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  1. Here's the deal: I have a Magellan SporTrak Pro (firmware 5.34). I just bought a new computer, running Windows Vista Home Premium. I've installed EasyGPS and Magellan Mapsend Topo, both of which work fine on the PC.


    Now the glitch: Of course my Maggie uses a Serial cable, not USB, and of course my new PC lacks a Serial port. After doing a bit of research, it seems that using a USB/Serial adapter to bridge this gap tends to be a hit-or-miss proposition; depending on brand of adapter and driver, software, and GPS unit. So rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, I'm asking for your help before I purchase a USB adapter. ;)


    Has anyone had success with USB adapters for an older Magellan and either EasyGPS or Mapsend Topo on Windows Vista? If so, details please (adapter brand, drivers, software, settings, etc)?



    I have a Magellan SportTrak Pro too and i have purchased a usb-rs232 adapter. It works fine. When you plug it to pc, you just have to install the drivers who comes with the adapter. In Windows Vista the adapter appear in Ports COM like prolific usb-to-serial comm port.

    I have EasyGps and Mapsend Lite and DirectRoute. It works fine.

    The adapter i bought was this: USB-RS232



  2. E minha opinião ( e é assim que tenho procedido ):

    --> Loga-se = Find It

    --> Não se loga = Didn't Find it.


    Na minha primeira cache em 2006 aconteceu que estivemos com o container na mão, vimos o que estava lá dentro, estivemos com logbook na mão, mas chegamos lá saltando um passo necessário para encontrar a cache. O que fiz foi logar um DNF e explicar a razão.

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