in the US on February 23rd. That's why we called this Snail Mail
  10. Only 2 people left qqnonrev – Ray (sent from Germany to US, mailed Dec 5) SeabeckTribe #2 (sent from Portugal to US, mailed Dec 1)
  11. Doing the happy dance right now
  12. I'm in too Sent my info to Laval K-9: February 22, 2021 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  13. So, everyone who is interested, please e-mail me your caching name, your real name, your address and your e-mail addy. Please send your message to: claudelatour@videotron.ca After sending me your message, please post here in the forum. You can use the following text... Sent my info to Laval K-9: Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: Easter Sunday is April 4th. You'll have until Friday March 5th to join in and, on Sunday March 7th I'll send you the name of the person you'll have to send the card to with his address. It gives us a lot of time so hopefully everyone will receive its mission before Easter. Please post again here in the thread to keep us posted on the status of your mission. On March 7th, I will choose by random who sends a coin to who. The person you'll send the coin to is not the person you'll receive your coin from (unless I make a mistake). You may have to send overseas so keep that in mind. It's only a card so, it shouldn't be that expensive and Easter happens only once a year doesn't it. You can participate more than once if you want to. You can also add some Easter trinkets, travel tags, chocolate... but it's not mandatory. So, hopefully many of you will participate in this mission. Happy Easter! Joyeuses Pâques!
  14. Here I am with a simple Easter mission. You only need to send one non-activated trackable regular size geocoin (no micro please and no tags either) and a nice Easter card. As you can see our geodog Jake is already in the mood for the Easter holiday
  15. I'll go ahead with posting the Easter mission. If i wait too long, it will be too late And I sure hope my 3 remaining participants will still want to join again. Please do so!!!!!!
  16. If I consider it took 3 months and a half for a package mel-whv sent from Germany to the US, I will apply the same delay for the 3 remaining missions. They were sent around December 1st so we will wait until March 15th before sending replacement missions. I hope my decision doesn't bother any of the last 3 participants
  17. There are many things to see along the scenic route. It will take forever
  18. I received a message from neieadry showing me that the package made it to New-York JFK, International reception 2020-12-27. That means that SeabeckTribe's package is somewhere in the US
  19. What a life! Perhaps you could share some popcorn with those seagulls
  20. I just sent a message to neieadry and Rich_F letting them know that their missions have not arrived yet. I didn't write to mel-whv because he already knows since he is following this topic
  21. WOW!!! That was a long time ago. Almost 4 months!!!
  22. Didn't hear about qqnonrev recently. He is probably enjoying the sun on the beach
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