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  1. Gotchya!! When I'm on GPSr viewing the route, I then cancel out and choose the geocaches icon again. This brings me to a screen that shows I'm currently navigating to the previously chosen cache and provides a list of menu choices one of which is to show the hint. It seems to be the answer, - useful when you know how! Many thanks to all for leading me to this 'geocache'. I now await my next problem.
  2. Sorry, I appear to be duplicating texts in the forum - I'll get the hang of it eventually! Anyway! - yes, I presume that the Hint is held in a separate field in the database but it would then appear that this field firstly needs to be decrypted and then transferred to the GPSr and this is not happening. You suggest an option, but I can see nowhere to make any choice on options when choosing to transfer. Is it the case that by using a PQ the cache file has a different format? An example of where I use to transfer files is given in this link by using the most righthand cell on any cache listed - ( http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=54.212591&lng=-5.9001&dist=1 ) If I set up a PQ would the resulting information contain the hint field (decrypted?) which I could transfer to the GPSr?
  3. The unit I use is a Garmin Oregon 450. I have downloaded the GPX files using the last icon on any line in the list of caches in the locality (as requested by me). When I look on the GPSr for the download I can see all details for difficulty, terrain, etc., the file name and from whom and, of course, the co-ords for the cache. Also there is the description and general text which is on the record - but not the Additional hints. It finishes with the logs entered by others for the cache. My understanding is that pocket queries will enable me to make up a particular and selective list of caches which I can download to my GPSr but I don't see how that will make any changes to the actual cache information (which should include those hints) that will be transferred. As an aside to my main question it appears that, even where I have deleted the files from the GPSr for a cache and then reloaded them, a few caches have not transferred ANY of the description text, etc.
  4. As a complete starter I have just signed up and paid so that I can download the details of caches to my hand unit. However, it seems that I only get the general blurb (and other logs) about the cache and not the vital 'Additional Hints'. Is there something I may be doing wrong?
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