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  1. You can still do that. Just find a cache in the area you want to search in (or even go from your private profile, although that can take longer if you're searching farther away), and click on the geocaching maps from the cache page or your profile page. Ahhh…that does work, although it adds a few more steps. Thanks! (I still don't like the new layout )
  2. I also dislike the new format. I haven't really had a chance to familiarize myself with it in great detail, but, my initial thoughts on it aren't good. One of the things I enjoyed doing was opening up the map and just scrolling around…looking for geo-art, or huge clusters/concentrations of caches that I could perhaps plan a day trip to visit. Whether that be near my home location, or just somewhere random. With this 30 mile radius limit…this is impossible to do (I think). Bleh...
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