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  1. Thank you for checking my stats -- yep, they are adding up correctly now! I'm pretty sure I just learned that patience is a virtue, even in geocaching...! Thanks to you both for your replies! Charlie ITM
  2. Newbie Question: I logged a find from my phone in the field. When I got home, the find did not show up, so I logged it again via my home computer. One day later, both "finds" were showing up. I deleted one of the finds from the "Found It" page, which removed it from the cache's Last 10 Logs list, but my number of finds is still showing one too high. Is there anything else I can do to remove this erroneous duplication (to get my number of finds corrected)? We are absolutely LOVING geocaching! Thanks to everyone who is helping to make this such a fun family activity! Charlie In The Mountain
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