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  1. Recieved mine this afternoon. I was at the mailbox so quick that I bumped the mailmans hand as he was putting the mail in. It looks nicer than I thought it would. What a beautiful coin. Thank you for the very quick turn-around. I'll be watching for more of your coins in the future. Thanks again. Dardevle
  2. That is a picture of your coin there QuigleyJones.
  3. I have a TB that I try to edit and nothing is now happening. I tried to delete a log and it said it did. 4hrs later and the log is still there and when I click on view log when it comes up it says archieved. Plus I can not back date anything. May be I am expecting it to appear to quick. Any suggestions. TB is ( T B 1 F 7 G 8) All in all I've waited at least 1 hr for everything to get done. I can still post pictures though. Dardevle
  4. Thanks for milk Shooting out my nose. I laughed pretty hard. Maybe even a snort. If I had any other "Secret" coins I would be doing the same to them. NO, not the red glitter and a pole but the TB tag with it.
  5. Thanks for the comment. I want to share it so when people read the logs they know what people are doing to raise money for a family in need also. (And show that I was fortunate enough to find one ) Not only is the Geocoin Secret Agent being generous with putting his coins in caches he is trying to help raise money with the sales of some of his coins and other donated coins for this family. It is nice to see that there are still people out there who care for others and not just themselves.
  6. I was just wondering what everyone who has a GSA coin is doing with theirs. Have you set up a special display for it? Or is it tucked away in a coin folder? I have decided to give mine a TB tag and give my coin its own page. Now that it is trackable I bring it to events and let people "discover" it and they can log it. If you wanna see what I've done check it out. ( T B 1 F 7 G 8 ) Dardevle
  7. Congratulations Hockeyhick on your find of a GSA coin. There are NO gardens like that here in Minnesota. Very nice pictures.
  8. Yep, I did have a knee-jerk reaction. The last log was 1-20-07. I beleive I waited 1-1 1/2 months before the jerk in me came out. I just learned like you said "Of all the stressors in my life I'm not going to add slow moving TBs to the list." It finally went into a cache on 4-23-07. I think I acted that way because it was my first TB I had put out, and a first "MIA" that I had experienced. Since I've started to release more trackables, three others have gone missing. 2 TB's and one geocoin. I have not stressed out as much on those. I learned that this kind of thing will happen. Some will make it for awhile and some will not. Dardevle
  9. I'm glad to hear it is on the road again. I had the same thing happen to a TB of mine except I was not as patient though. I sent 2-4 e-mails to the last cacher who had it. Never got one response. I finally listed the TB as location unknown. Then on the 23rd of April I posted a very nice note in my TB's log that said, "I think this TB has gone MIA. If you have it and need help logging it I will be more than happy to help, no questions asked." And the same day my TB was picked up and moved around to 4 different caches in one day. Come to find out the cacher that had my TB had knee surgery and was not able to get out caching at all. I think that I almost lost that TB with me being kind-of a jerk and impatient. I have learned that patients is key when it comes to trackables. Dardevle
  10. YES, invoice recieved and paid for. Now to sit back and let the mailman do his business. Thanks for putting out such a nice coin.
  11. I did not think getting bowling balls was this tough. The two alleys I talked to seem to have a hard time giving up old balls. I have not givin up hope yet but it is'nt looking real good. -Dardevle-
  12. I am really excited now that they are in. And they sure look really, really nice. I can not wait to get my invoice. Hope to hear from you soon, -Dardevle-
  13. Almost time for an upgraded list. Plus I wanted to bring to the top again. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=966497 This is what I have done with my GSA coin.
  14. Great idea Dardevle, I hope it's okay if others use the same idea with their GSA coins and maybe someday they will meet up at a geocaching event or an old retired agents convention. It gave me something to do. Plus I wanted to be able to share it with others and then they could log it if they wanted to. From here on out I am going to try and take its picture with all the trackables I move. I really hope that some day I can get its picture taken with another GSA coin though. That would be its ultimate goal. Any one who has a coin can post on my coins log. Pictures would be nice. It would be cool if more people made theirs into trackable so other people can discover them. So by all means go ahead. O-ya. CONGRATULATIONS to all the recent finders of the G S A coin.
  15. Please do not post links to non-trackable coins. Thank you, - Sketti Refering to Ebay sales of non-trackables? Even though they are still apart of Geocaching. Is that because Groundspeak has no say on how these coins are made and what is on them as far as design goes?
  16. I also consider myself lucky enough to find one and it will NEVER be for sale or traded. This is what I did with my GSA coin. ( T B 1 F 7 G 8 ) Now I can bring it to events and let people discover it and log it. And no. it will never be placed in a cache either. Any body who has a GSA coin is welcome to post a note and a picture of there coin here. If you do not post a picture, post the # of the coin along with your note. Dardevle
  17. Hey TheCollector, Do you have The Balls you need or do you need more? If so I can try to get a couple. Then we can work on arrangements to get them to you. If you do need more I'll work on it this weekend! I know some people who know some people who heard of a couple of guys who know the owners of a couple of bowling alleys in the area. Let me know. Dardevle
  18. Thanks you two. I'll try it out later. My daughter has to go to gymnastics. Thanks again.
  19. OK, I did apologize for getting in the middle of this dispute. But, "IF " and I stress "IF" you have a travel bug and it is NOT your own, move it to a cache and let other cachers move it. The jeep TBs are not yours to decide what fate may be for them. If you place them and they get stolen it is not on you but the person who stole it. Travel Bugs and Geocoins are released so they can travel freely and not be apart of someones collection or safe keeping. That is all I have to say. Take care, Happy caching, and may a thousand camels carry you to all your future finds.
  20. I can not figure out how to change the background for my Travel Bugs home page. I've seen it done on other pages. Could someone help me out and let me know how to? Or can this only be done on a cache homepage? Thanks Dardevle
  21. I got four new TB tags today. Not a geocoin but just as exciting for me.
  22. Time is all we have. Lets go fishing!!
  23. http://www.geocaching.com/track/faq.aspx Try this link. scroll to the bottom. I hope that this helps. It will answer numorous questions on TB. Dardevle
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