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  1. I recently purchased an unactivated geocoin on ebay. However, the activation code nor the site to obtain the code was provided with the coin. The coin is a 2007 Rhein-Nahe that I believe was made by Geocoinshop.de. However, when I try to get a code from their site I am told that the tracking number is not in their database. Any help on how to obtain the code so I can activate my coin would be appreciated. Jack
  2. Found this near a cache in north-eastern California. The cache is under the tree in the background Not sure what the critter had once been. Any Ideas??
  3. Oh, GEEZE!!! That's a 'roo of a whole different color, mate!! Those folks cuss like the devil!! I thought we were talking about sensitive folks here.
  4. Does not apply in this situation. The First Amendment applies to censorship by the government. An individual crossing out an offensive word is no more a violation of the First Amendment than the rules of this very forum. "However I do find censorship quite 'offensive' (that's also just me), so can you please not censor logs in future? I'd really appreciate that." So his belief that 'censorship' is offensive is more important than your (and most peoples) belief that children need not be exposed to offensive language. Quite arrogant when you think about it. Not to be nit-picky here, OK so I am However neither the writer of the foul language nor the original poster have any "First Amendment" rights. They are both Australians. However, I'm sure their government has similar rights for their countrymen.
  5. I too would have deleted the word. I don't find the word so much offensive anymore as I do boring. However, this doesn't mean it should be left for young eyes to view and even if they have seen or heard the words before, it doesn't mean they should be viewed as condoned by people who are "mental” adults. This word and words like it are used by the inarticulate and uneducated. I've also removed a three pack of condoms that I found in a cache once. Sometimes, the real adults just need to take charge.
  6. I'm not sure how they would be able to test it. Mine didn't squeak for about a month and in the last few days it's gotten progressively worse, especially on the "find" key. The new unit Garmin tests may not squeak at first, but I guess its most likely that's gonna start sooner or later. I think I'll wait this out until near the end of the warranty and then get a replacement. Maybe They will have a fix by then. Guess the st in 62st stands for "SQUEAKY TOY"
  7. I've never equated a DNF with "Needs Maintenance" or cache is missing. When I see a DNF on one of my caches, I just assume they couldn't find it. When I see several DNFs my caches by cachers with more then around 100 finds, I'll go check on the cache. I had one cache that was rated a 4 in difficulty and a number of cachers with over a 1000 finds couldn't find it. I had one cacher with 12 finds who, in their log, stated they "searched for over 15 minutes and couldn't find the cache and posted a Needs Maintence log. I informed them the cache was still were it belonged and suggested that they try to get more experince finding caches of lessor difficluty before they assume a difficult cache is missing.
  8. Thanks all for the info. Did as you told me and all works fine. Thanks again.
  9. Ok, I bought a 4G MicroSD card and installed it in the GPSr. However, I've been unable to load maps or waypoints to the card so the unit will see them. Anyone know how to do this? If I can't, what is the purpose of having this card? Thanks
  10. Well, I think I may have found a way to disable the Proximity Alarms on the GPSMAP 62s. Go to the main menu, then proximity alarm, when you get the screen that says “create alarm”, press the menu button on the unit and a screen will come up with the option to “disable all alarms”. I’ve done this but have yet been able to test the results. It looks like it should work; dadgum, I hope so!!
  11. I guess what is really frustrating to me is that on my GSPMAP60Csx when I turned off the proximity alarm it also stopped the pop-up. I guess in my naive mind the 62s would be just like the 60Csx but with more "bells and whistles". Well, since you could turn off the pop-up on the 60, Garmin should be able to do a software fix on the 62s that would eliminate this annoyance. Does anyone know if this same pop-up problem happens on the Colorados, Oregons and Dakotas? PS Thanks for the replies. At least now I know that I'm not just brain-dead in not being able to turn off the pop-ups.
  12. I have turned off the proximity alarms on my GPSMAP 62s, but I keep getting a pop-up screen when I near the cache that says "approaching xxxx". This pop-up blocks my view of the distance I am from the cache until I press enter. This creates a problem when I'm driving to the cache and am trying to figure out where to stop. Does any one know how to stop this pop-up on the GPSMAP 62s? Thanks
  13. Useless manuals is a Garmin hallmark You might find the Colorado/Oregon/Dakota wikis useful. These units (and now the Map62) all share the same software and features (tailored slightly for each unit). Most of the gotchas/oddities/faqs that apply to one apply to the others as well. To be honest, I think Garmin really confused things by calling this unit a GPS Map 6x instead of just naming it like their other new units. It makes people think that it should work like a Map 60. http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com/ http://garmindakota.wikispaces.com/ http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/ Hi ocm_ott, I think you are exactly right about the naming convention. I figured I could get the "new and improved" 62 with new bells and whistles and not be on the bottom end of the learning curve because I already knew how to use the 60 Oh well, as they say, the best laid plans of men and rats, err, mice . Thanks for the helpful feedback and the wiki links.
  14. You do lose information in the Mapsource format, the cache description and logs. You definitely want the GPX to do paperless caching. OK, understood the part about the Mapsource format. What I don't understand is what Mapsource has to do with paperless caching - is the OP lugging his laptop around to upload files to his GPSr??? GSAK does quite fine with the exports to the receiver without using Mapsource as a go-between software AND works quite fine for paperless caching. Mapsource need not even exist or be used for anything related to paperless caching - period! So I don't understand the point you are making. If the purpose of th OP was in using Mapsource was to export files in a format so that he could then experiment with deleting his caches when on the road, that I might understand. However, that misses the point - the 62/78/Oregon's don't treat caches the same way that they did on the older 60 series and Garmin isn't going to change that. They would have done it 2 years ago if they wanted. I go back to my original point in my first message. There is an option to clear the .gpx file in the dialog box before uploading a fresh set of caches. Once checked, you never worry about it again. And you will never have to manually delete the .gpx file EVER! Humm, in my original post I never said anything about paperless caching, so I don't know where that came from. I originally had an etrex and then went to the GPSMAP 60. Using these GPSr, I developed a system where I would use GSAK to load caches for a weekend. I would come home at night load MapSource with the caches from the unit and sort by icon. I would use the found icons as a basis to log my finds. I would then use the feature on the 60 to delete all of the found icons so I wouldn't be confused about which caches I would find the next day. What I was trying to achieve with the 62 was the same thing and could not find a way to directly delete those found icons from the unit. It might not have been efficient, but for over 4 1/2 years it was a system that worked for me. The 62 works differently and I needed to understand it (the manual for the unit is pretty usless) to figure out how to work a system for this new unit. No, I don't carry a laptop around, I don't have a laptop or even a need for one. I think to much has been inferred into my original query. To those who have provided help, I greatly thank you as this has help me to better understand how the unit works. Those of you with Oregons and/or Colorados were already there, however I was just one tech generation behind and looking for help.
  15. ocm_ott, Thanks for the information. I'll give it a try
  16. Yep, I already use that GSAK feature. As to the being able to delete the found caches and/or single caches, I guess for the time being I'm stuck. But if the marketing people at Garmin are attune to us geocachers, they should be working on a software fix to allow deletion of found caches and/or individual caches. Thanks for the info, sometimes I'm a little more than obtuse and I can't find simple solutions, so thanks for verifying that other than as you have stated there is no way to delete these entries. Have you tried to delete single caches from your device's installed PQ within BaseCamp? Works on Oregon x50 models.... The Colorado/Oregon/Dakota series has been like this for years, don't expect Garmin to change. We just keep overwriting the GPX with a fresh one. However, you need to delete all waypoints (not gc's) from the machine first as they get recreated when the GPX is first read. Also, not sure if it's a problem with the 62, but the Colorado and Oregon hang if you put a big GPX file on it (restart and it works fine) N.B. you'll find a file called "geocachevists.txt" on your machine, this is the list of all the caches you've found/dnf'd. You can upload this file directly to geocaching.com if you're a premium member, which makes logging much, much easier I miss my GPSMAP 60CSx (sob). But given a price difference of about $60, I though I would go with the latest technology. I didn't know about the Colorado/Oregon/Dakota GPSs. I have only had the 60 and an Etrex. There are definitely things I like better about the 62, but things I really miss about the 60 too. I down loaded BaseCamp and played around with it for a while, but have not used it to load the GPS. Actually, other than to check out locations on the map, I haven't used Mapsource lately either, just GSAK to filter out caches I don't what to look for (too many DNFs etc.). I did find the geocache_visits.txt file and tried emptying it to see if that would get rid of the found cache list. I'm really curious how up-loading this file to geocaching. com works. Is there some "how-to-reference" on-line I can look at or is it really simple. I'm not sure where I would up-load it to. Thanks to everyone for their help and information. Sierra Rat
  17. Yep, I already use that GSAK feature. As to the being able to delete the found caches and/or single caches, I guess for the time being I'm stuck. But if the marketing people at Garmin are attune to us geocachers, they should be working on a software fix to allow deletion of found caches and/or individual caches. Thanks for the info, sometimes I'm a little more than obtuse and I can't find simple solutions, so thanks for verifying that other than as you have stated there is no way to delete these entries.
  18. Hi Coggins, Thanks for the link, I've down loaded the program and started playing around with it.
  19. Hi Coggins, Thanks for the link, I've down loaded the program and started playing around with it.
  20. Try version 7.7.3 of GSAK; Clyde has introduced a number of fixes as of late for the newest Garmin models. There was no GSAK version so maybe you meant Not sure if that will fix your problem but can't hurt. Also might want to ask on the GSAK message boards as well -- www.gsak.net Thanks for the reply. Did I also mention that I tend to be dyslectic?? Yes the GSAK version is
  21. I have to admit that I’m really struggling with my new GPSMAP 62s. Maybe some of you have been as well and have solutions. Here is what I have: OS: Windows 7 Home Edition GPSMAP 62s: 2.40 Mapsource: 6.16.2 GSAK: [corrected] I do a PQ and filter the results through GSAK and then use the GPS link at the top to send “waypoints” to the unit. This produces a single file (geocaches.gpx) which is loaded into the subdirectory GPSMAP 62/garmin/GPX/ in the unit and it contains all of the caches from the GSAK file. I have tried to use GSAK to send the file to Mapsource. With Mapsource I can load the file (with less information, e.g., no logs) into the unit. However, when I try to send the information from the unit back to Mapsource, I get an error stating there are no waypoints on the GPS. I have not found a way to delete any cache on the unit without linking it to the computer and going in and deleting the geocaches.gpx file (i.e., removing all of the caches in the unit). Even this will not delete the found caches. The only way I've been able to delete found caches from the unit is to re-log each found cache on the unit to “not found” and then delete the geocaches.gpx file, which again removes all of the caches from the unit. All of this is driving me nuts! I wish I never lost my GPSMAP 60Csx. Anyone else having these problems and more importantly, any solutions???
  22. Bad news: I lost my Garmin GPSMAP 60Csx crawling out of a ravine I should never have been in. Good news: I ordered my GPSMAP 60s from Cabelas Friday ($399.99 + $5.00 S&H). They (Cabelas) say I should have it 8/10. Hope so, I'm going through withdrawal
  23. Hi catsnfish, thanks for all of the research, I really appreciate it. Looks like I'll have to sneak off with her GPS, find the caches and then get it back to her. Guess it doesn't lend itself too well to geocaching, but she loves to use it to get around otherwise. Thanks again for the help
  24. My granddaughter has been blind since birth, however, for the last three summers her grandmother and I have taken her geocaching and she really loves it. This year she will be bringing a talking GPS of her own called a Trekker Breeze. She is quite proud that she will have her own GPS that will talk to her and help her find caches without my help. My problem is I don't know much about this type of GPS and have been unable to find any info about its use for geocaching. I have a Garmin 60CSx and use GSAK and Mapsource to load way-points to the unit. Do any of you know anything about this GPS and/or if the programs I have can be used to load way-points into it? Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide, Sierra Rat
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