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  1. 9.00pm in Auckland before able to log with the correct date ( 2008 ) . About Time!!
  2. I am a Scot and lived in New Zealand as a baby until my early 20s . when I returned to Glasgow to get married and buy our house near Glasgow. One year ago we came back to NZ for a 2 year working holiday with the kids to stay with family. Soon after arriving in NZ I was told about Geocaching by my Borther-in law ( he has now stopped caching ) Found over 400 in less than a year. I was over the moon when I received my Diabetes TB yesterday. Its goal is to get to Cumbernauld , Scotland , United Kingdom. Cumbernauld is about 20 miles away from my house in Glasgow. The race is now on to see who gets home first.
  3. I have had the same problem with my 76CSX as well. I found that the rechargeable batteries are not all the same size, The GPS worked fine on some batteries but as soon as I put another set in of a different make the compass would point in the wrong direction. All came right after changing batteries again. The batteries that gave problems were a tight fit in the GPS
  4. I have a new Compaq Presario Laptop computer. It will not run mapsource. After loading it and trying to start it the computer comes up with "There is a problem with the MapSource registry. Please re-install Mapsoures and start again. " After installing again the same problem. I have borrowed other versions of the program but no better. I can not now load any or change any maps with my GPS What is the problem and how do I fix it. I did not have this problem with any version of MapSource on my desk top computer. I run XP on both computers.
  5. Try www.gps.org.nz/nzcachestk/ This will give all the NZ caches by area.
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