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  1. Hmmm...this sounds familiar... :laughing:



    Set during WW I, the film follows a British Army cavalry regiment on patrol as they cross the Mesopotomian desert. The Sergeant (Victor McLaglen) is in charge, the commanding officer, the only one who knows their destination, having been killed by an Arab sniper. The sergeant keeps them heading north hoping to rejoin their brigade. They stop for the night at an oasis and awake the next morning to find their horses stolen, their sentry dead, the oasis surrounded and survival difficult. One by one, the men are picked off as they desperately fend off the enemy, waiting for reinforcements to arrive. The last survivors are rescued by golf cart.

    Interesting to see this. Victor McLaglen used to have a group in the San Fernando Valley area called the Rough Riders. These were individuals that rode their horses together and at times some of them appeared in movies like the one you mentioned. My father was a member of this group. I don't know if he was in this movie, but he had a calvary sword and boots that I used to play with. I remember seeing this movie many years ago.

  2. Good gosh, you people have gone nuts.


    Congratulations to all.


    The Geobabes asked me to generate a huge


    Congratulations to Chuck B

    for 1000 finds.


    It don't get no bigger than that.

    :anibad: Thanks and like T.R. I loaded the first 1000 by hand! Still haven't gotten the IMac figured out.

  3. :grin: Concerning the rules for placing caches in the Rancho Cuyamaca State Park. I talked to the superintendant about the rule pertaining to checking caches every month. She was quite flexable and the new rule is check your cache every six months. Also she mentioned that later this spring she will come up with a list of areas where caches can be hidden off trail in areas that are not sensitive. If you want to place a cache in the park make sure you check with park at park headquarters near the Paso Pacacho campground. :grin::(:)
  4. Anyone that wants to come with us tomorrow to hit a bunch of puzzles meet at us at GCQB76 between 9:15AM and 9:30AM.

    :cool: Bummer...we're getting visitors to RSD Puzzle Valley and we're headed to the desert. You all have fun...and check for ticks when you get home...seriously...jahoadi

    Tics! :lol: Jerry will walk in front for us! :D

    Why I oughta ....

    Just kidding! I meant Richard and Karen will walk in front! :wub:

    Why I oughta ....

    What's the big deal about getting these tiny ugly diseased things crawling all over you that dig into you with their heads and suck your blood out.... :lol: Somebody posted a story about a family that had over 200 tics on each of them after a single hike! :)

    I was looking for a cache out by Sweetwater Lake and had gone up into the brush (the wrong direction it turned out) looking for a cache. When I returned to the road my pants were covered with ticks all crawling up my pants. Fortunately I had rubber bands tighting my pant legs at the ankles, so none of them got inside my pants. I had to flip them off one at a time, but was successful and none got to my body. This is the same area as puzzle valley so be aware of them. :drama:

  5. I just did and they are OK! The park in Palomar itself is pretty small. Cuyamaca on the other hand is very large but there are only two active caches left in the park and they are both down by the lake.

    Too bad because Cuyamaca looks like an awesome area:

    Those rules look pretty close to the same ones the SDRP have....


    It looks like there may be 2 physical caches in the Cuyamaca Park. One is called Fishing Buddies at the lake and the other seems to be right on the border titled Cuyamaca Rancho State Park Cache (won't mention by who :D). The other cache in the park is an earthcache so it shouldn't cause any problems.

    I had to contact and communicate directly with Park/Land Officials on all my earthcache submissions to get them approved, it's required by the Geological Society for pre- approval before final submission to GC.com....a lot of hoops to go through but well worth incorporating all of the party's because of the educational and historical value they provide.


    Too bad they are not allowed anymore.... :D

    :D The policy approved by the superintendant of Rancho Cuyamaca Stated Park was based on the San Dieguito River Park geocaching regulations with changes to reflect the problems in the park. Due to the Cedar fire a lot of the plants and trees are still in a tender state. Thus the six feet from the center of the trail. Don's cache location on top of Cuyamaca Peak would probably be okayed since there is no trail in that area and a lot of paved area. As for the once a month rule I would not place a cache their either under that rule, so I will talk to the superintendant to see if we can get that changed. What would be a fair and reasonable time to check caches? Six months, three months or what? Also the six feet from the center of the trail is subject to change as the plants stabelize. Another thing. I was told that no caches would be allowed on Stonewall because it is now considered a sacred Indian site. ;):D:D

  6. My daughter is a teacher in Chula Vista and one of her coworkers is interested in getting into geocaching and is in the market for a GPS'r. He wants to know which Magellan Explorist, the 200 or the 210 is best. So I said I would ask on the forum since I figure someone is an expert on these. :(

  7. My CWMI is .61. It would seem that those of us that have been in geocaching longer are going to have lower scores due to the mathematics. Other factors that should be considered: The distance you have to travel to get to caches, I.E. If you live in Santee you have a lot of caches all around you and don't have to go far to build up a lot of finds while we in the South Bay don't have as many cachers and have few caches nearby. Another factor could be the difficulty of finds and hides. I would say T.R. and Gecko Dad and others have some caches hidden way out in the backcounty areas, so they should get more points. Other things to consider. Finding caches in foreign countries, not always easy as I found out in Italy. In Venice there is a seven part multi. How much for multis? Anyway it seems that it's not an exact science. But it is fun. Incidently my wife thinks my score is too high.

  8. Has anyone else noticed that cache approvals are not happeniing since Oct. 14th??

    Some of the new ones for the campout have been waiting approval since Oct. 15!!!

    We , Team Reid, $kimmer & Vulture, submitted 14 for approval yesterday. I hope they will come up by next weekend, but who knows???

    Anyone have any info. on this?? I know WestCoast Admin. is on vacation right now, but that shouldn't affect all of our approvals.


    If by the middle of the week there are still no approvals could you who planted caches list them on the S.D. Thread along with their coordinates? Is that permissable? :)

  9. I was riding my bike out to the Mesquite Valley cache yesterday out by Sweetwater Lake and rode right by inches away from a rattler. He was about a foot long and had black cross pattern with red or oranges sploshes on him. He had one and a half buttons, rattlers). The small ones are sometimes more deadly than the large ones in that they will use all their venom in one bite, where the large older snake will conserve venom. Fortunately he was laid out straight so not in striking posture.

  10. Concerning the man who fell from Stonewall Peak I was at a park volunteers meeting yesterday and we got the full story from the park superintendant. It seemed the man was really quite drunk and that probably is one reason he survived. Also, he fell right between some rocks so wasn't as badly injured as he might have been if he'd landed on the rocks. There was a lot more to the story than was in the Union/Trib. As of Saturday he was undergoing brain surgery.

    Concerning the park. I talked to the Superintendant and asked what was happening concerning placing geocaches in the park again. Some of you will remember Duscwe had to remove some he had placed after the fire. She said the different park superintendants were talking it over and would probalbly come up with a plan that would be used by all State parks. Something similar to what Borrego is now using. Cuyamaca still doesn't want anyone off trail because the flora still needs time to grow back. And, I am one of the quiet readers of the forum and really enjoy Harmon's art work and the banter that goes back and forth. Also I have picked up several good hints to help with geocaching. :unsure:

  11. Hey Dr. Boggis -


    The wife and I were out to A-B last Monday, and while you may already have the caches in this area, we can highly recommend the Palm Canyon hike for the wildflowers - they are absolutely everywhere! And of course the stream is running at full force, so the waterfalls are at their best right now as well. We took a slew of pictures - if you'd like to see some examples just email me and I'll shoot some off to you. It's still a bit early for the cactus - some of the ocotillo have bright red blooms at their tips and the barrels may have one or two blooms, but I don't think you'll get a better wildflower display than what's happening right now.


    We took Finnegan, our geopup in training along, intending to exercise his desert legs, but much to our surprise and dismay, the Palm Canyon hike is a posted No Dogs area ;) , so Finnegan had to veg out in the van and we only hiked as far as the first waterfall. Good thing it was a cool day or we would have had to look for a place where Finnegan could go along and would have missed a really spectacular hike.


    By the way, Finnegan is now Redwinds Highland Spirit CD, HCT. He earned his AKC Companion Dog Obedience Title at the end of November in Yuma and earned his first herding title from the American Herding Breed Association two Sundays ago in Jamul...and today is his eleven month birthday! The weather and my job have put a real damper on both his training and my caching, but I expect to be out on the trail before too much longer and we're hoping to enter Finnegan in further Obedience and herding trials in March or April and also in Rally trials by then. We might also start him training in Agility after his first birthday.


    By the way, if any of you own a herding breed dog and have ever wondered if he or she has the herding instinct, we found a woman in Jamul who is quite an expert at evaluating your dog's potential and training both you and the dog. Finnegan won his first title after only three training sessions. Let me know if you'd like to see what your dog can do and I'll give you her email address. It's really quite an experience to see your dog's herding instincts kick in - Finnegan is a total wuss around the house, but get him into a ring with those sheep and suddenly he's a whole nuther animal - absolutely amazing!


    Peace to all -


    Radical Geezer

    I'll second what Radical Geezer said about Palm Canyon. We were out there a week ago and the wild flowers were all over. There are at least two caches within .6 of the trail head. Go through the camping area up the hill to the end of the road. There is a large area to park and the flowers start right there.

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