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  1. From this persons own posts to this forum. Mmmmmm.
  2. A more simple xls program... no need to bother about the previous. XLS PROGRAM
  3. I googled "latitude longitude distance" in advanced search in xls files only. Found THIS. Has everything you need. Except you can't see the formulas to integrate into your own spreadsheet..... Not quite. The file is not password protected so hidden columns are able to be accessed and formulas seen. However the file seems to have its own formula functions in there also which would have to be used in your own file. Not sure on how to do this though.
  4. I googled "latitude longitude distance" in advanced search in xls files only. Found THIS. Has everything you need.
  5. You need Instant Time Zone. A free little utility that puts any time zone you select down in your systems tray.
  6. Ohhhhh, you mean actual guilt.... I thought this was a thread about G.U.I.L.T. Grown Up Idiots Looking for Tupperware. Belongs in this thread on acronyms.
  7. Mullum Trail Bike seems to be the closest reference to 'Dirt Bike' in the Croydon area
  8. Might be your browser. Went to your cache and there was the mapquest link. Led me to HERE.
  9. There are only a limited number of views per day, so with looking around on Google Earth all the time and the geocaches refreshing continuously your views will run out. Right click Geocaching Network KML in the 'Places' colum of your Google Earth. Then 'Edit'. Select 'Refresh Parameters'. There you will find an option to refresh only 'On Request'. That way you can zoom into any locale without it refreshing all the time. To refresh when you want - right click Geocaching Network KML and select 'Refresh'.
  10. Haven't. But would love to do it if ever had the chance. I just google earth searched San Juan, Puerto Rico and found lots of caches. Expect the other ports to be similar. If I was in your position I'd research each of the destinations. Hilly or flat. Large or small areas to cover. Length of stays. Then would determine best means of transport to use. Walking, bicycles, motor scooters or cars. After that, through online resources, make arrangements for renting selections in advance if required. One thing I'd make sure. That I would have bigger tales to tell than those cruise passengers that went on the organised tours; ie. covering more things to be seen and done.
  11. As you've written it, they are the same. But I think we know what you mean. Looking at my Google Earth. There are two setting in 'options' for lat/long. But doesn't seem to be any different when I change.
  12. We're in a relatively small country town (less than 10,000 pop.). Geocaching since January this year. Trouble is we're running out of caches in our local area. All the caches here have been set by folks living in towns close by, or ourselves. There is no-one living in this town other than us who are geocachers. I've tried by word of mouth to get friends interested. But nobody seems to be grabbing the bait. Does anyone have any suggestions on promoting geocaching and maintaining anonymity? The only thing I can think of is our local paper. However I don't want to have myself and family the centerpiece on a geocaching story. PS. If anyone suggests geocaching further afield...... If the oil price drops, we'll go out more.
  13. Australia. And specifically the state of Queensland in your summer. This is our winter here and the weather in Queensland (tropical climate) is perfect. Plenty of caches also. Might add, I'm a little biased.
  14. We got premium membership for all the above reasons... ACCEPT number 14. Cannot see any reason for doing this.
  15. Neat little trick. Whoever plants No. 500,000 cache should get a pony for a milestone cache.
  16. Taken from <a href="http://www.geocaching.com/about/guidelines.aspx">Geocaching guidelines
  17. I'd like to think the credit I would get for my caches would be in the logs of cachers that have genuinely hunted for them and enjoyed doing it.
  18. You might want to try this cache. But you better have reasonable trades.
  19. Copy / Pasted those coordinates into google earth and it gave me Richmond, Virginia.
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